How To Increase Ejaculate Volume After Vasectomy

Increase Ejaculate Volume After Vasectomy

Do you want to know whether ejaculate volume increases or not after vasectomy?

There are plenty of men who want to know the answer of this as they are not sure whether ejaculate volume increases after this surgery or not.

Remember that after vasectomy, ejaculation remains the same as it was before. No change is seen in men’s sexual life to ejaculate.

But yes, the difference that is seen in ejaculation is sperm absent in semen. And even the person cannot know about the difference.

Around 500,000 men in US have vasectomy every year in which the sperm is blocked from reaching semen. According to Puneet Masson, MD who is also a Director of Male Fertility Program at Penn Medicine says that vasectomy is 4th most common birth control form in US.

What Is Vasectomy?

Vasectomy which is also known as male sterilization is a surgical process that cut or seals the tubes that men’s sperm is carried.  Generally, this process takes around 15 minutes and the surgery is done under local anesthesia in which patient is awake while surgery but don’t feel the pain.

This has become one of the common forms of family planning in the entire world, especially in US. Taking this kind of decision is very important and one should only take when you are 100% sure not to make your partner pregnant or not want to become father in rest of your life.

Remember that this is a permanent form of contraception so think twice. According to reports, beginning of 21st century in United Kingdom, around 40,000 vasectomies were carried out in a year by National Health Service.

What Happens After Vasectomy?

Many men have a confusion that after vasectomy, they cannot enjoy their sexual life or will not ejaculate. But the truth is as men used to get erection and ejaculation before surgery, the same will happen after surgery as well.

Only one change can be seen and that is semen will not contain sperm anymore.

After the procedure, men can feel pain, discomfort and a kind of swelling in testicles for few days. To avoid any further pain or swelling, it is suggested not to have sex or masturbation.

And after few days, you can continue you sexual activity. Even many of them recover within a week or so. One can feel uncomfortable while first ejaculation after the surgery but it goes away on its own as days passes. May be you see some amount of blood in semen but no need to worry for long time.

But its not necessary that every men will feel comfort. Some may continue to feel the pain or some other things and in this situation, you should consult your doctor.

Somewhere around 1-2% of people may experience post-vasectomy pain syndrome that occurs in testicles and lasts for 3 months or so. This can be really painful and ejaculations will be painful as well.

Will Semen Volume Decrease After A Vasectomy?

This question is asked by several men and is one of the common one, will semen volume drop after vasectomy?

Generally, men don’t notice semen drop because only 2 percent of volume comes from sperm cells that is made in testicles. The other 98% of ejaculate volume comes where the blockage is made with surgery. And no changes are seen after vasectomy.

How To Orgasm After Vasectomy?

Orgasm or the sexual climax happens when ejaculation occurs. But remember that it is conveyed by lots of other physiological responses. This surgery does not affect your orgasm.

One myth is around people and that is vasectomy make difficult for man to reach orgasm. But there is no such truth and men can last longer in bed without much frustration. Remember that orgasm happens due to physical and psychological stimuli and there is no effect of vas deferens in this process.

Where The Sperm Goes After Tubes Are Cut?

Your sperm is stored in coiled tube when sperm is maturing around 15 to 18 feet long and this called as epididymis. From here, the sperm is then moved to vas deferens and it does its job by fertilizing an egg.

But when you go under vasectomy then sperm does not move from tube and epididymis absorbs the sperm and dissolves there. This entire process is does naturally.

Is It Safe To Have Sex After Vasectomy?

After the surgery, men can have sex but when pain and swelling goes away. If men don’t wait then they can feel more pain and there will be a chance of spreading the infection.

While having sex, its better to use condoms for few months after vasectomy because the impact does not shows immediately. It takes some time to several weeks as sperm might present in tubes.

In addition, this surgery does not protect STDs or STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and if you use condoms or other ways then they are the safest way to prevent STIs.

Many urologists suggest men to check their semen after 3 months or 20 ejaculates, whichever comes first. Even at this time, almost 20% of men will have sperm and they still have to use some protective things like condoms etc while having sex.

After vasectomy, most men think of negative impact on sex life but it’s not true. According to 2017 survey, many males have reported about sexual satisfaction after surgery and even no change was seen in satisfaction as well for female partners also.

And even some research also proves that there is no link between vasectomy and drop in sex frequency.

When To Masturbate After Vasectomy?

Now many people have a habit of masturbating and they want to know when it will be safe to masturbate after vasectomy. After the pain or swelling goes off, men can masturbate and they even don’t have to take any precautions.

But make sure you go to your doctor after 3 months or 20 ejaculations whether by sex or masturbation. After that, your doctor will tell you to masturbate in a cup to analyze whether semen is present or not.

Can Vasectomy Be Reversed?

Yes, vasectomy can be reversed but it’s not necessary that the process will be successful.

Actually, if anyone wants it to reverse then it should be carried out within 10 years of post-surgery because here the success rate is around 55%. But if the same thing is carried out after 10 years or so then success reduces to 25%.

When reversal of vasectomy is performed surgeon uses general anaesthesia. In the entire process, first a small cut is made in side of scrotum and look for closed ends of vas deferens. After that, a fluid sample is taken from end to testicle just to test sperm presence. When surgeon founds sperm in fluid then both the two ends are attached of vas deferens.

The time that takes vasectomy to reverse is 1 to 3 weeks. And the complications are same as they were before. Now sperm appears on semen within 3 months and almost takes 1 year to make your partner pregnant once again.

However, the reversal of vasectomy does not guarantee pregnancy. If you want high rate of success then one should reverse vasectomy as soon as possible and should not take long.

Risks Associated With Vasectomy

Going through vasectomy is a complete safe process and only few people have complaint about it. But there are some risks linked with this, though they are minor and can be cured.

Some common risks are:

  • Blood in semen
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Some kind of infection in surgery part
  • Bleeding inside scrotum
  • Pain or discomfort when wearing underwear to stop hanging of testicles

Natural Way To Increase Ejaculate Volume After Vasectomy

In this process, if any men after vasectomy want to increase ejaculation volume then it’s possible with the use of Enlast Cream. This is a natural male enhancement supplement comes in the form of cream that helps men to cure premature ejaculation and increase ejaculation volume for longer. Using this supplement, men can perform well in bed without any fail as it increases libido and boost blood flow to penis.


Vasectomy is a common surgery procedure and its becoming more common nowadays. And there is no harm in going through this process but only do it after you are very much sure not to pregnant your partner anymore in future.

However, there are no such difference is seen after this process and a complete safe procedure.

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