Learn To Combat Andropause by Boosting Libido & Testosterone

Combat Andropause by Boosting Libido & Testosterone

Have you come to the condition of male menopause?

Do you know what is it and how to overcome it completely?

Don’t have any idea about it then don’t worry, here you will know everything about male menopause and how it impacts your life?

Male menopause which is also called as “andropause” is a medical condition that many people suffer from. However this can occur to men anytime starting from mid-twenties. This condition comes to existence when there is a decrease in testosterone over thirty years.

However the drop rate of testosterone varies a year. Though it shows drop in level when men cross 30 and at this time, the drop is 1-1.5% a year. When men reaches the age 40 then it drops 10-15% and when men reaches to age 50 then also drop of T level continuous which reaches to 20-30%.

You might get confused what is andropause in real, so don’t worry but read further to know more about it.


About Andropause

This is one of the condition which is linked up with low level of testosterone. This condition occurs in men at high level compared to women. You might don’t know but at least 30% of men who reaches the age of 50 experience andropause and this is because of low level of testosterone. You should know about 5 Signs You Might Have Low Testosterone

Suffering from such condition can have several symptoms and it can also lead to other diseases as well. Among several symptoms, one of the hormonal imbalance is loss of libido. Read Things that Decrease Libido and Interrupt Your Sex Life

Loss of libido is also due to andropause. In fact many times it is difficult to say what actually the problem is. You might have less sex drive or high and also some other condition which men experience issues compared to women. However this blog will completely help you to know how loss of libido happens due to andropause and what to do to cure it.

Andropause Symptoms

This is a condition which can vary from person to person and so its symptoms will also vary. However there are some common symptoms which man face and they are:

How andropause affect testosterone?

Everyone know about testosterone as this is an important male hormone. It combines a lot of important functions which includes sex drive, metabolism, muscle mass, concentration power, bone density, weight gain and energy level. Now you can think how much it affect your health when you have less testosterone level.

Furthermore there are other impacts as well like result in less libido, lethargy, weight loss, less muscle growth etc. This is not a good news especially when men don’t know about and even knowing it, they are unable to manage it properly. But one thing which can make you smile is that male menopause can be cured if you follow some best methods.

What is the cause of low libido?

Well men who suffer from andropause, they also experience loss of libido along with depression, loss of muscle mass, fatigue etc. Testosterone deficiency is the only cause which can lead to libido loss and this can also make men unable to maintain erection. Many times testosterone level drops when issue occurs between brain and testes. Even if the body don’t have the ability to produce testosterone which can be due to testes defect then also there is a chance that testosterone level decreases and loss of libido is seen.

Natural ways to Overcome Male Menopause

Well when it comes overcome andropause, then obviously you would always want to try those ways which can help you to completely get rid of such condition. In this natural ways are the best because they provide the best results to cure any health disease. Some of them includes:

Ginseng– This is one of natural herb which helps to increase testosterone level especially when they are low. It contains a chemical compounds called ‘saponins’ that have great effect on sexual performance and also helps men to maintain erection level. Also helpful in increasing libido.


Gingko Biloba– This herb is helpful in increasing blood flow to genital area that also supports to get an erection. But this natural herb is also helpful in boosting testosterone level. So try it and take the dose properly which should be between 60-120mg per day.

Fenugreek– It helps to increase testosterone level and also sexual arousal. It is believed that fenugreek increases libido through two enzymes known as aromatase and 5α-reductase. These two changes the cholesterol in the testosterone production.

L-arginine– It helps to boost blood flow and oxygen in the entire body, also increase blood flow to penis and so it also increases sexual performance along with endurance. So the dose of this natural herb should be 240mg per day, regularly for two months.

So all these are some of the natural ingredients to combat andropause which you should take when you suffer from the condition. Even there are some other changes in life which can impact your sexual life and can treat male menopause. Some life-style changes are also helpful in overcoming andropause.

Life style changes

You might don’t know but whenever you suffer from any critical health condition then few life-style changes can help you to get out of the situation. However to overcome andropause, few changes are important that you should follow seriously.

Start exercising– Exercise is always a great way to keep your body in good condition. But exercises also increases your testosterone level. By regular exercising, endorphins is released which is a happy hormone that refresh you and your mood.

Improve your diet– Taking care of health not only means doing exercise but also should eat properly. Take proper foods which are fresh. Don’t focus on junk or oily foods. You should especially focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables etc. Eating those foods which are helpful for your body should be taken regularly and you can boost testosterone during andropause.

Stay away from any mental pressure– If you put pressure on your mind or take stress in any kind of work then you can suffer from low testosterone level and less libido. As it is already known that stress can lead to many health issues so its better to stay away from any stress. You can practice yoga, take a relaxing bath or massage can help you to combat stress.

Andropause/Male Menopause treatment

Testosterone replacement therapy

When men suffer from low testosterone level, they go for testosterone therapy. But this therapy is not good for men, although there is no proof that testosterone replacement therapy increase the chance of prostate cancer.

But if you talk to your doctors then many doctors don’t recommend testosterone therapy. You should read Low Testosterone Therapy: Risks and Benefits. This can have side effects and many times, therapy does not work to boost, rather it goes on the other way.

Natural Booster to combat andropause

Though there are many ways by which you can boost your T level but in the competition, many natural booster to boost testosterone level are also available. These boosters are packed with several herbal extract like Gingko Biloba, L-arginine, ginseng etc which helps the male hormone to increase.

Therefore to boost your testosterone level naturally, you should take Pro-Testosterone supplement. This is one of the best natural supplement that boost your T level and also increase libido. Lots of men suffer from this condition and to go for Pro-Testosterone is the only way to overcome andropause and increase low level of testosterone. This is one of the best supplements for male menopause.



Well, many health condition occurs to men but everyone does not care about and they neglect it. But you should remember that neglecting any condition can lead to harmful diseases like male menopause. So never take your health for granted.

Do whatever is required for your body like take good sleep, don’t take stress, do proper exercise etc. Read the blog carefully and overcome andropause easily. Try to increase your level of testosterone and live a happy sexual life.

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