Make Penis Thicker And Longer Naturally [Detailed Guide]

Make Penis Thicker And Longer Naturally

Do you really concern about your penis size? Most men think that if penis size would be BIGGER then their sexual life will be better. But does it really matters?

It’s a common thought of every guy that if they could have a bigger penis then they can satisfy their partner better. But that is not true. According to the research, whatever penis size a man normally posses is more than enough to have a satisfying sex. “It’s Not The Size of the Ship, It’s All About the Motion of the Ocean.”

All these ideas have inculcated from the porn videos that if penis size will be bigger then pleasure will be more which is completly a wrong notion.

Anyways, if you really want your dick to grow big without any side effect then best option is to go for a penis growth pumpBathmate.

Bathmate not only increases the penis size but also give you tremendous pleasure during sex. So if you are looking to make the penis thicker and longer then this blog is definitely for you. And you will also learn other alternate ways as well.


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How Bathmate Helps You To Grow Penis Size Naturally?

Bathmate is a penis enlargement device that allows men to increase their dick to their desire. Using this device is comfortable as well as safe. Those guys who think that their penis size is not up to mark or wishing to have a bigger size, for them Bathmate can make difference. You can use this device without any doctor’s concern.

It adds a few inches to your private part and gives the satisfaction that men actually want. This pump makes the penis size bigger with harder and longer with the use of only 15 minutes. It is a water-based pump that works effectively for millions of people to make their dick longer.

Some awesome features are:

  • Add up to 3 inches in length
  • Boost orgasm control
  • Improves overall stamina and self-confidence
  • Don’t have any kind of side effect


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Why Bathmate Is A Good Choice Than Other Alternatives?

Well, everyone wants a perfect result after using any product. So here also indicates the same. If you really want to grow your dick then you will get lots of options but do you think that they are going to give you better results as you expect?

In this busy world, nobody has so much time to spend days and months to get results. Everyone wants results in less time, so when you want to increase penis size, go for Bathmate. Though other alternatives will also give you results you don’t know when. At the same time, they can be painful, time taking, expensive and some may even don’t guarantee.

That’s why I will suggest you use the Bathmate penis growth pump that will make your penis thicker safely and naturally. You have to work with it for 15-20 minutes and you can see the surprising results. It also gives you a guarantee and when not satisfied then you can return it without any hesitation.

Other Ways To Make Penis Thicker And Longer

Besides Bathmate, there are several other ways to help you to increase your dick size naturally. So let’s go through them and avail the methods to grow penis size.

Increase Penis Size Through Exercise

You might know that exercises are very much important as well as helpful for our body. At the same time, exercises are also beneficial for penis growth.  There are several penis stretching exercises that can make your penis big and help you to enjoy in bed.

Some of them are:

  • Penis Stretching

To increase the size of the penis, stretching is considered one of the best ways. You only have to work for five minutes to see the result. In this, you have to hold your penis behind its head and pull towards your knee. Hold it for 20-30 seconds and then back to its original position.


Now again pull your penis towards the belly button and hold for few seconds. Do this for the left and right direction as well. Do this exercise for 20 minutes and ensure you don’t masturbate.

  • Massage exercise

Any lubricant is used in the penis and is massaged gently. This is generally done to stretch the skin of the penis and your penis will grow in size. You have to continue this exercise to get faster and better results.

  • Kegel exercises

This is a kind of exercise that is best for sexual intercourse. In kegel exercise, you have to use your hands to massage your dick just before intercourse. You have to rub it gently and your penis size as well as thickness increases.

  • Jelqing Exercise

If you want to make your penis thick then jelqing is one of the best ways. This is suggested to do it every day at least once to increase penis size. At the same time, you will get a better erection and your sex life will be healthy and happy.

What you have to do is, put your both hands on the penis and move it from top to bottom gently. You have to heat your penis before it becomes erect.


Many experts suggest doing penis enlargement surgery to increase penis size. But do you think that it will be a permanent solution or will give better results?

Well, many of them try this and it comes in two ways. First, have to borrow fat cells from other body parts, second, cutting the ligaments that hold your penis. It can take a long time to show you results and men can get an average increase up to 2 cms or a little bit more than the usual size.

Pills and Lotions

Nowadays, you can find anything on the internet and it can help you to overcome small penis size. There are lots of pills and lotions available online that can really help you out. Though all are not effective many of them give you the same result as you want. Those pills contain natural herbs, minerals, and even FDA approved.

Some popular names include Viagra, VigRX Plus etc that eventually work to boost your sexual pleasure in bed. You can directly purchase them from its official website and add a few inches to your dick and satisfy your partner till the end.

Shave Your Pubes

If you want to make your penis look bigger then the easy and best method is to shave your public hair. This is better than stretching or injecting the penis for making it big. Just think, if your important member is hidden with a bunch of pubes then it will not look as it should be, rather it will look smaller.

So you should remove them and hopefully, your dick will look bigger than before to enjoy your sexual activity.

Fat injections

There are injections available to make your penis thicker and longer. The process of fat injection is that a surgeon will transfer the patient’s own fat into the penis shaft via syringe. This will add an inch to penis length, width and also make the small member heavier.

But the fact is its results are not permanent and as time will pass, the penis will shrink to its original position. So you don’t know whether it will work or not and the result will be permanent or temporary. It means that these injections are risky for penis growth.


Always remember that your penis is unique and don’t worry about its size because everyone gets a normal size. But still, men are fond of having a large size penis as a misconception that bigger satisfies more.

However, there are ways to make penis thicker and longer naturally. This blog totally describes on how to increase your dick size naturally. For permanent results, go for a Bathmate penis growth pump and make your small member grow big without any fail, and enjoy your sexual life.

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