How to Increase Sperm Motility by Yoga Effectively


Infertility is one of the common problem which is experienced by many people and especially the young ones. This issue arise due to physical reasons as well as psychological reasons.

Generally men are afraid of their sperm count or sperm motility because if it becomes low then it can really have a bad effect on sexual life. Sperm motility is known as one of the essential part of semen analysis which is a male fertility check for male infertility.

Well when the sperm count becomes less then it has several reasons behind it such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes, weak blood circulation, high blood pressure, heart ailments etc. You will find many women in fact struggling with infertility and they go for exercises which help them to boost fertility and increase the chance of becoming pregnant. [Read Male Infertility- What are the Causes, Best Treatment and Prevention]

Have you ever thought that Yoga can help you in this situation?

How to increase sperm through Yoga?

You might don’t know but it can play vital role in many people life. It is already known that yoga is a popular word wide and everyone is suggested to do it so that people can maintain their health in proper way.


Doing yoga poses can really benefit you and it is for both men and women. Men practicing yoga helps to improve the health of reproductive system. Yoga for male fertility is very helpful as it increases male fertility and also avoid several illness which is linked with reproductive organs.

Besides, it can be said that going through yoga to increase sperm count is one of the best way for making better health and will be more effective than spending expensive fertility treatments. Furthermore, Yoga also helps to boost sexual desire naturally.

How Yoga helps to maintain healthy body


There are several searches done in the entire world and have suggested that yoga is a beneficial exercise which enhance blood flow in and around the pelvic area. This has benefits like:

  • Improves sperm motility and mobility
  • It will promote male sexual hormone production
  • Improves the sperm’s overall quality
  • Decreases anxiety and stress level and also increase the general health of reproductive system
  • Helpful in decreasing the size of prostate, eliminating prostate diseases completely

Well yoga poses can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs along with enhancing of sperm volume and sperm health. However, several yoga poses are there which are beneficial in every field and it needs to perform well so that you get that you need.

One important thing is that if you and your partner is thinking to conceive then here you will get the best yoga poses which are very much effective in enhancing your body and reproductive organs, even increases the chance of becoming pregnant for your partner.

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The Yoga Effect

By doing yoga, the entire body is put through lots of exercises which is especially designed to cure fertility. Trying several poses enhances endocrine system which is made of glands, responsible for production and dissemination of hormones in the entire body. In fact these hormones are also responsible for both males and females.

But you might think how to increase sperm count and motility by Yoga? Don’t worry as here you will get some of the best yoga poses which would really help men to boost their sperm count. All these poses need to be followed properly. It is made for both males and females but men should follow it so that they can get out of low sperm count problem.

Important Yoga Exercises to increase Sperm Count



This is also an important yoga pose for increasing sperm motility. This pose needs to lie straight on your back and then stretch your body by keeping the hands on side close to the body. After that, breathe in and raise both legs straight till it reaches 90 degree to waist and at the same time keep your head intact.

Raise your waist as pivots and stretch the legs beyond head and then try to touch the ground with your feet. Keep your knees straight and be on the same position as long as you can and breathe normally.

Now go back to the base position by bringing the legs back very slowly but also keep in mind that your palms and head remains on the floor and knees in straight position. Repeat this pose one or two times to get the benefit.

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Agnisaar Kriya


This is one of the essential yoga poses which is beneficial in boosting sperm motility. In fact, it can also be said that this pose of yoga for increasing sperm count is the best one. To do this exercise, you have to first stand straight with your feet kept at shoulder width apart. After that, slowly bend your hands on knees and your tummy should be loose.

Exhale properly and hold the breath out and pull stomach inwards as much you can do. After that loosen the tummy slowly and after that inhale and relax.

Now the exercise is complete and you should repeat this pose for two to three times. One thing to remember, those who have problems in peptic ulcers, heart disease or high blood pressure, they should avoid doing this yoga pose.

Ashwani Mudra


Practice yoga pose Ashwani mudra to get benefit for sperm motility. In this pose, you have to sit in suhhasana or padmasana with closed eyes and keeping back straight. Now slowly pull the lower abdominal muscles and anus up and after that relax, repeat this yoga poses for at least hundred times by focusing on the muscle contraction and relaxation.



This is also an effective yoga exercise which helps to increase sperm production naturally. You need to lie flat on stomach and after that raise your legs behind your head. Now breathe in and raise the lower part of body and chest from floor so that your stomach only touches the floor.

Now gently tilt the neck towards back with eyes kept closed and you can have an effect between hands and legs. Hold this position for some time and breathe normally and after that go back to the same position. You should repeat this process once again for extra benefits.

Bhastrika Pranayam


In this position, you have to sit padmasana or sukhasana with closed eyes and keep your back straight and your hands should be placed on knees with gyan mudra.

Now breathe out via both nostrils with full energy and after that breathe in. By doing this your lungs expand to its full capacity. Increase the speed of this process slowly and should maintain a rhythmic pattern. Practice this exercise for at least thirty to forty times until you feel tired.



Among several position, Sethubandhasana is also an important pose for boosting sperm count. In this exercise, you have to lie straight on your back and after that bend your legs at knees and keep the heels close to hips. Now hold your ankles with hands and if this is difficult to do then keep your hands close to hips, palms facing down.

Inhale and lift the back and hips gently and then relax and at the same time, keep your heels and shoulders on floor. After that close your eyes and just aim on the painful area of your spine and hold the position as much you can and breathe normally. At last return back the same position slowly and practice this pose for two to three times a day.

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Alternative ways to boost sperm count and motility

Well, everything has an alternative so here comes the same. As Yoga is helpful in increasing sperm motility, other ways like using supplements are also helpful in boosting sperm count and motility.

Yes, this is true, Semenax is a natural product comes in the form of pill which works excellently in giving rise to sperm count. Many doctors and health experts suggest even this product.

So if you are suffering from any kind of low sperm count then do not fail to try Semenax pill.



All the above mentioned are really helpful in boosting sperm motility and also important to follow the yoga poses properly. This yoga poses is both for men and women. In fact, there are other ways also to give rise to sperm count. But more effective is the natural ways which don’t have any kind of harm and works excellent.

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How to Increase Sperm Motility by Yoga Effectively
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