12 Natural Ways To Make Sperm Thicker And Stronger To Improve Fertility

Natural Ways To Make Sperm Thicker And Stronger

For men, infertility is one of the biggest issues nowadays and as the time passes, it is getting worse.

In this context, a big question arises is “how to make sperm thicker and stronger”?

The main culprit for infertility is low sperm count and quality. Many men have reported about low sperm count and they actually don’t know how to deal with.

If you see in reality then conception is equally shared by both father and mother. And this is also cleared that when any couples face difficulty in conceiving then 50% reason is from male side and 50% reason is from female side.

However, lack of physical activityrelationship problemstressdepressionanxiety and digital exposure has completely destroyed the sexual life for men. Almost every couples face the same difficulty once in their life.

So if any man who is facing difficulty with low sperm and truly wishing to become a “Super Dad” then he must have a super sperm too.

Therefore, in this blog we will discuss on how to make sperm thicker and stronger naturally without any difficulty.

What Is Considered Normal Sperm Count? 

Every men must know about normal sperm count. When sperm is between 120 and 350 million per cubic centimeter then it is considered as “Normal” sperm count. And when sperm is below 40 million per cubic centimeter then it is considered as low sperm count.

To know the exact sperm count, male fertility test is conducted but when they are low then you can do several things that can boost sperm count quality, density and motility.

How To Make Sperm Thicker And Stronger?

Here I am going to guide you about some best and effective ways to make sperm thicker and stronger naturally.

If you are facing any kind of infertility issue then follow the below natural treatment for it and hope you overcome the condition soon.

  1. Always Eat Right

One of the major factors that really need a concern is what you eat. Remember that whatever you eat directly affect your body and other parts. As according to Dr. Paduch in MensHealth, says that motility depends on sperm energy level that is determined by mitochondria.

So if you are taking a diet that has high fat and low in plants then it directly increases risk of free radical damage and this impacts mitochondria badly.

In one of the study published in Journal Human Reproduction found that those men who eat high fat had 43 percent lower sperm count compared to those who have taken low fat diet.

So what you should eat is antioxidant rich foods like vegetables, fruits are good for health as they improve sperm quality and quantity. Avoid taking processed foods as they will taste better but not good for sperm.

  1. Stop Using Mobile And Laptop

When egg is released, your sperm carry this mission within 12 to 14 hours and till that time, the egg remains viable. If their swimming speed is good then obviously there will be success.

But this can become low or poor when you access lots of mobile or laptop. As per the study of Cleveland Clinic, those men who use their smartphones a lot experience low sperm count and the reason is phone’s electromagnetic waves.

The same thing happens when you are using your laptop in your lap and checking some emails or doing some other tasks. Sperm cannot swim in such condition as the heat or waves destroys them completely and hamper male fertility.

  1. Lose Weight

If you are overweight then low sperm count is a common thing to experience. But if you want to increase the sperm quality and make it thicker and stronger, you should shed some kilos.

According to few sex specialist, excess fat reduces testosterone level and this directly affects sperm producing ability.

The fat in body and in belly area increases body temperature and testicles are outside your body whereas sperm need cooler temperatures. Therefore, if your body is heating too much then its bad for sperm count.

So men should lower down their body weight and have right balance hormones so that they don’t have to deal with poor sperm count and their sperm count increases naturally.

  1. Take Your Vitamins Regularly

Many times, few vitamins are very useful in boosting sperm count and making it thick and strong. Especially vitamin C, D, E are important. If you are suffering from low sperm then try to take 2000 to 6000 mg of vitamin C every day.

Also take 100 to 200 mg zinc every day to boost testosterone level and at the same time increases sperm count and motility.

Some other nutrients to increase sperm quality include:

  • Vitamin E (800 IU per day)
  • Coenzyme Q10 (400 mg per day)
  • Selenium (200 mcg daily)
  • Copper (2 mg daily)
  • B-complex vitamins (50 mg per day)
  1. Quit Tobacco

If you have a habit of smoking then quit it now. You might don’t know that tobacco messes with manhood and it lowers sperm count and makes it less motile.

Some evidence shows that tobacco even destroys DNA in sperm and puts man at risk of experiencing infertility. At the same time, there are other unwanted happenings as well like it leads to cancer and other body damages.

  1. Stop Using Plastic Items

You might be surprised to know why plastic should be stopped when the issue is related to sperm count, right?

But do you know that plastic also have bad effect in sperm count. Stop using plastic water containers, food storage or sex toys. Chemicals are meant to mixed with all these plastic items that are not good for health.

You should try to use organic products as much you can as these don’t have any kind of side effects on sperm count and other body parts.

  1. Do Your Exercises Regularly

It is mandatory to do exercises daily as this is good for health. According to a research from Harvard School of Public Health, those men who do 7 hours of exercise in a week have 48 percent higher sperm count compared to other guys who exercise less.

In another study published says that weightlifting and doing some outdoor activities are effective ways to make sperm thicker and stronger naturally. Outdoor activities are suggested because you get vitamin D from sun which also play major role in boosting sperm production.

In addition to healthy weight, doing regular exercise also give relief from stress and anxiety level. According to an Italian study, those men who have high stress level suffers from low sperm count, reduced motility and DNA damage. So one should always do exercise without any fail.

  1. Avoid Hot Tub

Most of them like to bath in hot tub but do you know its disadvantage?

Sperms like to live in cold temperatures and when it gets hot then it leads to infertility. As discussed earlier that too much heat can totally destroy sperm count. This is especially suggested to those couples who are trying to conceive.

If 2 degree of temperature is also increased then it negatively affects sperm production. Doctors’ advice that 5 to 10 minutes soak is fine but if you are thinking to have child in next 3 to 6 months then avoid it.

  1. Avoid Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many men prefer for testosterone replacement therapy to increase the T level. But it is suggested not do go for this therapy because it stops natural hormone production and due to this, even sperm production gets reduced.

If you want to boost T level then there are other ways that can help to increase the level naturally. If you have any doubt then you can consult your doctor first.

  1. Use Natural Semen Enhancement Supplement

Even you can use natural supplement to increase sperm production. Many men want to boost their sperm count without going through any other methods. In this condition, supplements are the best to use to make sperm thicker and stronger.

The reason behind using supplement is that they are formulated with several natural herbs, minerals and amino acid that boost semen production.

One of the best supplements to boost sperm count naturally is Semenax. This is made of natural ingredients that are 100% pure and helps to produce 500% more semen within few months of usage. It comes in the form of pills and don’t have any kind of side effects. Taking this supplement will increase orgasm for bigger, longer and amazing ejaculations.

At the same time, this can be used by any men who think they are not able to satisfy their partner in bed, poor erection, low sperm count, reduced sex drive, depression etc.

  1. Try To Keep Swimmers Cool

You must know that your swimmers should remain cool instead of hot. They should always be in 1-2 degrees cooler than your body temperature.

If there is too much heat then sperm can get damage and men can face difficulty. So make it cool always, try to wear loose underwear. Even at night, try to wear some light covers so that scrotum does not gets heated. Or even better, you can sleep naked is it’s possible.

  1. Eat Pumpkin Seeds And Brazil Nuts

You must know the benefits of pumpkin seeds as it is rich in zinc and men really need it a lot. During ejaculation, men lose some zinc and to overcome it, men should consume pumpkin seeds.

There can be some symptoms like white spots and lines on fingernail more than one then it’s a sign of zinc deficiency.

If you eat a handful of zinc daily then you can make sure your body is getting zinc. In addition, Brazil nut is also a good source of selenium which is another useful mineral to make sperm healthy and thicker. So try to eat 3-4 Brazil nuts every day.


Well, now I hope whatever ways discussed in this blog will surely help you to make sperm thicker and stronger naturally without any difficulty. All the ways are natural and in fact Semenax is one of the male enhancement supplement that helps to boost sperm volume naturally.

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