Secrets About How To Satisfy Women In Bed That Nobody Will Tell You

how to satisfy you women copyGenerally men think of how to satisfy their women in bed but some men are unable to do that and they get depressed because they badly fail in front of their partners.

Women are not visual as men at the actual time. It happens to see that your women don’t want what it seems on the bedroom but it also does not mean that what you think will not happen.

If you see then there are only few men who last longer in bed but not all night. Men gets excited after seeing ‘porn’ movies and they think to try those actions with their women but unfortunately they can’t and they also don’t satisfy their partner.

Though the videos shown on movies are not real life and they also don’t bother what real women want. Therefore men should not go on those videos and should concentrate on their own sex life and stay powerful.

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However mentioned below are some of the ways which is important for you to know that can help you to satisfy women in bed and you will be satisfied too.


2Nowadays men do sex as they are in hurry for something or they just don’t want to give time to their partners. They only want to get what they want and after that no response.

They think sex is a like a face cap or socks which have one size fits all. This is completely wrong thought because men should also think of their partner actually what they want. Men have to think what to do some extra so that sex can become an enjoyment for both.

For that you need to know your lady, actually what they want which can fulfill their needs. This can be done by talking to them and finding some funny ways which can make them enjoyable. Every women have different choice like many women turned by listening to music whereas others with mild liquor, stuff or chocolate.

Do whatever you want to do but keep in mind that you are doing all those to know what is her interest and how to turn her on. If you can do that then you can have an enjoyable sex life with your women.


1Though you are a good sex gamer but if you forget to stimulate your partner’s breasts and nipples then you can easily lose before the main thing appears. So you should take time and do some work on her body so that the excitement can be from both sides, make your tongue and hands active as well and let the game on process.

After you get under and penetrate, you should still maintain the contact with her body with the pair of boobs; press the nipples mildly and make her to have a bigger and faster orgasm.

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3While having sex with your partner, focus on female anatomy and her clitoris while foreplay. It becomes very important to know the female body, what is there and where it is located and if you don’t know that also then it can be very disappointment for any partner.

If you want to satisfy your partner then it is also important to know where to focus your attention. But for that you should have a complete knowledge because women want clitoral stimulation to come and it is not located inside the vagina.

Though a penetrative sex feels good but it is totally different from men. Women need clitoral stimulation and so you can use your hands or can give an oral sex. Even the positions also involve in this process but you should not shift the positions frequently and should give some time to women so that they can build-up their sensation.

If you experiment some new ways then it is fine but when you see that the position is stimulating her then keep on going with the same position and don’t change. Don’t try to kill orgasms by changing the position because you are in the same for long time. Here the thing is important to learn which can help you to give her more orgasm and satisfy you too.

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5There is a saying ‘ladies first’ but this saying is necessary to apply in all aspects of life and applying also does not mean anything between couples. It is also not good to expect lady to do all these sexual relationship first than men because this is a general thing that men come first.

If you think that women would come and tell you to have sex then just forget it because this cannot be happen. And even you also don’t want the impression to be bad of your women and neither she also want to show something like that.

Therefore very simple thing is that you should go first and make your sex like more romantic. Women want to be pampered and want to forget all the things while having sex, only one thing they want and that is men to take absolutely control on the things, especially when time comes in bed.

Therefore don’t hesitate and don’t be excited before, just make the first step, make her more orgasm, move your hands on her body, feel her excitement and just go on.

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One of the famous styles for men while having sex is the doggy style which is best to hit on her G-spot. But in this also there is a new approach where you have to get her into the lower herself on her elbows leaving on palms.

After that, thrust her with light strokes and work into a faster with rhythmic penetration. By doing into her, you can make your women feel good and can stimulate G-spot.

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These tips are really important to know about how to satisfy women in bed and in this context, it is also important to last longer in bed so that you don’t ejaculate early than your partner. This can spoil both couples mood and everything can just go off.

So in my opinion, you should take some supplement so that you don’t fail in front of your partner while sex. So take Male Extra which is a proven supplement to provide bigger and harder erection and also helps men to last longer in bed. This is the perfect way satisfy your partner and both can enjoy the moment happily.

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Satisfying women is one of the difficult ways for many men but if men know how to do it then they can happily satisfy their partner. However following this blog carefully gives you entire knowledge how to satisfy women in bed. I hope whatever I have mentioned will give you and your partner satisfaction and have a great night.

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