How Effective is Semenax – Does Exercise Increase Male Libido?

How Effective is Semenax – Does Exercise Increase Male Libido

Are you willing to load bigger while having sex with your partner? Think of to finish up like you watch in porn movies?

If yes then its good but do you know how this will be possible and what are the things you have to do to shoot big loads? Well don’t worry, simply follow this blog and you will be guided everything with clarity.

The entire life is extremely important for higher sperm count and sperm motility. In fact, you have heard several times that you should avoid smoking or drinking alcohol and due to all these, it also affect sperm.

Some chemical exposure like plastics and industrial pollutants is hard to avoid but they are also proven to affect sperm.

Therefore you should always go organic with all your meals. Wholesome diet plan plays a major role in male infertility. So you should go green with eating lots of leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach.

Even fruits like oranges and lemons are of great use. But you should stay away from animal goods with higher fat content material hormones such as beef, chicken and pork.


About Semenax

Semenax is a powerful and a natural supplement that is used to increase semen volume and ejaculation. Basically this natural supplement is used to provide intense orgasm, loads bigger and boost sperm count.

Men suffering in their sexual life with lots of issues like low semen volume, low sex drive and low stamina and confidence, for them Semenax is the best choice.

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Semenax Advantage

  • It increase your seminal vesicle fluids that constiute 70% of your load
  • Increase your seminal plasma which is known as the juice as it holds your semen
  • Increase your bulbourethral fluid that makes your loads thicker while sex
  • Also increase your prostate gland fluid that makes up 25% of your load

Semenax results

On regular use of Semanax supplement at least for 6 weeks, you can see better result as your ejaculation will be doubled. Men can experience bigger shots with some other powerful benefits like increase in confident and stamina.

Those men who always dream of satisfying their partner properly without any problem, for them this supplement is like a dream come true moment. Even your partner will be happy and your overall sexual performance will improve.

But while taking this supplement, you should follow some extra rules for your body like changing your diet or lifestyle, doing some exercises, avoiding excess masturbation etc.

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Ingredients in Semenax

The ingredients available in Semenax are based on herbal formula and they are completely safe and effective. All the ingredients available in the supplement are proven and approved by FDA just to increase sperm and sex drive.

This supplement is completely safe and not like other pills which consists of other pills that have side effects. It consists of few important ingredients that boost erection like epimedium sagittatum and tribulus terrestris. Even catuaba bark is present in the list of ingredient that helps to increase semen volume naturally.

Some other ingredients are L-arginine, maca and pumpkin seeds. All these ingredients works effectively to increase firmness in erection and production of sperm.

How to increase results with Semenax?

It is obvious that when you start taking Semenax pill then you are expecting better result as soon as possible. Well, taking this pill will help you to increase semen load but apart from this, there are few other things that you should follow to get better and permanent results.

Do some changes in your diet

If you are planning to make your sex life better without any problem by taking Semenax pill then you should follow some other plans also to get improved results. It is necessary to follow a healthy diet plan that includes proteins and vitamins.

Whatever you add to your meals, make sure they are good for health and try to eat green leafy vegetables as they are the good source of minerals and vitamins. Those men who are fat can lose their weight by doing all these changes and also promote sperm motility, sperm production etc.

Also ensure not to drink any type of alcoholic products as they reduces sperm count and ejaculation. So make your body gets proper nutrition and your sex life becomes happy and fit.

Drink water

You might know that drinking water is always good for health. Don’t get dehydrated because this can make your ejaculation thick and gooey. Drinking enough water will have watery consistency to their cum. Water helps your body to create ejaculation fluid and hence boosts size loads.

Do proper exercise

With the intake of Semenax pill, doing regular exercise can add more benefits to your love life. Kegel exercises are one of the best exercises that should be followed by men to make their sex life better.

Moreover, practicing Kegel exercise at least 4 times per day is beneficial. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out the exercises in several speed and intensity. So everyone is advised to perform kegel exercise within the most comfortable speed and manner for him.

As with kegel exercises, one can perform this while masturbating or while having sex. These workouts are perfect throughout foreplay and while having an organic state. While practicing kegel exercise, it is important to relax the body and pay attention on doing kegel exercise.

Even one should also avoid tightening other muscle tissues such as buttocks, sphincter, thighs and abdominal because these can decrease the efficiency of the entire physical exercise.

Does exercise increase male libido

Semenax have proved to be the ideal answer to any men who experiencing sexual problem and this can be purchased easily without any issue. But before taking this supplement, it is recommended to that one should practice is safe and wholesome way of life while taking regularly semenax.

If someone is living carefree and unhealthy sex life then no quantity of Semenax or any other type of sex-enhancement pills will function.

The best way to take Semenax as a supplement after observing number of wholesome practices such as proper types of food, smoking and cutting down and on the intake of alcohol and also getting an sufficient sleep.

As it is known, that being overweight can affect human sex drive. Therefore losing weight with ten pounds is an ideal weight to shed.

After losing weight, it not only makes one feel good but it also result in stimulation of the sex hormones. It does not mean that to get healthier body, you should start eating lots of fruits and foods.

Creating a dietary strategy mean cutting the fatty foods. It only means that doing away with cholesterol rich meals and selecting those foods which are wealthier in nutrition.

If you are eating heart-friendly foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains can be practiced simply because wholesome heart is helpful in getting an enjoyable sex life.

If you are doing exercise regularly then it is a good technique to improve one’s virility as by doing this will strengthens the heart.

So better would be to take up strength training exercises because these can help build firmer muscle tissues that are required in several activities and it includes sex. And after you do some exercise, you feel attractive, confident and much fresher.



Semenax is a popular supplement that works to increase hardness of penis and helps to last longer in bed as well as increases orgasms. And using this pill means your partner will be benefited too along with you.

So if you want to experience a bigger load with your partner in bed then Semenax is one of the best pill for you without having any kind of side effects.

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How Effective is Semenax - Does Exercise Increase Male Libido?
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How Effective is Semenax - Does Exercise Increase Male Libido?
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