10 Healthy Tips to Improve Sperm Quality

10 Healthy Tips to Improve Sperm Quality

Do you want to increase your ejaculate volume with sperm or semen levels?

Generally semen is a form of liquid which is made in part of sperm from the testicles mixed with liquid that is produced by prostate gland. Men increase their semen ejaculation with manfulness and sexual ability.

If men have many sperm then it is a sign of healthy reproductive system. It has been seen that if you have more semen and sperm produced then there will be more orgasms longer along with increased sexual desire.

Sperm quality has been in decline for decades, and scientists are unable to think about the exact causes, citing everything from smoking to an increased exposure to estrogen.


However, there are several causes, which can really decrease the sperm quality. However, this condition can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, it is better to know some of the male infertility causes:

Causes of Male Infertility

  • Poor sperm motility
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Undescended testes
  • Infection of testes, urethra, seminal vesicles etc
  • Varicocele disease
  • Urethral constraint

Best Ways to Improve Sperm Quality

However mentioned below are some of the tips to improve sperm count and quality:

#1- Quit smoking

If you smoke a lot then you should immediately stop it. The effects are bad for those who smoke as it causes bad breath and at the same time, it also affects the sperm count.

In a research it has been proved that those who smoke a lot, they have low sperm count compared to those who don’t smoke.

#2- Begin with the right foods

right foodDiet can affect a lot in sperm production and it is real. So you should always try to eat foods which is low in fat, eat vegetables, high proteins and whole grains as all these are good for health.

#3- Avoid wearing tight pants and hot

Generally the testes need to have cooler temperatures than the body temperature because wearing tight underwears or pants can cause the temperature around heat. Therefore it is recommended not to wear pants at night during sleep so that temperature can be cool.

#4- Reduce alcohol

no alcoholThose who take alcohol, their liver get affected and due to this, there is an increased level of estrogen. If there will be high volume of estrogen in body, it will affect the production of sperm. So just be away from drinking alcohol if you don’t want to lose sperm production.

#5- Reduce intercourse and masturbation

There are many men who have a complain that they their semen seems to be a little watery. If you intercourse daily wise or still masturbate then there will be an effect on sperm count. So it is instructed to reduce your intercourse and masturbation.

#6- Herbal Consumption

You can also take herbal products which are made of 100% natural herbs that don’t have any side effects. This can encourage sperm by boosting vitality and endurance. Though it has modern processes but still has the original effect along with same smell and value.

#7- Exercise on a regular basis

The recommendation of exercise is not only for fatty and heavy men who suffer from insufficient semen but it is also for those men who want to increase their semen volume.

In fact there are several exercises which are meant to increase the blood flow of your sexual organs. It is also instructed that one should find the way of breathing exercises along with meditation which is beneficial in de-stressing and in relaxing your brain.

#8- Walnuts to increase sperm count

Generally Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful in boosting sperm count and helpful in increasing blood flow to genitals. Walnuts play an important role and you can take it any time as a snack and can used on cereal. Some omega 3 fatty acid sources are salmon, pumpkin seeds, chicken etc.

#9- Oysters for sperm production

An oyster known as one of the best source of zinc that is helpful in sperm production. You can take-up to 15 mg a day, which is around 50g of oysters, and there will no difficulty in male fertility. Some other great sources of zinc are pumpkin seeds, mussels, turkey etc.

#10- Try natural supplements


You can try some natural supplements as it is believed that it helps to increase sperm production. There are several natural supplements available in market and among them, Semenax is one of them that is made of natural ingredients and helps to increase semen quality.

L-cartinine is found in red meat, in fact milk also helps in boosting sperm production as it contains amino acid. Even when folic acid mixed with zinc also improve sperm production, even L-arginine found in eggs; nuts, meat etc also have the same effect. There are other sources like Vitamin E and Selenium which helps to develop the concentration and speed of sperm.


However, sperm production count should in proper level so that men cannot suffer from low level of semen and sperm. However, the ways mentioned in this blog will help you a lot in boosting sperm quality, as they are natural source and no worry of any side effects.

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10 Healthy Tips to Improve Sperm Quality
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10 Healthy Tips to Improve Sperm Quality
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