How to Increase Semen/Sperm Volume Naturally

How to increase semen/sperm volume

Semen is released during ejaculation whose volume ranges from 2 to 5 ml per ejaculate. There are   many products available in the market that can increase semen volume.

Many men want to increase their sperm volume because they get inspired by adult movies and want to ejaculate further.

On abstaining for long time, the sperm count within the semen may increase but the semen volume does not vary much from before.

Most men associate semen volume with the fertility and it has been mentioned that those men, who want to have more progeny, may have better chance if they have more semen.

When you want to make babies, ten you want everything that you can do to make it happen. Volume of ejaculate is not linked to sexual pleasure either for the male or for the female.

Ejaculation and orgasm is not prolonged if the penis takes longer to release the increased volume of semen.


Causes of low semen/sperm volume

Well every male wants to know how to increase semen volume as they suffer a lot in this subject. It is very important for your testes to function properly along with pituitary glands and hypothalamus. All these produce hormones in brain which further led to production of sperm.

But men suffers a lot to achieve semen and the reasons are several. Some of the common reasons are:

Anxiety- Though many men think that lack of semen is due to physical problem but it can also exists due to mental blockage as well. Anxiety can lead to suffer you from such conditions. But the solution is to feel relaxed and more comfortable which increases the ability to produce better results.

Alcohol- As alcohol is taken by almost every men on occasions or on parties but it also has some side effect on ejaculation. Excess alcohol reduces testosterone levels in body and hence shows negative impact on amount of ejaculation.

Emotional stress- If you are suffering from emotional stress then it can interfere in your sexual life leading to poor sperm/semen volume. It also means that if you are worried about the quality of sperm then more problems can occur.

There are some methods by which you can increase your semen volume.

Method 1: Change in Diet

Modify your diet: You should reduce your processed foods and switch to a die with low fats and high in protein. You should eat more vegetables and whole grains and buy organic foods when possible and always drink plenty of water.

Take in plenty of mineral zinc: Taking plenty of mineral zinc is associated with increased semen volume, sperm count and testosterone level. At least you should take 11gm daily which you can get by eating beans, oysters and chicken.

amino acidsTake in amino acids in food:  Amino acids can be found in vegetables, fruits and in meats and is believed to increase sperm count and also keep sperm from clumping. The amino acids which you can incorporate into your diet include L-Carnitine, L-Lysine and L-Arginine.

Try supplementing your diet with folic acid: By taking folic acid increase semen volume. You should take 400micrograms daily which you can find in green leafy vegetables, orange juice and in cereals.

Eat more of the following sperm healthy foods: If you want to increase your sperm volume then you should consider incorporating more of the following foods.

  • Ginseng
  • Walnuts (Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Asparagus (vitamin C)
  • Goji berries (Anti-oxidants)
  • Bananas (vitamin B)
  • Pumpkin seeds (omega 3 fatty acids)

Method 2: Change in Lifestyle

Clean up your lifestyle: There are certain life styles which can stress your body and immune system and due to this, it will lead to low sperm count. And if you are thinking of making babies, then the best will be not smoking or taking drugs.

Get of bicycle: If you are using bicycle, then get off because bicycle seats are famous for reducing sperm count. You should switch to car or the bus during sperm production mode.

Lighten up: Stress can interfere with the hormone that is needed to assist in sperm production. If any kind of emotional abuse is given, they can wriggle off and they will never return.

Keep your weight in check:  You should always keep your weight check because too large or too short can affect hormonal balance. If there is too much estrogen or too little testosterone, then you will have a negative impact on sperm count, so it’s better to go for gym and find some interesting ways to keep yourself motivated.

Try PC muscle exercise: PC muscle exercises are basically used by men not only to last longer but also to increase the volume of their sperm. There are many PC muscle exercises which you can do to satisfy your partner and give your progeny the best shot at success.

Method 3: Check your medications

You might have heard that several medications are available in market that can really help to eliminate the problem. Semen production is necessary and to boost it, men can do anything.

Medications can influence semen production but at the same time, several medications can also lower the sperm count.

So if you are taking medication and you are not sure whether it will work positively or negatively then its better to leave it immediately and talk to your personal doctor to suggest you better in this field.

Method 4: Try some natural supplements

When we talk about natural supplements then you will get many but all will give you best results is not sure. So here, also you should check it properly and then only you should take it. Just see whether the product contains some natural ingredients or not like L-cartinine, L-arginine, folic acid and others.

One best natural supplement to boost your sperm and semen volume is by using Semenax. This is made of natural ingredients that helps to boost semen volume naturally. Several users have used it and mostly recommended by many doctors or health experts. It increases orgasm intensity as it boost volume of cum which is ejaculated. It boosts virility and confidence in man’s life.



Several men in this world suffer from low semen volume or sperm count and they wants to know how to increase it. There are many ways, which can help men to increase semen volume, but they don’t the right way.

In this blog, I have concluded some better ways to increase sperm volume and hope all these will help men to do better performance in bed with their partner.

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