Lecithin And Semen Production – Complete Guide To Increase Ejaculate Volume

Lecithin And Semen Production

Semen is generally released at the time of ejaculation and the normal semen range between 2 to 5ml per ejaculate. But nowadays, lots of men are suffering from low semen volume.

And this is not a new thing and so men are using several products to increase semen volume. These products after using for a certain period of time, though the volume increases but in actual, the volume does not differ much from before.

But apart from products, there are other ways too to increase semen production. In this context, Lecithin is a popular name that is known to increase semen volume.

Do you think it can really boost semen production, or it has some benefit or not, its side effects, etc. To know completely on Lecithin and semen production, just go through this blog carefully.

What Is The Normal Semen Volume?

Many men know about it whereas most of them don’t know.

Well, according to the World Health Organization study 2010, the range of semen volume should be between 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters. And the average is between 3 to 5 ml.

But as men ages, this amount varies. You can see the peak of semen volume when men reach the age of 30-35. And after men reach age 55 or older, the volume goes down.

What Is The Reason Behind Increasing Semen Production?

There are many men who link up semen volume with fertility. And due to this, they also think that men have a better chance when there is more semen.

When there is more semen then men feel more masculine. And at the same time, it can increase men and their partner’s sexual pleasure as well.

Does Lecithin Have Any Positive Effect On Semen?

Well, lecithin is a composition of fatty acid and its components are naturally found in cell membranes, plasma, and bile. Though there are several reviews online about men using lecithin supplements to boost semen production but in reality, till now there is no evidence that can show you that lecithin can increase sperm or ejaculate volume in men.

Many men ask if there are any benefits of lecithin sexually. However, still many men think that lecithin works well to increase “Load”. Even you can take this as an advantage of cumming more and satisfying your partner.

Are Lecithin Supplements Safe?

Before taking the supplements of lecithin, lots of questions occur in mind. And one common question arises is “does lecithin supplements are safe”?

Well, many men think that there is a connection between Lecithin and Semen production. That’s why many men love to take food grade lecithin as it is safe to eat.

The designation given to lecithin is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And it completely means that if you add lecithin in your diet then it will not show much effect in health.

If you have any doubt then you can take pure lecithin supplements that are safe to consume. But before taking the supplements, make sure you read the list of ingredients carefully. Because rather than this, there is no way to know about the supplement is composed of lecithin or not.

An important thing that you should also do is to talk to your doctor before you add this to your diet. This is highly suggested so that you don’t suffer from any negative effects.

Do The Lecithin Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

Generally, lecithin doesn’t have any side effects unless it is used at a high level. Therefore, it is always suggested to follow the proper dosage on the manufacturer’s label.

In rare cases, you can see diarrhea, nausea, or abdominal pain. The side effects are shown after you take it as it totally depends on how your body impacts. When you don’t see any benefit from it and the symptoms are bad then you should consult your doctor for it.

Alternative Ways To Increase Semen Production

There is no clear image of whether lecithin increases semen volume or not. So men look for other alternative ways to boost semen production.

Here are few other ways to improve sexual function naturally and boost semen volume naturally.

Use Semenax-

Semenax is one of the popularly known natural supplement to increase semen production naturally. This is highly suggested by many health experts. This is a combination of natural ingredients where men overcome low semen volume naturally.

It increases orgasm for bigger, longer with more amazing ejaculation. It helps to stimulate sexual activity and increase sperm and semen production naturally. The product won’t have any side effects cures low motility, sperm count, and helps to last longer in bed without any problem. Overall, it improves sexual confidence and is a clinically tested 100% natural supplement.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important as it helps your body to keep everything in balance. At least men should take 6-8 hours of sleep at night. If you sleep less then it can affect semen quality and overall sexual performance.

Do your exercise regularly

Don’t avoid doing exercises regularly. Physical exercises are very important as they keep you healthy and fit. One should perform 20-30 minutes of exercises daily. It improves overall health as well as increases blood flow to the penis.

Avoid drinking alcohol

If you have a habit of drinking alcohol then reduce it or avoid it completely. Alcohol lowers testosterone level and this directly impacts semen quality. So its better to avoid the drinking habit and keep yourself healthy and fit.

Always stay relaxed

If you take any kind of pressure in life or any kind of tension then it can impact your overall sexual health. In this situation, you should use some techniques to get yourself relax. Do Yoga, meditation, and also some breathing exercises. All these will keep you stress-free and your semen volume will increase.

Eat balanced diet

If your diet plan is not good then also it can affect a lot to your sexual life. Try to eat healthy and keep yourself fit and strong. If your body doesn’t get the nutrients that are required then your physical health can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Maintain your health

Keeping yourself fit and strong is also one of the best ways to increase semen production naturally. If you are overweight then your sex drive will become low and has a chance to increase the infertility risk. Therefore, keep yourself healthy and strong and maintain your health properly.


So this blog completely describes on lecithin and semen production, its benefits, side effects, and other alternatives to increase semen production. The best way to improve semen is by using Semenax. This natural supplement helps to ejaculate volume and increase semen up to 500%.


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