Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits


Testosterone is the male sex hormone and as men gets older, it decreases. The decreasing starts in the middle age and it drops often below the level which even doctors consider as normal.

But if you have low testosterone which is also known as hypogonadism or low T, then you can really have a bad effect on overall health.

Generally low testosterone decreases the man’s sex drive, energy, performance in bed, low bone density, depressed failure and motivation.

Leaving all these things, some other harmful effects are also there. When there is a low testosterone level in body then many men try testosterone replacement therapy which boost T level back to normal.

But there are also some risks associated with the testosterone therapy and it is not safe for long term. Therefore some of the things which men should remember or know are mentioned.


What’s Normal?

Generally the range of normal level of testosterone is 300 to 900 nano-grams per deciliter and those men whose level falls between these ranges can be benefited from this therapy.

Even if the level of T is below the range then also nothing to worry as doctors say that the range between 200 and 300 ng/dl is little bit short of gray area.

There is a free testosterone which is known as the amount of hormone active in the body at given time. Even a man having total testosterone in normal range still may have the symptoms of low T when the free testosterone measurements come up short.

What are the Benefits


If men have low testosterone then they can have sex difficulties and if they make use of testosterone therapy then they can easily has the ability to maintain an erection and along with that it can also recover the “wow” factor to his orgasms.

For many men, therapy can be reasons for low level of T and therefore they start with it because it powers man to perform well in bed. It can bring back the low level testosterone to normal as a positive impact on several health markers.

More important to know is that testosterone plays the main role in men’s life, how long men can live. Those men who have low T level they die sooner compared to those men who have normal T level, though it has not still proved because other factors also can be responsible for it.

Even it is also not clear that boosting testosterone to normal level will have a long impact.

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What Are the Risks?

Though therapy is not good but still many men use it for some benefit. However some of the cautions men should know about the therapy.dangers of testoterone therapy

  • The therapy can increase the risk of blood clots and strokes and this can be solved by donating blood occasionally.
  • Some other side effects are seen like acne, sleep apnea etc. These effects get rid off after stopping the use of therapy.
  • Those men who use testosterone gel should properly wash their hands after they apply and also be sure that no one touches that spot where the medication is done. If someone comes in contact with the testosterone gel then it can have premature puberty or hair growth as side effects.

It is advised to men that after applying medication, try to avoid first two to four hours of skin to skin contact with children and women or some other pet animals. It can be risky and therefore one nasal gel is also available which removes the risk of exposure to others.

If you have low testosterone then continuing with the therapy will be beneficial. But researchers have shown little bit risk between testosterone replacement therapy and prostate cancer. Though it has not been proved till now but still testosterone therapy is not beneficial for long term.

Natural ways to boost testosterone level

Though there are several ways to increase T level including natural ways and some testosterone replacement therapy. But testosterone therapy is not completely safe and they are not for long term and because of this, they also have various side effects.

However natural ways are also available to boost the T level and some natural supplements are also available. Using natural ways will definitely help men to increase low level testosterone and it will also be long term without having any side effects.

In fact you can get rid of low T level by going through several supplements. One of them is Pro-Testosterone supplement. This is a natural product which is used to boost T level in men along with several other benefits. This is even recommended by many health experts as it increases the power and T level in men, giving men the complete power to have a successful sexual performance.


However everything has pros and cons, and low testosterone therapy also have some risk and benefits as well. However there are ways to get rid of low T instead of going for testosterone therapy. Using natural ways are the one of the most recommended solution for men suffering from low T level.

In fact I have mentioned some of the benefits as well as risk in this blog, I hope you have come the fact about this and before going for testosterone therapy, you would better think thrice whether to go for it or not.

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Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits
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Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits
There are many risks and benefits of low testosterone therapy. Basically this therapy does not go for long term and somewhere it gives you problem, means it is a risky part which should be avoided completely.
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