Secrets To Become A Sex GOD – Do You Want to Be One?


Secrets To Become A Sex GOD

Nowadays everyone wants their sex life to be exciting and interesting. And I think that there is no one in this world who don’t want to know how to be a sex god, right?

Because everyone is completely focused on their sex life and importantly, to satisfy their partner.

No matter how much we watch porn movies or we know best Kama Sutra positions, when we come into realistic then something else happens.

In fact, nobody should wish to have sex as are in porn movies. The way they do their sex, you cannot apply them to your real sex life. Even, excess watching porn movies can lead to erectile dysfunction which is known as porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Though it’s true that every man wants a satisfying sexual activity but they don’t know how to become a sex god?

well, there is no big deal in becoming a sex god but yes, you should know how to achieve it.

Therefore, if you are looking at how to heat up your love life and become a sex god then here are the best tips for you. Just follow these and you will find yourself at the top position of having the best way to satisfy your partner sexually.

How to become a sex God?

Well, if you go on searching then you can get lots of ways that are not possible for you to follow. That’s why I have gathered some of the best ways to impress your partner when the right time comes and you can have a feeling of God in sex.

So let’s go through them:

Get More sleep

Sleep is as important as eating or doing exercises for your body. While sleep, many sex hormones are produced which are very helpful in sexual intercourse. At least 8 hours of sleep is recommended at night to have a proper sexual life.

Some studies have proved that if men don’t get enough sleep at night then they can suffer from serious conditions like erectile dysfunction.

One of the research of 2016 states that if you engaged in sexual activity before sleep then it can reduce stress and also help insomniacs initiate and maintain the sleep.

Even you can sleep better after having sex and this was proved in a 2017 study in Australia. The study shows that around 60 percent of 282 adults reported that they have slept better after sex and also lead to climax.

So you should take proper sleep at night and enjoy your love life happily.

Know the value of female anatomy

Maybe this will surprise you but still, there are some people who don’t know where their women’s G-spot is?

Stop yourself from that kind of man if you really want to become a sex god.

You have lots of ways to understand your partner’s body and before jumping into anything, you should have proper knowledge about everything.

If you once know where to touch on your women then it can really benefit you and you will be loved than before.

Open up your mind

Well, when the time comes to have sex then everyone gets excited to have it. But you should also have proper knowledge about it.

And especially trying new things can make your sex life more interesting. Know best sex positions of 2017 for your love-life. If you try something new then you can see the difference in sexual pleasure and all in whole, you can become God in Sex.

Try something extra like role-playing, props or something else that can give the chance of enjoying and you will see surprising results ending up.

However the more you open up with your partner, the more exciting and pleasure your sex will be. If you don’t love something then clearly tell it but never hesitate.

Just remember that sex is known to be fun and enjoyable, so never feel pressured or ashamed of anything.

Use your own imagination

Many health experts have written that good sex is similar to writing music. Everyone knows that sex has a beginning, an ending and the main role between it.

In between, whatever you experiment with your love, that is the only way you can impress your partner and can have splendid sex time.

In this context, imagination plays an important role.

If you use your own creativity while sex then you can become God in sex and no women want their partner simply had sex and nothing else.

They just love those men who use their minds to think some unique things which can give them both a sexual adventure. So instead of following the boring routine, try to be innovative and creative with some new places, moves and time.

Be Normal

If you really want to impress your partner then doing natural sex is the best way.

You can give her oral pleasure no matter what they are doing. Know about the best oral sex move for your partner.

Doing simple and little things can really change the entire moment and these are a great way to get hot.

If you have planned your sex then it cannot give you that much pleasure in which you get without planning. Always remember that during sex, doing some unwanted things which are not expected can really make things unique and fresh.

Whatever feeling occurs on you, just react to it immediately as such things can really boost your sex time to the next level. This kind of sex also becomes memorable.

Know when to be loud

You might have seen in several movies than while having sex, both the partners scream at some time. It happens when a load of ejaculation is high. But making unnecessary sound can really spoil the game and even silence can also kill the mood as well.

Therefore, without thinking much you should know when to get loud.  When you feel great during sex, then just lose yourself and express yourself.

So just don’t make an unnecessary sound but yes, make them feel that you are enjoying and feeling better.

Make them first priority

If you are selfish then things may go wrong sometimes especially while having sex. It can totally ruin your sexual pleasure. Therefore, before you get into this kind of trouble, make sure you make your partner your first need.

But this does not mean that every time you have to make her first priority. One thing to remember is whenever you make her please by fulfilling her needs then she can think you to be special too and everything will become happy.

Now you can easily make your partner do anything you like to have with her like different sex positions, trying out some oral sex or having sex anytime you want.

After giving her importance, all these things will go unnoticed and your love life will be enjoyable and satisfying.

Try to show your love outside the bedroom

It’s a common thought that whenever you want to have sex, then bedroom is the only place to enjoy. But if you want to do some unique then try to think outside the bedroom.

You should try to make love outside the bedroom in some other areas where you both can feel the love. It can be anything like walking together, increasing physical touch outside of sex, removing any kind of distractions like phone or TV, etc.

All in whole, it means to say that do whatever you want to do that makes your partner feel good and your sexual life becomes happy.

Be spontaneous

There are various things to make your sex life enjoying and one thing that you can do is surprise your partner with spontaneous sex.  It can be anything like seducing them while they are waking in the door, waking with oral pleasure or some other little things that matter a lot.

Remember that whenever you think to have sex, it’s not necessary to be planned earlier. But doing sex when nothing is expected can really make the session feel fresh and crazy.

Try to act on some urge you feel and all these things will make your sex life to the next level.

Go through nature’s gift

Nature has given us many things that are unbelievable and unmatched. Well, I am talking about nature in this blog because nature has given us many things that can be implemented to make our sex life better.

There are many natural ingredients that are useful in boosting sex life to any extent and everyone can use it without any kind of side effects.

Mixing all useful ingredients, many products or supplements are made which makes sex easy and provides men the perfect result that they actually wanted. There are lots of possibilities which can enhance your erection and also helps to last longer in bed.

So nowadays, male enhancement products have captured the market which gives positive results and also a way for men to get away from any sexual diseases. In fact, you also have several options as not only one product is available but for a particular condition to treat, there are many. Some product makes your erections better whereas some boost your sex drive.

In fact, lots of reasons are also there which can stop you from doing any sexual function properly. If testosterone level drops from your body then you cannot have a satisfying sex life. So, how to deal with it?

Best supplement to become God in sex

Though, all the above-recommended methods are best to boost your sexual life.

But whenever you face a problem in your love life then using natural supplements to deal with is really helpful.

You don’t have to use a variety of products for different-different conditions. You will be treated all in one and that is by using VigRx Plus.

This not only helps you to increase your erection and become stronger and harder but also increases sex drive. This is especially for those people who are facing issues on their sexual condition and also for those who want a boost in their love life.

Selecting a natural supplement is really helpful as it can deliver better results as always as expected.


Everyone face issue on their sexual life and everyone wants to solve their problem in the short method. The ways mentioned in this blog are really helpful as men can properly understand the ways to boost their sexual life and at the same time, they can also have improved the unwanted condition which can help them to become God in sex.

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Secrets To Become A Sex GOD - Do You Want to Be One?
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Secrets To Become A Sex GOD - Do You Want to Be One?
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