5 Best Ways to Have Multiple Orgasms and Double your Pleasure

5 Best Ways to Have Multiple Orgasms and Double your Pleasure

Woman is practically built to have several orgasms in a single session. But when your orgasms are few and far between then it is hard to imagine having multiple orgasms.

You might have heard that too much of anything can be bad for everyone, but when we talk about multiple orgasms then its goes to infinity. Even it is mentioned by medical community that 200 orgasms in a year is good for health.

However you will have some period which lasts 30 minutes or an average. The truth is that all women have the potential to have multiple orgasms with or without a partner.

Even though the female orgasms are very difficult to achieve than the male orgasm but once you find your orgasm groove, you won’t be able to stop.

You will find in men that they don’t have possible way to have multiple ejaculatory orgasms. But also not all orgasms are ejaculatory in nature like all female don’t have orgasms are g spot orgasms.

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If you want to have multiple round of happiness then you have to follow the below mentioned three steps.

Check your T-levels

You should always check your T level. If you want harder erection along with better orgasms then you should check optimal testosterone levels.

If you have less T level them it is considered as old men’s problem but you can also see this low level in the age of 20s, 30s and 40s also. If you don’t have low testosterone level then when you are around age 30, it will be a good idea to check up your T level along with a blood test by a doctor who is a specialist in anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy. [Read Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits ]

It is known that the normal testosterone levels are between 300 and 1000 nano grams per deciliter of blood.

If you have low T then you see some signs which are decreased libido, fatigue, difficulty in gaining muscle, fat gain, depression and mental fogginess. If testosterone level is low in you then you can level them up by taking some diets which are high in proteins and fats along with eight hours of sleep and also by lifting weights three to six times per week.

Strengthen your PC muscles

There are some men who experience multiple orgasms while others learn to invite such a reaction. If you want you can try out some set of kegel exercises as this exercise strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and also increase your ability to control your orgasmic with ejaculatory responses of the moment.

When you try these exercises, then the PC muscle which stretches from your pubic bone to your tailbone, controls your ejaculation. If you have the ability to keep away yourself from ejaculating after an orgasm, then it is possible to skip the refractory period and orgasm again and again.

However if you want to perform Kegel exercises, then you should contracts the PC muscle as you do when you control the flow of urine.

Kegel exercises can be practiced anywhere you wish like contracting the muscle, it may be at your office desk or may be in done while sitting on car.

Try some different position

No matter if you are one of the lucky guys to delay gratification; still it will take some practice to reach that point. Meantime you can control your ejaculation by changing up positions. [Know 15 Hot Sex Positions of 2017 Every Guy Must Try to Last Long On Bed]

If you wish you can have sex in a chair where she’s in the chair and you would be on top of her and can stand up and pull out before you ejaculate. By doing that way, you can tighten the muscles before the point of ejaculation and you will experience orgasm without having ejaculation.

If you have a thought about the non ejaculatory orgasms which will make you feel different from regular orgasm then you are right, therefore remember to lower the expectation little bit. Yes, you cannot feel like your usual orgasm for each small orgasm. All they will be less in intensity but for those men who have lots of small orgasm has to be the big one.

Get In the Mood

This technique is very much easy to follow because until you are in a mood, you cannot enjoy your sexual pleasure with your partner. If you have a habit of getting into the mood with outside things such as movies, songs, massage or whatever that connects your body then it may help you a lot.

It has been said that if you sexual energy becomes high before anyone touches you or you touch someone else, easier it becomes to have multiple orgasm and this can even double. So always, focus in getting in the mood and enjoy your sexual life.

Focus on your breathing

If you become bored of the pleasure that you feel always then wait a minute, and take a deep breath. This is because breathing helps to relax your body and expand the pleasure, which you can feel.

Breathing is an important part of life and it fills oxygen into bloodstreams that helps nervous system to work effectively and consistently.

Alternative ways to have multiple orgasms

Besides all these best ways, there are also alternative ways by which one can have multiple orgasms. They are by using natural supplements like VigRX Delay Spray.

Yes, this is very much true because those people who suffer from low orgasm, they can use this spray to have several orgasm and even multiple. This is the best spray to get rid of premature ejaculation and men can have a happy and enjoying sexual life without any further problems.


Everyone wants to double or triple their orgasms but not possible for everyone to do this. However, one can suffer from such problem but ways are there to overcome the situation. One thing to know is that it does not matter whether you have one or multiple or none orgasm but always trying to have it in multiple is really a fun. So do not hesitate in any matter, enjoy the way you want and have a tremendous sex life with your partner.

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5 Best Ways to Have Multiple Orgasms and Double your Pleasure
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5 Best Ways to Have Multiple Orgasms and Double your Pleasure
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