7 Best Home Remedies to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction is also known as impotence which has the inability to achieve erection that is required for sexual intercourse.

This disease can happen to men at any stage but commonly seen at the age of 50.

Though you may don’t realize it but it is very common problem and in fact in a study, it has stated that 50% of male population experience impotence.

Well if you suffer from this disease then you are not alone in this field.

When men come to know about the disease they judge themselves very harshly in their performance. Well this problem seems more when they don’t rise when men want it actually and hence is compared to loss of dignity, failure and masculinity.

But there is nothing to worry about such condition or nothing to get harsh as impotence can be cured with proper treatment without depending on any other medications.


There is nothing to fear about whether you suffer from ED or want to avoid it, as several ways such as natural ways are available nowadays which can help you to get rid of it.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


There are several factors which can lead you to cause erectile dysfunction.

Occurrence of erection comprise of hormones, nerves, brain, blood vessels and muscles.

But if any problem occurs in these components then the normal function of penis stops.

However some of the ED causes are:

  • Diabetes
  • Use of tobacco
  • Suffering from Heart disease
  • Enlarged prostate gland
  • Obesity
  • Multiple sclerosis

Common treatment for ED

There are lots of treatments available which men should follow and can cure erectile dysfunction. Some of them includes losing weight, avoiding alcohol intake, doing exercise and stop smoking.

Even there are other treatments which includes erection inducing injections and testosterone replacement therapy but they have side effects also like increased urination, scarring, acne, aching in penis or mouth irritation.

In fact there are non-drug treatments for erectile dysfunction which includes penile implants, blood vessel surgery and penile vacuum pumps.

Pumps are used just to pull blood to the penis before intercourse but this can be risky as it can cause bruising. Blood vessel surgery should be done when leaking vessel cause ED.

Penile implants is inserted surgically into the penis but it also includes risks like infections.

But leaving all these methods, if you go for natural remedies to cure erectile dysfunction then it can really help and is one of the effective treatment.

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Natural Home Remedies to Cure ED



L-arginine is an amino acid which is present naturally in body and it helps to make nitric oxide that supports a successful erection.

It relaxes blood vessels which facilitate an erection in men. In a research, it has been found that after taking 5 grams of l-arginine in a day has shown improvements in sexual dysfunction of 32 percent to those who were suffering from ED.

Furthermore, another study conducted where l-arginine is mixed with pycnogenol, plant product from bark tree has shown positive results and about 80 percent have restored sexual ability after two months.

The same thing is continued to three months and 92 percent had recovered the sexual ability.



DHEA also called as dehydroepiandrosterone is a natural hormone which is produced by adrenal glands.

This can be transform both testosterone and estrogen in body and scientists make this supplement from soy and wild yam.

In one of the study which was conducted has stated that those men who suffer from ED have low levels of DHEA.

Men participated in the research were given 50 gm of DHEA to half of them among all and next half was given placebo daily for six months.

After six months the results showed that those men who was receiving DHEA were likely to achieve erection compared to other group.

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You might don’t know about boron much it is very useful in curing erectile dysfunction.

Taking this natural mineral adjusts the metabolism of steroid hormones, mainly the sex hormones.

This helps to rise the libido and consists some extra properties which is beneficial for both men and women.

If it is considered for men then taking boron can boost testosterone level and can lead to its peak.

In fact testosterone is also important because many ED sufferers experience this condition due to low testosterone.

Watermelon juice


Watermelon juice is really beneficial more than it satisfy thirst and hunger during summer.

It can do a lot for men suffering from ED and can help you with bedroom satisfaction.

Watermelon consists of citrulline which is an amino acid that is in high level and it improves the blood flow to penis.

In a study it has found that those men with erectile dysfunction after taking L-citrulline supplementation showed an improvement and they were really satisfied.

Taking natural watermelon juice is very essential for curing problems like ED.

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Magnesium is also an important factor for curing impotence and is more effective when it is mixed with boron.

It is helpful in maintaining heart health and blood vessels and also essential in treating heart disease.

It also helps to eliminate the symptoms that is linked with depression, diabetes and anxiety. Due to all these reasons, you should take magnesium and make it a part of ‘erectile dysfunction’ routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural treatments which is all time favorite.

Whatever problem you face, ACV can help you in any need and not a single problem is there which ACV cannot cure.

Impotence is also cured with apple cider vinegar as it goes ion very easily and quickly. It does not treat erectile dysfunction directly but it cures the problems which lead to ED such as high cholesterol, diabetes, prostatitis etc.

Even reports has stated that ACV also boost testosterone level and this can also cure erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, ACV also helps in losing weight so if anyone thinking of losing extra fat from body then it can really help to melt the extra pound from body.



There are many positive results of acupuncture to treat ED. This is one of the new treatment for treating almost everything such as depression, back pain and erectile dysfunction.

In this therapy, fine needles are placed in different parts of body just to get relief from stress and pain.

In a study, it has shown positive results in improving erection quality and also helpful in recovering sexual activity in almost every men.

So, these are the best home remedies to cure erectile dysfunction naturally. However, apart from home remedies, there are also other ways as well which helps to overcome ED and that is by using pills pr creams.

Yes, this is true; several supplements are available in market, which works best to treat erectile dysfunction. This is by using ExtenZe pills. This natural made supplement is best to cure ED and live a happy and satisfying sexual life. This pills works in all such critical conditions that stops men from doing any sexual activity.

This pill does not have any kind of side effects as they are made of natural ingredients and enhances men to give a strong and powerful orgasm to their partner.


Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that occurs to many men at certain stage but men should not worry about it. Either man should focus on how to get rid of the condition once they come to know about ED.

In this blog, I have mentioned some of the home remedies to cure erectile dysfunction and to get rid of it naturally. In fact, an alternative option of using ExtenZe pills is also mentioned that really gives men a relief from such conditions quickly.

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7 Best Home Remedies to Treat Erectile Dysfunction
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