Herbal Supplements to Cure Early Discharge of Semen


Herbal Supplements to Cure Early Discharge of Semen

The early discharge of semen wipes away the pleasure and fun of making love, this would also hurt the male’s self esteem badly.

Most males want to last longer in bed and give females an intense sexual pleasure. But, one cannot prolong the act of love and ejects within one or two minutes of penetration into her.

This may make her dissatisfied in the lovemaking. Men, who get engage in excessive self pleasure by imagining a beautiful female or by watching erotic movies, these actions may damage the tissue and nerves of the reproductive organs. Thus it results in leakage of semen, sexual weakness and early ejaculation.

However, herbs are beneficial in improving the emotional health of male and promoting better control over one’s emotions. This allows a male to keep their excitement level under control for longer duration and it prevents the discharge of semen early, during the lovemaking activity.


Reasons behind lack of semen

  • Lack of secretion of hormones also wipes away the charge of parasympathetic nerve to make early discharge of semen.
  • Early discharge of semen may also be caused by weakening of congestive prostatitis, parasympathetic nerve and lack of emotional control.
  • Some other reasons include obesity, lack of exercises, frequent sexual arousal, excess of alcohol intake, low energy and due to hormone imbalance.

Herbs can restore proper balance of hormones and initiate the secretion of vital hormones like testosterone to cure this problem.

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Men, who are searching for safe treatment online, they can use natural supplements to cure early discharge. Natural supplement pills are effective in treating the problem along with enhancing the performance.

Some natural ways to cure early discharge of semen

Well you will get several natural herbs that works effectively to treat early discharge of semen. However mentioned below are some powerful herbs:


You can get shilajit in any medical store as it provides a complete treatment to get rid of such early discharge of semen.

Shilajit gives important nutrients and minerals and apart from these, it also maintains energy level, maintains hormonal secretion, enhance system function and organs of the body and at the same time, improves stamina.

Anybody can use it as this can also used to keep a person young forever.

Mucuna Pruriens

This natural herb promotes hormonal secretion and along with that, it also improves physical strength and stamina.

It keeps the testosterone level normal and testosterone helps to keep male’s nervous system recharged and also reproductive system in proper condition to get rid of the problem of early discharge of semen.


It is yet another powerful herbal ingredient that improves several disorders and also cures several conditions along with improvement in physical health.

It increases sexual performance of male and also provide mental clarity with alertness just to keep away from anxiety, stress, any kind of depression and many others which can lead to discharge of semen early.

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Apart from these herbal supplements, there are many other ways which can help men to get away of early discharge of semen. Herbs can improve lifestyle as well as diet. Apart from these, doing some important exercises, massages with herbal oils, breathing exercises, meditation and getting far from unwanted sexual stimulations can help to treat the condition of early discharge.

Try to drink more water, eat fresh vegetables, fruits, sea foods, fruits juice, garlic ginger, soybean products, peanuts and many others which can support proper diet and help you to get away of early discharge of semen.

Natural Supplement to cure early discharge of semen


There are several natural supplements available in the market to cure early discharge of semen. One of the best natural pills to cure early discharge of Semen is by using Semenax.

Regularly using these pills improves the energy level, vigor and vitality. This pill offer effective treatments for sexual disorders like infertility, low sperm count, low volume of semen, erectile dysfunction, weak erection and early discharge.

It boosts the desire for love making along with increasing the strength and stamina. It delays the time of ejaculation, thus one can spent more time in bed.

It strengthens parasympathetic nerve with higher secretion of testosterone. It is considered as one of the best herbal pills to cure the early discharge naturally.

To cure the early discharge, one needs to take Semenax pills two times a day, either with milk or with water for two to three months. It boosts the production of semen and male fertility.

This also improves the sexual health.  They are made of vitamins, potent herbs and other nutrients. It is 100% safe. This drug increases the orgasm intensity by increasing the volume of cum one ejaculate.

This cures low organism, low motility and low sperm count in men. It is purely herbal and it is useful for man’s health.


One is advised to prevent excessive masturbating and to get engage in the foreplay of lovemaking. This would relieve one from the anxiety.

One would be able to control the ejaculation and would last longer in bed to satisfy his partner along with mesmerizing sexual pleasure. One is advised to take healthy diet. The Avocados are rich in B, C and K.

This regulates the flow of blood to vital organs including the reproductive organs. This supplement helps the body with proteins and fibers to boost the sex drive.

Oats is very rich in serotonins; it helps to retrieve from anxiety as well as stress. One should include eggs, fish, carrot and oysters in the daily diet; this also helps in delay of semen ejaculation.

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Herbal Supplements to Cure Early Discharge of Semen
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Herbal Supplements to Cure Early Discharge of Semen
There are several natural ways which can help to cure early discharge of semen. However herbal supplements works to improve every unwanted conditions that occur in male body hence proving all the generally requirement to keep fit and active.
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