How to Fix Curved Penis & Treat Peyronies Disease

curved penis

Many times it is seen that men talk about size matters. Here the size means the size of penis which many people think of how to get it bigger as they have a thought that if the size of dick is big then enjoyment would be far better while having sex. But do this actually works? If you ask woman about this size what they really want or look in man is the performance with which length and girth matters. If you know what to do with your penis then obviously it will create better results for your partner.

Though man every time think of how to satisfy their partner and want a bigger dick but this situation can become worse when man have a curved penis. This can really matter a lot in the sexual activity because the performance decreases and the satisfaction becomes almost impossible during sex. Generally bent penis is one that curves to one side or the other and in many cases it is normal. The bent penis can create problem in your sexual life because it bends to the left or right and due to this the penetration becomes impossible and is very much painful while having erection. This can be a sign of a peyronie’s disease that develops scar tissue in penis. It can be a serious issue than you think and the situation has become more common as it is noticed in many men.

Many men are born with curve penis but this is considered as normal without having any problem. Even with bent penis also men can achieve erection and very happily engage in sexual intercourse. But having the problem of peyronies disease can be very painful and in fact this situation can lead to erectile dysfunction also. Even there are some men who feel insecure about their penis size because of curvature because due to this problem the size of penis looks small.

What makes having a curved penis a curse?

bent-penisWell some of the situations which man faces when their penis size bent right or left side are mentioned. Though man does not reveal how they feel in such condition but still these scenes are common to notice in those people suffering from curved penis.

Less self-confidence– Generally men feels proud of their penis size but there are also men who really don’t matter about the size unless some wrong happens and till that time, they loses self-esteem and seems everything is gone.

Penis size becomes small– Talking about the penis size, if men suffers from bent penis then one can lose size up to 1.5 + inch from penile curve. This can look like an insult to end up with smaller penis.

Looks very awkward– Many men says size matters and having an irregularly shaped penis feels very awkward while having oral sex. Even performing sex with bent penis will hurt your partner and this can be very much irritating.

Performance anxiety– It is very obvious to worry while sleeping with someone who you think that she will judge with your performance and if you don’t have control then you can have a bad impression or may be your bent penis may hurt her due to its bent in the wrong way.

How harmful peyronies disease can be?

peyroniesThough the peyronies disease is harmful because it can lead to harmful effect on sexual life and even doctors cannot describe about the severe cases that looks like corkscrew. In fact some bend may not affect man’s ability to have intercourse and so nothing seems to worry about it. If man having pain in the bent penis then it can be harmful and doctors have to give reassure to man that within two to three months everything will be fine. It is seen that the penis curve disappears on its own because of scarring process and many men have reported positive results after taking vitamin E. due to the curved penis, men tries out several methods to get rid of it. Though there are number of treatments available but do they really work? Every method claims to cure curve penis among which includes penile injections, surgery, oral medications, radiation therapy etc. Going to surgery method is not a beneficial method as it results loss to man’s ability to have an erection and nobody refers to this method. Every method has some or the other side effects and moreover some of these treatments are very much dangerous having high risk of complications.

When should you start asking how to straighten a bent penis?

Many healthy men have little bit curve penis. In fact there is nothing to worry with few degrees of curve penis. Even this bent can be straighten with ease but it cannot impact anything on life. The bent penis can very easily be straighten otherwise it can lead to complications both physically and in lifestyle.

What are the treatment options available?

Well there are several treatments available but the popular treatment is the stretching devices.  In fact oral medicines are available which provides benefits to some extent. If you talk about products then one of the device which is very much popular in treating curved penis is Peyronie’s Device. This device is used to cure bent penis and it can be used by any person suffering from curved penis. Using this device is not necessary for only those men who want their penis to become straight due to disease but can be used by normal men whose penis is little bit bent.


This device is based on traction technology and is been around for several years. It works by focusing on duplicating the amount of cells on the shorter side and this allow the penis to become little bit straighter. This device is knows as one of the best device to treat peyronies disease as well as curved penis due to its vast benefits. The device when used correctly solve 99% of curved penis and also peyronies disease will be treated safely and easily without causing any type of side effects. It will not interfere any daily works as it can be worn comfortably under clothing.  But one should be patient and persistent as it gradually does it work and cures bent penis, hence proving men to perform comfortable sex with their partners.

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