10 Exclusive Ways To Produce More HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Level Naturally In Men

10 Exclusive Ways To Produce More HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Level Naturally In Men

Are you looking older than what is your age now?

If yes then you should know that it might be because of ‘Growth Hormone’ in your body. This hormone also known as HGH is very important for our body and it affects almost every cell in body.

When it becomes low then it becomes important to enhance it. And it is very important for muscle building, tissue repair along with body consumption.

You should know that HGH is essential because it helps the growth into adulthood. When adults age then HGH level decreases and at that moment, it becomes difficult to maintain tissue of muscle. This is because HGH promotes lean tissue and organizes fat for energy.

So let us read this blog as here you will know about how to produce more HGH level naturally in men.

Is there a possibility to increase HGH levels naturally?

Yes, you can definitely boost your growth hormone level naturally as there is a possibility to do it. What happens in real is after reaching the age 20, the HGH level starts to reduce at 14% per decade. When men reaches the age 40, HGH production reduces by 30% and as the age reaches to 60, it declines by 80%.

Now there are several factors that include lower HGH like wrinkling of skin, body fat increases, immune system stops functioning properly, sexual desire reduce and others.

But you will get lots of men who easily manage their HGH level till lifetime and they never face any kind of issue.

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How to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) level naturally for men?

Look, there are several ways that you can go through to boost HGH level. For your convenience, if have mentioned some of the best ways that would help you out to enhance growth hormone level.

Do regular exercise

Exercise is one of the important parts of life that should be done every day. And this would also help to increase growth hormone level in men naturally. Remember that not every exercises is made to enhance the level, so you should go through intense exercise and it can be in any form.

If the exercises is done regularly then HGH level increases after every session and also within 24 hour time stated by University of Michigan Medical School. [Read Kegel Exercises- Stronger Erection and Greater Ejaculation Control]

Get better sleep

Sleep is equally important for everyone and especially when you come to know about low HGH level. Now sleep is of different types like light sleeping where waking is easy whereas heavier sleep refers to sound sleep and not easy to wake up.

However, when you sleep at night then at the 3 or 4 stages, HGH level is released more. When you have better sleep at night, then your body cycles through all such stages. And it completely means that if you sleep better at night then its obvious that your HGH level will increase.

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Lose your weight

Overweight is yet another reason for reduce growth hormone level. If you are overweight then it means that insulin level is high. When your body turns to insulin resistant then it means that your body doesn’t have the ability to perform well in eliminating excess insulin.

Nutritional Support

To boost HGH level, nutrition can play an important role. The decline of HGH can occur due to high carbohydrate diet. In one of the study published by Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1976, those men whose calorie level is 80 percent from carbohydrates has seen a drop in HGH level.

When compared then those men who have taken a diet of 40 percent carbohydrates, around 40 percent fat and 20 percent protein were found normal level of HGH.

You should eat those foods that have high Vitamin C such as strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, citrus fruits, raspberries, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and others.

Even plant based foods are good for body like vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds etc.

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Reduce sugar level

If your sugar level is high then ensure your HGH level will become low. If you eat refined carbs and sugar then the level of insulin will increase, but you should work on how to reduce it to manage the HGH level properly.

In a study, it was stated that healthy men has 3-4 times higher HGH level compared to other people who suffers from diabetes or other issues. In addition, high level of sugar also leads to weight gain and obesity and this affects the growth hormone.

So all in whole, you should act to achieve a proper balanced diet so that growth hormone stays in proper level.

Increase Melatonin level

May be you are aware of melatonin level, a hormone made by pineal gland in brain that easily regulates sleep and wake cycles. If oral melatonin level is taken then it helps to increase HGH level by 150%.

In fact, there is no need of excess melatonin level but only 0.5 to 5mg is required just before going to bed. You can also try it by taking different levels because it helps you to sleep better.

Only remember to take that much amount which gives you better sleep at night as it works effectively to optimize HGH release. However, it may be difficult to get melatonin in some countries like Australia or you can get it online.

Take GABA supplement

GABA is known as a non-protein amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter which sends signal on your brain. The use of this supplement is to calm down your brain and it helps to sleep you better and due to this, the level of HGH level also maintains in proper level.

In one of the study reveals that GABA supplement can increase the HGH level up to 400% at rest and 200% increase when done by exercise.

Laughter may help you

There are many reasons for laughing and if you do it daily then it is said that the level of growth hormone will boost. In fact, laughter is the best medicine to cure such condition. Some of the study says that if you laugh daily then it can give you relief from several issues like depression or stress level, increase growth hormone and also improves health.

In one of the study done in 2006 mentioned that those individuals who was suffering from such problem, they were found 27 percent more beta endorphins after watching a funny video and almost 87 percent increase in HGH level.

Avoid eating a lot before sleep

When you sleep at night, that is the best time your body get to release high amount of HGH level naturally. According to some experts, taking heavy meals at night increases insulin level and due to this, it is suggested to avoid eating a lot at night.

If you are taking high protein meal then it may give rise to insulin level and chances that it blocks HGH released at night.

Though the studies is still yet not completed but remember that after eating carb or protein based meals, insulin level declines in 2-3 hours. So try to avoid all such things to eat to maintain human growth hormone level.

Best alternative way to produce more HGH level naturally

Well, apart from these ways to boost the level, there is yet another best option to enhance growth hormone level and that is by taking natural supplement like HyperGH 14X. This is a human growth hormone supplement that is combined with better formula to increase human growth level naturally.

With the use of it, HGH level releases naturally, enhance testosterone level and at the same time, it also improves overall performance as well as increase weight. It can be used by anyone who thinks that their growth hormone is declining day by day.

Especially for body builders, if you take this supplement then it can give you harder and stronger muscles as well as better cuts and that too without any issue.

Wrap Up

So, all in whole, this blog completely describes about how to produce more HGH level naturally in men. I would suggest you to start implementing all the above ways to boost growth hormone level naturally.

Follow them properly and even you have the option to use natural supplement to increase and promote HGH level.

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10 Exclusive Ways To Produce More HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Level Naturally In Men
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