8 Ways to Boost Low Testosterone Naturally

Are you suffering from low testosterone level and looking for best ways to boost it?

Not getting any way to increase testosterone level naturally

Do not worry; you have landed at the right place because here we will guide on how to boost low testosterone naturally.

Nowadays boosting testosterone level has become one of the trends but there are some challenges which you have to face until your body’s ability increase to do it naturally.

When men reach at the age of 40’s, their level of testosterone decreases at least 1% to 2% annually and when they reaches to the age of 60, they completely drop off suddenly.

However the ever-increasing decline can have a serious side effects in both way, physically and psychologically which range from low libido to depression, muscle loss to insulin resistance.

In fact nowadays, there are many men who are opting for testosterone replacement therapy, coming with some impressive results. [Read Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits]

But as this is a short term plan, it can cause you some serious infection.


When do Testosterone Levels Begin to Decrease?

Generally it is seen that the level of testosterone at the age of puberty is at high but it get decreases after the age of 30. And when such things happen then lots of changes happen in your body.

However the normal level of testosterone should be between 350 and 1000 nanograms per deciliter in your bloodstream. In a research, it has been proved that after the age of 30, men lose their 1% of testosterone level in a year.

This decrease in level of testosterone is slow but if it is compared by time at the age of 40 then men has already lost 10% of hormone and the effects can be felt harshly.

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If some changes that are good for your overall health can also provide you to maintain a healthy level of hormone.

Some of the tips are mentioned below which can increase the level of testosterone naturally.

Get Enough Sleep


It has been said that low level of testosterone causes due to poor sleep. If you don’t have a better sleep then it can affect several hormones and chemical present in your body.

And due to this, it can have a bad effect on testosterone. So you should aim to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night so that you can have a healthy life which is more important.


If you exercise brisk aerobic for an hour, three times a week then it will surely help you to increase testosterone level. Some more exercises include walking; cycling, hiking, running and swimming are all come under aerobic exercises which can help you to boost hormone level.

These all exercises should be at a level to increase heart rate.

Don’t smoke

no-smokingStudies have shown that smoking decreases the level of testosterone. As smoking can damage the ability of blood vessels in the lungs and heart to maintain elasticity, in the same way the vessels of penis will also be affected.

In fact the blood vessels of penis are much smaller compared to heart and therefore limit will have more effect in this area.

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Stay active

Testosterone adjusts according to your body needs. If you stay lying on bed then your brain receives a message that there is no need of energy to your muscles and bones. But when you are physically active then your brain sends some signal for more hormones.

Well if you are getting less exercise now then you should walk at least 10 to 20 minutes daily or you can perform several sessions of weights or elastic bands each week to build strength.

Keep your arteries clear

If you have clear arteries then your body would be able to deliver testosterone through blood. If there will be a clear arteries then it will go a long way towards better erection.

Lift weights

lift weightsLifting weights is already known for hormone releasing potential but if you want to really get the benefits then you have to try some other ways.

You can do some active recovery options like box jumps, step-ups, jump ropes, seated balances, doing jogging on the floor or power skips. By doing all these exercises, the most important thing is to keep your heart rate up.

So weight lifting will increase muscle as well as testosterone level also.

Reduce stress level

If you are suffering from long-term stress then it can be harmful for your body. This stress can eliminate hormone cortisol level. Unknown facts of eliminating in cortisol can minimize the level of testosterone. Even stress and cortisol increase the food intake; make men gain weight, which can also be harmful effect on organs and all such changes, can have a bad effect on testosterone levels.

Therefore, it is advised not to take much stress in your life and keep your health in proper condition. You should focus on diet-based foods, have a proper sleep, exercise regular etc.

Alternative way to boost low testosterone level

Well, leaving all the above-mentioned ways, there are also several other ways to increase T level. One of them is Pro Testosterone level. This is a natural supplements especially made to boost T level and build muscle mass.

This has proven results and it shows positive results to men after taking it regularly.  It does not have any side effect and can take by any men who think they are suffering from low testosterone level and muscle mass.


Testosterone level decreases as men ages but it can well maintain if you take proper steps. However, this decrease is natural and you cannot stop them. However, yes there are ways by which men can boost low testosterone level naturally.

I hope whatever solution I have mentioned in this blog will help you to increase your low testosterone level. In fact, Pro Testosterone supplement also works effectively to increase the level.

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8 Ways to Boost Low Testosterone Naturally
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8 Ways to Boost Low Testosterone Naturally
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