Why Men Experience Loss of Interest in Sex – Reasons and Cure!

loss of interest in sex

Are you suffering from low libido?

Are you not getting enough sex drive to satisfy your partner?

This is the condition with many guys nowadays. Many men suffer from low libido problem and it can be on any stage. However everyone is different and everyone have different power of sex drive.

But what actually matter is the ‘libido’ however the problem can be related to its past and also can be unrelated to your partner. However loss of interest in sex can spoil your marriage life.  If you are also losing interest in sex for long time or you are avoiding sexual situation that means you are suffering from disorder of reduced interest in making love.

Loss of libido makes men unhappy for rest of their lives.  This is mostly common in Women but 15% to 16% of Men. So when you come to know the reason and you are experiencing the problem then it’s better to get some help to get of the situation. So let us discuss about how to deal with loss of interest in sex and how to increase sex drive?

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What Is Low Libido?

Generally low libido is described of less interest in sexual activity. It differs from time to time as libido varies via life. There is so much difference that it will not match with your partner. But if this is continued for long time then it can be harmful for both couple. Even if you are suffering from low libido then it can be also a sign of underlying health conditions.


Causes of low libido in men

Every condition occurs due to some reasons and if you are losing interest in sex then it can have several reasons. Some of them include:

Low Testosterone- You might know that testosterone is the male hormone which is important for your sexual life. It has the responsibility for building muscles along with bones mass and also sperm production. This is also increases your sex drive but when it does not have enough level which is required then obviously the problem will occur in men, due to which men can face loss of interest in sex.

Depression- Depression is one of the enemies of everyone’s life and if it enters into your life, then it can totally spoil your healthy life. This can also impact your sexual life as people suffering from such condition experience lack of interest in sex.

Sleep Problems- In a study it has found that those men who experience less sleep, they suffer from less testosterone production. And low T level means you will have low sex drive due to low libido. Those men who have severe sleep apnea can come across very low testosterone level at night.

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Stress- If you take lots of pressure on your daily life then your sexual desire may reduce. It is one of the harmful enemies which can make your sex life miserable. Stress can narrow the blood flow or even stop it from flowing due to which erectile dysfunction is caused.

Sexual problems- Even less sexual desire is due to physical problem in sexual activities. And it can lead to several other problems which include:

Aging- When men are at their young age, they can experience that their T level is at high which generally decreases as they age. When you are older, you may take time to orgasm and also to ejaculate. You cannot able to maintain erection and erection will be not as hard as it was on twenties. Even your penis will not become erect so problem can occur at any stage where sex drive can become low.

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What are the Symptoms of loss of interest in sex?

Some of the symptoms that anyone can notice when they experience low sexual desire are here. May be it can help you if you ever face the issue:

  • Less sexual thoughts or interest
  • Don’t have any interest in sex whether physical or psychiatric condition
  • Tension in relationship

Treatment for loss of interest in sex

Treatment is very much important to get rid of such problem. The treatments are simple and effective. Only requires doing it perfectly so that you can lead a happy life. Here are some with the solution that can help you to come out from this.

Get rid of depression or stress– You already know that due to depression, lack of sexual desire occurs. Therefore you should reduce your stress level to gain libido and to make your sexual life better.

Medications like tranquillizers, antidepressants and beta-blockers can damp down sex drive.  Drugs makes difficult to have an orgasm.  Men also get erection problem, delayed ejaculation.  Beware while you are taking excessive medication. Consult with doctor before taking any drugs.

Performance problem also increase the chances of less interest.  Do not take stress while you are performing sexual activity.

Heavily drinking is a common cause of loss of interest in sex and problem with erection.  Alcohol consumption are notorious for inflaming desire but imminent performance. Try to reduce the intake of Alcohol.

Too much sex or togetherness stifles desire.

Involve yourself in physical exercise.

Explore your fantasies and imagination to fight with loss of Libido.

Talk with friends or other elder member who is nearer to you.

Build Anticipation to Combat Loss of Libido.

Take the help of medication which help you to increase your Libido.

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Everyone suffers from some or the other sexual condition and nobody is perfect. So if one should take proper care of their health then they can easily fight against all such problems. However this blog describes you to boost your libido and increase your interest in sex. Still if you have any question on your mind then you can Ask Here

Why Men Experience Loss of Interest in Sex - Reasons and Cure!
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Why Men Experience Loss of Interest in Sex - Reasons and Cure!
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