Best and Effective Ways to Get Thicker Semen and Increase Sexual Pleasure

How to get thicker semen

Men when talks about how to increase semen thickness then he is commonly talking of his semen and this is the semen which comes in thick compared to sperm.

However, thick semen can vary in consistency. When you have the signs of dehydration, infection, abnormality and the imbalance of hormone are some of the main issues.

As for an instance, when man has lower level of testosterone than his normal level then his semen may appear thicker rather than normal.

It is already considered thick semen to be better in terms of fertility, sperm count and health instead of watery ejaculate.

May be one sense it can be true that when someone have thick ejaculation than it is a turn on for many women as it can help you to get powerful and mind blowing orgasms and hence it fulfills the sexual experience and also a satisfying experience.

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However your diet, lifestyle, exercise along with sufficient sleep can play necessary role in the consistency of ejaculation.

In fact, there are several pills available in market which can help you out of this and you can have better semen volume.


Moreover, if you have an infection then also you can have thick semen but this is very rare cause. Sometimes men notice that they are having thick semen due to discolored ejaculatory fluids.

In such situation, the semen may emerge green or in yellow color and this can be the sign of infection.

So if all these are bundled together with a foul smell that is discharge from penis.

However, talking about the pills that are available in market or online, they are all packed with important nutrients which help you to ejaculate thick.

Among all the ingredients, the most important are L-Arginine and zinc and these both ingredients are important factors if you want to maintain your sexual health.

Generally it increases the thickness of your ejaculate and apart from that, it also make sure of firm and hard rock erections, thus increasing the flow of blood to the penis.

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L-arginine releases more nitric oxide that widens the blood vessels which supply the blood to the erectile tissue, hence allowing more blood into the shaft.

The pills are very much powerful which increases semen production up to five times after using few months. Even they boost thickness of semen along with sperm count.

You can also notice that they increase the force of your ejaculate so that you can come at the peak of your sex and you can have strong and potent ejaculations.

Besides all these, it also helps you to stay longer in bed and also prolong ejaculation. You will be satisfied with your self along with your partner and can prove a better lover to your partner.

Natural ways to Boost Semen Volume and to make it Thicker

Well, men can easily make their semen thick by several ways. Some of the natural ways are mentioned here, so let us see them one by one.

Stop having sex for few days

Daily sex cannot give you that thicker semen so it is instructed to stop having sex for few days so that semen can get the time to replenish.

It is already known that as men gets old, their body does not able to provide that much of semen that is required and this in turn reduces testosterone level.

Therefore, it is necessary to give your body some rest between two ejaculations. At least 2-3 days gap is required between two sex sessions. And this trick can really help you to increase semen thickness.

Regular workout

Working out regular on gym may help you a lot in maintaining a healthy life. This is because regular workout increases testosterone level and it is responsible for producing semen and sperm in body. Some exercises combines of group muscles that help to boost T level.

Apart from that, pull-ups and presses can really work effectively. But best exercise is squat which is really amazing to boost testosterone level.

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Dietary changes

You should know that the semen that is produced on your body is made of several proteins, minerals, vitamins and body fluids. So dietary changes are recommended which are beneficial in making semen thicker.

Several foods work effectively to increase semen production like pumpkin seeds, oysters and sunflower seeds. Even celery is also known as best food because it not only helpful in semen production but even it consists of male hormone called as androsterone.

When this is taken in raw form then this androsterone increases pheromones secretion, which makes men attractive towards their women.

Quit smoking

If you want to make your semen thicker then you should quit tobacco and smoking. Because, there is no combination between tobacco and semen volume. Cigarettes is always considered as bad for health as it decreases blood flow to testicles.

And if there will be low blood flow then obviously your body will not have that much energy to satisfy your partner. This is one of the main reasons for low semen volume. So whenever you think to smoke, just ignore it and quit smoking.

Never take any kind of stress

Stress is always considered as one of the harmful thing. If it enters into your body then you cannot success in any task. This can make all unwanted things, it is responsible to increase hormone cortisol in bloodstream, and this completely affects testosterone level.

In addition, if testosterone level drops then it can lead to low semen volume and hence no way to get thicker semen. Even responsible for leading to some erectile issues. So, best way is to get rid of it by doing Yoga. Even some exercises like deep breathing can give you relief.

Do You Want to make sperm thicker and stronger and Ejaculate more?

Semenax is one of the best natural supplement that helps to produce thicker semen up to 500%, provides rock hard erections and increased libido!

How to make semen thick?

There are several pills you will get to increase the thickness of semen and sperm count but all are not effective. Some may don’t work or may have side effects after using.

However, you should select a product wisely so that you don’t have any issue afterwards. One of the best supplements for such type of issues is Semenax.

This is known as the best pill to increase semen volume along with the thickness and also increases sperm count. This product is clinically proved and also endorsed by doctors.

Therefore, you should always check the product which you are buying. This product is recommended by doctors as it helps many men who are suffering from less semen volume.


Well, semen volume is considered as good for sexual life but if it is not thicker or if it is watery then it is not a good sign. Therefore, it is recommended to every men who have watery semen, they should immediately visit to their doctor and cure the condition.

However, in this blog, I have mentioned some of the best ways how to increase sperm thickness and to make it stronger. Apart from that, Semenax is also recommended as it is natural and made especially to give men the power to increase semen volume and make it thicker.

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