Increase Testosterone with Exercise and Nutrition

increase testosterone

Generally it is known that testosterone plays an important role in everyone’s health. Though it is known that testosterone is a male sex hormone but women also produce testosterone as they are more sensitive to its effect.

So today we will discuss about some ways to increase testosterone with exercises and nutrition and lead a happy life.

If you have better testosterone level then it is good for health as it maintains bone mass, muscle mass and level of red blood cells. But as man ages, their level of testosterone decreases.

This can affect a lot in men’s health like they will suffer from erectile dysfunction, have low sex drive, concentration problems, depressed moods and memory.

Because of low testosterone, many men goes for testosterone replacement therapy but it has already proved by FDA that this therapy can increase heart attack and stroke risk. Even FDA stated that this replacement therapy should not be for those men whose T levels are low due to medical condition and not due to aging.


Testosterone: Use It or Lose It

Generally human body is not deigned to take hormone. After taking a hormone, it will provide you with relief just for some time but it also contains side effects. Taking hormone will loses its ability to make those hormones on time.

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It not only changes the natural hormone production with side effects, but in a new research it has found that testosterone therapy causes several other side effects like it increases the risk of dying from sudden stroke by 29%, irrespective of they suffer from such disease or not.

In fact there is a big difference in amount of testosterone required for a man to maintain strength, lean body mass and sexual functions.

Taking synthetic testosterone means you are supplying random dose of testosterone hormone. Therefore it will be better that your allow your body to normalize its own testosterone level, where your body needs for optimal health.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

It is always recommended not to take synthetic hormone replacement but always focus on healthy lifestyle strategies because there is a risk on taking synthetic hormone replacement.

Several things are there where man can boost testosterone levels naturally. Little bit changes in lifestyle may be helpful like some dietary and exercises and especially limiting the sugar and fructose level, practicing high intensity exercises and also supplementing with Eurycoma Longifolia Jack.

This is derived from a plant also known as Tongkat Ali. This is completely natural herb which helps to boost testosterone level, actually it activates the body to make testosterone.

Tongkat Ali is known to treat sexual dysfunction and this is not only helpful in maintaining erection but also helps in increasing libido and sexual desire in women. It increases energy levels, stamina and endurance and also decreases mental fatigue.

Some of the best ways to boost T level are:

  • Eat a balanced diet which includes butter, coconut etc
  • Do some exercises
  • Know how to manage stress
  • Take supplements like fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D3 etc
  • Try to have more sex
  • Have a better sleep


Natural Testosterone Boosters for Men

For hormone balance, there are many natural testosterone boosters which may help. Increasing dopamine and testosterone level and decreasing estrogen levels can make a man feel younger as before and also reduce belly fat.

If you want your testosterone level to increase then several ways are there among which natural ways are far better and secure and very much effective. In fact there are natural supplements which are helpful in boosting T level and they work better, increases muscle mass and also helpful in sexual function.

One of the beneficial product which can really help to increase testosterone is by using Pro Testosterone. This is a natural supplement and its ingredients directly fix the symptoms related to decreased testosterone level.

This is one of the best natural supplement which is medically accepted and contains perfect grade ingredients. It can help you to come out from any situation and levels your testosterone and will provide your body with muscle mass and energy to fulfill your sexual desire.

It is formulated with natural herbs and a verified testosterone boosting supplements which provide fast and effective results.



Testosterone is one of the important sex hormone which is equally important as other. If this level decreases then problem can occur in sexual life as well. However there are lots of ways to increase it and they are really beneficial. Natural ways are the ones that work in every condition to give you growth in any field. I hope whatever I have discussed in this blog to increase testosterone will help you.

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Increase Testosterone with Exercise and Nutrition
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Increase Testosterone with Exercise and Nutrition
Know how to increase testosterone with exercise as well as nutrition. Testosterone is an important sex hormone which needs to be maintained properly so that men can have a satisfied life
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