10 Healthy & Surprising Reasons Why Sex Is Important For Life (Updated)


7 Healthy Reasons Why Sex is Important for Life

If you want to heat up your body in the bedroom then there are several things which can be done to make your night awesome.

You should know that sex is an important topic, which is loved by every men and women. Both takes interest in this and wants to have it without any interruption.

Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship but do you know what are the benefits of sex? Have you ever thought that doing sex can benefit your body as well as overall sexual health?

Well, no need to put much stress on your mind, because I would reveal some of the best things that prove sex is beneficial for you.

Therefore, read this blog completely and know some of the best reasons why sex is important for life.

Well if you want to change your mood, want to make yourself fit and healthy then there is no requirement of supplements or pills but it completely depends on you. A little bit changes can boost your overall health in several ways.

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If you are still surprised about what we are talking about then it nothing else than sex. Having sex can help you from several ways and benefit you.

The benefits of sex has several studies and it has proved why sex is important for health. Well it is sure that many of them don’t know about the sex benefits but it is important to know about it and it can be enjoyable.

Science had showed several benefits of having sex and especially when you want to enjoy your sex and thinking of baby making.

Some of the health benefits are mentioned below which make men more attract towards can sex.

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How Sex Benefits All Genders?

Well, you already know that sex has several benefits for every human. But men want to know how. In fact, sex is not only beneficial for men but also for women.

In men

In one of the study, it was said that those men who do more penile-vaginal intercourse, they are less to suffer from developing cancer. Another study found that sex really affect mortality.

It was stated that those men who have frequent orgasms, almost two or more in a weak don’t have high risk of mortality compared to other men who have sex very less. And the level of lower mortality reduces around 50 percent.

There were other studies as well who found that men with 4 to 7 ejaculations a week were to suffer 36 percent less of prostate cancer diagnosis before age 70. However, the results are always conflicting and sperm health and quality always increase with increased sexual intercourse.

In women

As men have several benefits, women also have several benefits as well. Blood flow is increased and at the same time, natural pain relieving chemicals are also released.

Some sex benefits that women can achieve are:

  • Relief from menstrual cramps
  • Improved bladder control
  • Helps to produce vaginal lubrication
  • Decreases incontinence
  • Helps to build stronger pelvic muscles
  • Also improves fertility

During sex, pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and due to this, women feels less pain and also have less chance of vaginal prolapse. In one of the study published states that PVI results in reflexive vaginal contraction that happens due to penile thrusting.

In fact, if a woman is sexually active then they are going to suffer less from vaginal atrophy or from thinning vaginal walls. You might don’t know that vaginal atrophy can lead to pain while sex.

Improves heart health


Having sex is helpful in maintaining your heart problems. It has been shown that heart disease risks like stroke or heart attack decreases when your orgasms increases over time.

Having regular sex helps in improving cardiovascular system. It has been found that those men who have sex two times in a week over a period of 20 years were less risk of death compared to those men who have sex once in a month.

This study after 10 years has shown that the risk of sudden death has decreased to 50% less than those men who have done less sex.

Those men who have sex probably have overall healthy lifestyles. Having sex helps to regulate hormones such as estrogen and testosterone level.

Lowers stress level


If you have healthy sex then it can give you soothing effect and it reduces your stress level.

In a research it has shown that while having sex, the pleasure pathways of brain are triggered and it quiet helpful in eliminating stress level.

This effect is more lasting then it is often thought off. Having sex over the study period can really help to decrease the stress level.

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Reduces the risk of cancer


There are some studies which has mentioned that men having sex or ejaculate more frequently may have decrease risk of prostate cancer.

Though this research requires more study but this is one of the effective benefits of having sex. It can even prevent from breast cancer.

It has been found that those women who have sex in a month have less risk of having cancer than those women who have not done sex.

Even according to Greek study, men are rare to suffer from this disease but those women who don’t orgasm more than six times in a month may have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Sweet pain relief


If you are suffering from heavy pain then looking at your partner can make you relief from such pain.

In a study it has found that when people was shown photos of romantic partners or asked them to engage in a word game then it has shown that admiring at romantic partners decreased the pain they have.

So if you think that pain can really interrupt your sex mood then you can try having sex while having pain and look at your lover for some time.

Some other studies has shown that women may get relief from menstrual cramps via good orgasm.

You will get younger look

You will get younger look

Having sex can help you from several ways like it will give your skin a glowing effect.

Researchers has found that having sex reduces stress, provides better sleep and also makes the skin look younger.

After sex, you look better and the glow is linked to stress relief, better mood and also flush of blood under the skin which is a natural part of arousal process.

Sex helps to sleep better


Though experts don’t really know about why sex works to improve sleep but there are some proof which shows that after having sex, sleep comes better.

Actually after orgasm, the body releases a relaxation hormone which is known as prolactin.

However if you are not feeling tired before sex then having sex and reaching orgasm can really help more quickly.

So don’t get surprised when you feel sleepy after having sex because this is sure to come and after that you will feel refresh.

Strengthen your bones

As you know until know that having regular sex gives you several benefits. Men and women both get benefited after having sex but sex also protects against thinning of bones called the condition osteoporosis in women which is due to lack of oestrogen.

In men, the same benefits are provided after sex as it provides protection against male osteoporosis. Therefore, all in whole, sex is beneficial for both men and women.

Sex Is Counted As Exercise

Sex is also considered as one form of exercise that does not include dumbbells or treadmill but is counted as something similar to that. When you are engaged in sexual activity, then it uses almost 5 calorie per minute and is 40% more than watching TV.

It increases heart rate and at the same time, it uses several muscles and gives few punches in between. Therefore, if you lack in exercise then don’t worry, simply get busy with your sex partner as this also benefit you on regular basis.

Have Stronger Relationship With Happy Mood

There is no need to think much after sex because everyone gets positive vibe after sexual activity. Having happy mood after sex has a biochemical connection. The neurotransmitters released while sex keeps both couple happy along with mood enhancers that semen itself contains according to Dr. Zoya.

Another important thing to notice here is when you have a strong connection with somebody you love or you trust and care about, it is obvious that mood boosting effect will show in couples.

According to a study published in Psychological Science, your sexual play becomes a serious afterglow that also helps to keep the bond strong between each other. This was proved by a research where newly married couples stated that they were satisfied for 48 hours after having sexual intercourse.

Boost Libido

When you are more sexually active then libido and vaginal lubrication in women increases. In fact for women, love making is linked with lighter menstrual periods.

 In a study published in 2016 found that men who ejaculate 21 times or more than that in a month will less likely to suffer from any kind of disease. Previously, it was assumed that sex can increase prostate cancer but now its just opposite.

So now, you have come to know why sex is beneficial for life. However if sex is important then obviously men want to have a blast at night so that they do not fail while having sex. Many men do not last longer in bed with their partner, which is a big issue in sexual life.

Therefore, what to do to last longer in bed, well you can try pills or creams that are natural and made especially to increase your sexual pleasure. For that, you should use VigRX Plus, which is a natural supplement and is for those men who suffer from sexual problems like ED, low sex drive, sex desire, PE and many others.


Having sex has lots of benefits and some of them are mentioned in this blog which I think you have come across after reading it. Well, sex plays an important role in everyone’s life so everyone should also know what benefits them?

So if you don’t have sex many times then start right now and have a wonderful sexual life with your partner with lots of benefits.

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10 Healthy & Surprising Reasons Why Sex Is Important For Life (Updated)
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10 Healthy & Surprising Reasons Why Sex Is Important For Life (Updated)
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