9 Natural Ways To Intensify Male Orgasm For More Satisfying Sex

Natural Ways To Intensify Male Orgasm

When it comes to orgasm then who doesn’t love it? Almost every men and woman love to have it and it’s a very good feeling, right?

Basically for a man, it never comes to mind to have a more intense orgasm except sometimes. But when you think to have an intense male orgasm then why to mess off with other things?

A very popular saying from a movie states that “why to settle for something good when you can have something great”.

So with just some attention and an open mind, you can have a stronger, pleasurable, and intense orgasm while sex. It’s not difficult to achieve, only requires a little bit of knowledge and patience. So just relax and read this blog to get some tips and tricks to intensify male orgasm.

How To Have Intense Male Orgasm For Satisfying Sexual Activity

1. Try to breathe right

While having sex or at the time of orgasming, most men have a habit of holding their breath. According to sex experts, if you know how to control your breath and genuinely focus on it then the intensity level will be much higher.

After holding your breath, it helps to engage the pelvic floor and at the same time, improves circulation and cognition.

While having sex, when you are about to climax, just take a deep breath and inhale and exhale deeply from the mouth. This will ride the orgasm process and at the same time, expand your orgasm and gives satisfaction as well.

2. Do kegel exercises

If you love to have multiple orgasms and it makes you excited every time then you will be happy to know that even exercising can give you this excitement. There are several of them like kegel exercise that strengthens pelvic floor muscles and helps in engaging sexual activity for orgasm.

In this exercise, man has to stop the urine flow in midstream. When muscles contract of the pelvic floor then it gives better control and intensity while having sex. You should try to lift your penis up and down via muscles and when you gain complete control of this area then one can perform the “squeeze technique” without using hands.

3. Forget to play with yourself

Do you have a habit of playing yourself?

I mean to say that if you masturbate a lot then stop doing it. It can give you satisfaction but not the mind-blowing and amazing one that sex will give you.

As per one study, when you engage in sexual activity then your body releases 400% more hormone prolactin that masturbation does not give. So if you are in a habit of practicing or playing yourself then STOP it today. It’s of no use and you are spoiling your healthy life too.

4. Need to use your brain

It’s very important to use your brain while having sex because orgasm is everything about brain activation. During sexual activity, your brain does the main job as it activates the genital and then controls everything.

As women experience penetrating activity in that part of the brain which is with emotions whereas men experience most of the activity in the secondary somatosensory cortex and this area comes with physical sensation.

It simply means that when you need a better orgasm, your partner must focus on your penis and you have to be more focused on sensations that are coming out of it.

5. Touch your taint

Here if you don’t know about taint then it’s your perineum when you are getting it technical. It’s a connection between your balls and butt and also known as one of the erogenous zones that highly respond to sexual stimulation. The perineum has lots of nerve endings and one can feel its sensitivity.

As per many guys, when pressure is applied in this area then they achieve multiple orgasms. And this happens so that you can easily stimulate the prostate gland externally using the perineum. When you are having oral sex, tell your partner to put her finger in that area and press unless you feel the pressure.

6. Do squeeze technique

If you want to intensify the male orgasm, then the squeeze technique can help you. Many experts suggest you do this exercise because it enhances orgasm. In this technique, you have to place your thumb and index finger around the penis shaft and then squeeze a little bit before you reach the climax.

Always note that orgasm and ejaculations are two different events. It also means that if you practice more, you will obviously get more orgasmic sensations without ejaculation. And when you become a master in it then you will reach the climax with multiple orgasms.

7. Eat orgasm friendly diet

Eating good is also one of the best ways to increase your orgasm and improve your sex life. There are many things to start from but I will suggest you begin with green vegetables. Spinach is one of the best vegetables that dilates blood vessels and also increases blood flow to penile region. Some other healthy food includes cabbage, kale, etc are good for reproductive health.

Another important food is an egg that is rich in vitamin B. It helps to reduce stress and also good for a healthy libido and it simply means that you will get better orgasms.

Also include oatmeal and whole grains in your diet that will help to increase testosterone in the bloodstream. And remember that if there will be more testosterone then orgasm will also be more.

8. Slow down and again start

It’s a common thing that when men engage in sexual activity then they don’t have control over it. They want it to finish fast and so they rush into things but this is completely wrong. Here, it is important to control yourself and slow down your sexual activity and again start off with a small break.

Whole over, it means that you have to stop getting horny fast. Extend the feeling of arousal and then thrust your excitement. There are several tricks that can help you to increase sexual stamina and last longer in bed with an intense orgasm.

9. Use natural supplement

Another best way to intensify male orgasm is by using a natural supplement. Many men suffer from lots of sexual issues and fail to stay longer in bed. But if you go for any natural supplement then it will help you to achieve intense orgasm with a bigger and harder erection.

Male Extra is one of the best and natural supplements that enhance sexual health by increasing penis size as well as penis size. Any men who suffer from any unwanted condition in sexual life or fail to hold an erection for a long time, for them this supplement is very useful.

It combines natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA and they don’t have any side effects. Some of its powerful features include:

  • Provides intense and powerful orgasm
  • Helps to achieve longer penis length
  • Men get harder and longer erections
  • Increases blood flow to genitals


Well, many men want to get an intense male orgasm but they actually don’t know how to achieve it. This is because men suffer from some of the other problems in their sexual life and so they fail to achieve what they want. This blog completely describes how to intensify the male orgasm that should be implemented.

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