Best Ways to Increase Semen Quantity and Quality to Boost Your Sex Life!

Increase semen Quantity and Quality

Low semen volume is a common issue with most of them. People face low semen volume or sperm count in their age which can be a bad impact for your sex life. Many times it happens that due to low sperm count, infertility occurs.

People blame women due to infertility causes but this is not true every time. Even men have also some problem that can lead to infertility. This is cleared when doctors do a test like motility, morphology etc. Talking about infertility, male factor infertility can also be the cause of couple’s difficulty in getting erection.

But still there is no way to depressed them as men with poor sperm quality also can have a satisfying sex life. Because there are ways by which they can improve the low semen volume problem and have a successful sexual life.

What Is Quality Sperm?

Do you know what is called “Quality Sperm”?

If you have normal sperm count then also they should have healthy enough to move to your partner’s vagina to cervix and then to uterus and finally to fallopian tubes. But if this process fails somewhere then it will be hard for your partner to get pregnant.

However, if you go to your doctor then he/she will analyze sperm “quality” in three different ways:

Quantity– In this, sperm volume is measured in your semen after you ejaculate. Your sperm should have 15 million per milliliter of semen which is considered as normal sperm count

Structure– Sperm should have normal egg-shaped heads and tails and this tail is used to swim for the egg. It means that if there will be more normal shaped sperm, then they will be easier to reach partners egg.

Movement– This movement is called as “Motility” according to doctors. In this, how fast your sperm moves to reach the final point is measured. At least 50% of sperm should move.

What men need to do?

To get the sexual satisfaction, Men need to improve ejaculation volume and for the forceful ejaculation need to increase the semen volume.  If you want to increase the chance of having children increase the loads of sperm and semen.  An abundance of sperm is a sign of healthy testosterone.   A large volume is associated with increased libido, fertility and sexual prowess.

Good semen quantity results in longer orgasms.  Good sperms production increase sexual desire as well. This is simply also If you want to shower your women with your love.


How to increase ejaculation volume by Foods

Some of the foods that you should try to make your semen level high are given here. It is already known that foods are very much important for our health, so taking proper foods also help to boost sexual life. Some of them include:

MeatMeat is an essential food to increase semen production. It consists of amino acids that help to produce high level of semen. Red meat contains zinc which is also important because to produce semen, zinc is required. And also know that when you ejaculate then each ejaculation contains 1 to 3 milligrams of zinc.

GrainsGrains like oat meal consists of L-cartinine and L-arginine which helps to boost semen level. Even eating barley and wheat also helps in increasing semen volume because it consists of zinc. So eat grains to give your sexual life a boost.

WaterWater is very important for human body and without it, your body cannot perform any activities properly. So drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. If less water is present in the body then it can lead to dehydration and it can reduce the semen production.

Fruits and VegetablesGreen leafy vegetables are very much important for healthy life. Eating spinach, okra, broccoli etc are some of the vegetables that should be taken as all these vegetables are helpful in increase semen quality and quantity.

NutsEating nuts daily can help your body to function properly and also one of the ways to increase semen level. Nuts consist of zinc and vital amino acids and so it should be taken daily to maintain a healthy life.

Some other ways to produce more semen volume

  • Quit Smoking– Smoking is not good; it impairs sperm count and motility and also reduces sperm lifespan. Quit smoking if you want to increase the quality of sperm.
  • Drink Fluid– The ejaculation is directly related with volume of fluids that are ingested. Increase the amount of intake of water.
  • Underwear – Wear the lose underwear. Men testicle need few degrees cooler than the rest of the body.  So wearing tight underwear is against the good idea.
  • Diet– Improved the intake of type of food.   Cut the intake of processed food and switch to the diet high in protein and low in fats.  Eat lots of vegetables, organic food and whole grains.  Increase the intake of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc (mineral) and antioxidants.  It increases motility. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) may contribute to an increase in the amount of semen.
  • Get off the bicycle – Get off from Bicycle which reduces the sperm count.
  • Cut yourself from hot tub. Leave the tubing for relaxation.
  • Release stress and lighten up your mind and body.
  •  Keep your weight in control. Too much large or too small effects sperm count.
  • Take Good rest.
  • The average man produces 85 million sperm per day. When not released, the sperm will increase in numbers. Try to resist the urge to ejaculate for 5 or 6 days.
  • You can also take Semen Volumizer products.

Maintain A Proper Sleep

Sleep is very much important if you want to improve ejaculation volume and to get a healthy and happy sexual life. Adequate amount of sleep is very necessary especially for those guys who are facing problem in semen volume. If proper amount of sleep is not taken then sperm health gets impaired but at the same time, this is also true that too much sleep is also harmful.

It means that you should take proper sleep at night and should neither sleep for long nor short. Some study reveals the truth about sleep linked with semen. One should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep as this can prevent men from several diseases like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc.

Avoid Too Much Heat

How to produce more semen is a common question for several men and you should know that the quality and quantity affects due to taking hot bath or staying in steam rooms. Heat can really impact a lot in sperm and semen volume but after few months, the semen and sperm returns to its normal level.

But here men should take care of any household items that produce heat. If you are using laptops on laps then leave this habit immediately or better to use lap board for laptop.

Avoid certain drugs

There are several drugs that can be harmful and strictly advised not to take it because this can lead to fertility. Some of them includes:

  • Anabolic steroids
  • Ketoconazole
  • Testosterone (from TRT)
  • 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors
  • SSRIs and similar antidepressants
  • Some antibiotics
  • Opiates

Best ways to boost semen quality

As already discussed several ways to increase the semen volume, but if you don’t want to go through all these methods then don’t worry. There are many men who don’t want to go for lengthy process but wants some simple and best ways to improve ejaculation volume. You should use semen increasing supplements. There are several that can help you in this situation.

Semenax is the best semen boosting supplement that comes in the form of pill. This is especially for those men who suffer a lot in their sexual life. Taking the pills will give a rise to your semen volume with quantity and quality. Not only that but you will also get enough strength and confident to lead a happy and satisfying sex life.



Everyone wants to have a satisfying sex life and it applies for both men and women. Everyone fears about their sexual life and if some problem occurs then a big disaster like situation occurs.

However everything has a solution so here low semen volume also has the treatment and that too in several ways. Follow the above blog carefully and boost your sexual life by increasing semen quantity and quality.

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Best Ways to Increase Semen Quantity and Quality to Boost Your Sex Life!
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Best Ways to Increase Semen Quantity and Quality to Boost Your Sex Life!
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