Loss Of Libido In Males- Why It Happens And How To Overcome It?

Loss Of Libido In Males

Libido is also known as sex drive that differs from individuals to individuals.

But at the same time, one can also experience low libido where they really suffer a lot in their love life.

Generally when such thing happens then men don’t actually want to talk about this and not even their partners. However, though losing interest in sex may not matter a man but it really matters your women.

Men get affected around 15% to 16% and women are just double of this figure. But actually when a man loses interest in sex then it really worried them compared to women. Apart from this, men also become unhappy as their sexual life is not going as they were supposed to be.

In a research, it says that around 23% of men are still happy with the life they are spending with loss of libido whereas 46% of women were satisfied about it.

It completely means that loss of libido matters a lot in men compared to women. So in this blog, I am going to discuss about loss of libido in males and how to overcome it.

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What Are The Common Causes Of A Low Libido

Now several people ask why men lose interest in a woman? There are several reasons for this and they are:

Relationship Problems

The first thing to consider for loss of libido is whether you are happy in your relationship or not. There can be several things that can destroy the relationship and you have to figure out why there is a loss of sexual desire.

Now low libido in a relationship can due to:

  • Some arguments or unresolved conflict
  • In a long term relationship and become bored with your partner
  • Some physical sexual issues
  • Bad communication
  • Don’t have trust in between each other

Sleep problems

Sleeping issue is also somewhere linked to low sexual desire. As per the study from Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that men with poor sleeping habit was suffering from reduced libido and sexual activity.

Such type of people experience low testosterone level and this was proved in one study. It was found that those men who had sleep apnea was also having low level of testosterone.

Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can also have a big effect on sexual life. Regular working hard in office or doing some other things that are making you tired or anxious can really make your sex life boring.

Chronic Illness

Your sexual interest will become low automatically when you are suffering from chronic health issue. Some conditions like cancer lowers sperm production and there are others too.

Obesity, high blood pressure, kidney or liver failure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol are some chronic illness that can lower libido in men.


Depression is yet another possible cases of low libido in men. This is a serious issue that really affects your sexual life and other aspects as well.

Depression includes:

  • Feeling hopeless
  • Sometimes extreme sad feeling
  • Don’t have any interest in doing any kind of activity

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is generally seen when men ages but nowadays, it also affects a lot to young men due to several reasons. Testosterone is a sex hormone responsible for strength, development and sex drive. But sometimes, men suffer a lot of low T and it directly impacts on sexual life.

Due to this, many men also goes for testosterone replacement therapy that helps to restore male sexual drive and makes men enjoy their sexual life.


As already mentioned above that aging is a big factor that lowers testosterone level and men suffers from less interest in sex. After certain age, men take long time to ejaculate, have orgasm and become aroused.

Also your erections are also not so hard as it must be and due to this, penis takes time to become erect.

Low self-esteem

Self-esteem means what personal opinion you have about your own sexual life. If you have low confidence level, low self-esteem along with poor body posture then you can suffer from poor health.

If you are less attractive and feel of undesirable then your sexual problem will occur. Even low esteem may cause anxiety of sexual problem that can further lead to ED and reduced sexual desire.

Sexual problems

Another important thing that one should consider is if the problem is a physical issue and making problem for sexual life.

Generally low sex drive can occur due to:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful sex
  • Ejaculation problem
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness

Is Low Libido Connected To ED?

Generally, low libido make men suffer from several issues in relationship and also both partners may feel guilty. But remember that this condition should not treated as same as erectile dysfunction though these both conditions can co-exist.

Yes, you can say that if you are suffering from low libido then ED can be the cause for it but you cannot totally depend on it. There are several other issues that makes men suffer from reduced interest in sex drive.

The possible causes can be identified with the help of communication between couples. However, treatment in this condition varies as one may select any one treatment from the desired list.

Many times, low libido can occur due to single factor but maximum time it is related to multiple factors and each of them contribute to lead to suffer from the condition.

How To Know If You Have A Problem With Loss Of Libido?

One thing you should always keep in mind that loss of libido in males don’t happens suddenly. This is defined as a gradual process but you cannot define it properly.

According to Laumann, low sex drive is measured as “lack of interest in sex for several months of past year”.

If you really care of your sexual health then below are some of the warning signs that you should go through check it whether its right or wrong:

  • Does touching takes place only in the bedroom
  • There is no interest in sex further
  • You don’t think about sexual fantasies about your spouse or partner
  • Sex don’t gives you the feel of sharing and connection
  • Maximum you have sex one or two in a month
  • Among both couples, one may feel the initiative and other one feel pressured

Does Loss Of Sex Drive Normal As Man Gets Older?

As men ages, it’s a natural thing to notice for men about decrease in sexual drive. And this continues to decrease but few men show interest in sex as well after they reach their 60s and 70s.

May be you can assume that loss of sex drive is linked with an underlying condition and stress and depression generally contribute low sex drive in men.

The male sex hormone decreases sometimes because of endocrine disorder and this yet another reason for low sexual desire in men.

So you can say that if loss of libido is normal as men gets older because it is must to come leaving only one or two. However, you can visit your doctor for better preference and take some precautions or treatment ways to overcome this condition.

When To Visit To A Doctor For Low Sex Drive?

If you are suffering from loss of libido and you are really concerned about it then your doctor can better suggest what to do. He/she can better determine the causes and its treatment of the underlying condition.

Generally men want to visit to their doctor for low libido when:

  • The condition occurs suddenly or unexpectedly
  • Begins after having a surgery or started a new medication
  • When sex becomes painful
  • Suffers from high blood pressure or some other symptoms
  • When relationship problems occur or any kind of psychological distress

How To Increase Male Libido?

Now after having a clear knowledge of male libido, it’s time to know what the natural ways to boost libido are. These ways are for both males and females where libido will increase.

Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is the culprit of low libido and if it is high then it affect both males and females. The anxiety can be because of stress or any kind of sex related issue. Nowadays, life is so busy that people don’t have to time for relax and this where the problem lies.

Anxiety and stress both can lead to difficulty in maintaining erection and make men suffer. According to a study from NCBI, erectile dysfunction was noticed in young men due to anxiety and stress. And this also reduced libido.

So it’s better to manage the anxiety and stress level by doing some regular habits like:

  • Properly doing exercises regularly
  • Improving relationships
  • Having a good sleep

Focus On Foreplay

If you have better sexual experience then positive thing is there is a chance to increase libido and desire for sex will also increase. To do so, men should focus on their partner by giving them some time in kissing, doing oral sex, touching, etc.

Foreplay is equally important for women as well because in a 2017 research, 18 percent of women has orgasm from intercourse only and around 33.6 percent women said that clitoris stimulation is very important for orgasm.

Do Your Exercises Regularly

Exercises should be done daily without any fail and this is strictly suggested. If exercises are done regularly then libido works in many ways. A 2015 study found that if men do exercises regularly then it can fight with several issues that occur on body with libido and relationship changes.

Even women suffering diabetes was also helped through exercises especially doing pelvic floor muscle exercise.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and everyone knows it but still people smoke. Remember that cigarettes have negative impact on one’s cardiovascular system and this also impact loss of sex drive and libido.

If you want your sexual life to satisfying and successful then quit smoking today as many people can see increase in energy level with sex drive after leaving smoking.

Get Quality Sleep Every time

Sleep is very important for everyone because if you don’t sleep then many things will not function properly on your body. Good sleep improves overall mood and energy level and also improves the quality of libido.

Some study reveals that getting quality sleep at night increase sexual desire in the next morning. And sleep is good for both men and women and it is suggested to take at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

Improve Relationship Quality

After being in a relationship for long years, it seems to become boring at certain point of time. There is less interest in everything and somewhere people try to find out some enticing and energetic moments to rewind those days again.

So one should always focus on keeping their relationship strong and do such things that really interest both partners to enjoy the moment.

Therefore, few important things that one should do to improve their relationship are:

  • Plan for a date tonight
  • Try to open up with your partners
  • Do some activities together with the involvement of both
  • Give some quality time to each other

Maintain A Proper Weight

Men with excess weight generally suffers from several issues and loss of libido is yet one of them. As some scientists told that obesity can lower the sex drive. And this is linked with hormonal factors like low testosterone.

Therefore, if you are overweight then practice some exercise that can help you to balance your weight and also to keep yourself strong and fit for any sexual activity.

Try Out Natural Supplements

To overcome loss of libido in males, one can also go for natural supplement to increase sexual desire. VigRX Plus is one of the best and trusted male enhancement pills that will help you to increase sex drive in men and improve libido. This pill is suggested by many sex experts as after taking it, men can experience longer and harder erection and at the same time with increased sex drive.

Loss of libido in male will improve by using VigRX Plus and it is made of 100% natural ingredients. It increases blood flow to penis naturally and improves overall sexual performance.

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Well, men can suffer from loss of libido or poor sex drive but there is nothing to worry as they can be cured. In this blog, I have cleared out about why loss of libido in males occur and what are the ways to overcome it.

Don’t forget to go through the natural ways to cure loss of libido in male. Follow them properly and make your sexual life happy and satisfying.

Loss Of Libido In Males- Why It Happens And How To Overcome It?
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