Unwanted Erection- Reasons and How to Deal With Best Ways

get rid of unwanted erection

Guys, do you remember when you have first gone through puberty?

Do you know when you have developed large amount of erection and got embarrassed? Or have you ever gone through unscheduled erection while doing some important work?

Well, many of them might don’t remember but some of the of course smiling now after reading the above line. However rock solid erection occurs when you are having sexual intercourse with your partner.

But this erection can be awkward when you don’t want it but unfortunately it occurs. At that time, you cannot do anything and you think how to get rid of unwanted erection? You don’t have to think much but read below to know more about unwanted erection.


This unwanted erection also called as random boner that is a general problem for many men. Though you may not notice it instantly but it can really make you feel shame. So, men just want to get rid of such unwanted boner or fast boner.

Hi, I am a nineteen years old boy and I have a rather embarrassing problem. Whenever I am in a female company it occurs. I get an erection. The problem is present even when I think sexy thoughts. I just can’t seem to control that part of my body. Can you help me? What to do about unwanted erection?

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Nowadays, it is a common thing that many men face problem in achieving erection. Due to this, their sexual life also becomes miserable and they don’t get any sexual satisfaction. So those men who are fed up of getting unwanted erection, they should be happy that they don’t have to face weak erection problem.

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Why Unwanted Erection occurs?

Well, the very first thing which you should know is that if you are having the same problem then there is nothing to get ashamed of. Many of them get erection while kissing their girlfriend or doing some sexual interaction.

No need to worry about. You should feel proud that you have lots of boners which also indicate that you are young, healthy and you have good circulation of blood which goes through your penis. Read how to increase blood flow to penis?

High erection means that you have high testosterone level and this is good. Though its not a general thing to get too many erections but yes, it also implies that you are luckier compared to other men who take some supplements to maintain the erection level.

So, now its time to deal with this unwanted erection. Everyone who is facing such issue wants to know the best ways to get rid of it. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

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Ways to get rid of unwanted erection

Well, getting away of such erection problem is not an easy task. But it is not impossible to do. Some of the best ways are mentioned that can help you from unnecessary erection.

Go for walk to stop getting erect easily

This is one of the best remedy for treating fast erection. Go for walk as doing this will pump blood to appendages. This really provides relief men from fast erections. Don’t just wait and simply start walking if you are facing problem of unwanted erection.

Place your erection for unwanted erection

Well, if you really want to get away from too much erection then tuck erection from your pockets by using the hands. But this is not easy as only experienced tuckers can do this. You can do this instantly so that others cannot see it.

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Start to lose thigh and buttocks

Whenever you feel that you are losing your erection fast then contracting your thigh and buttocks muscles. This should be done for at least 10 seconds and as much hard as you can. Just tighten the entire area and you can notice your erection will suddenly disappear.

Just sit down and lean forward

This may seem you funny but this technique can really help to get rid of unwanted erection. This position looks like taking a nap in library which helps to hold the erection. If you have a fatty stomach then you might don’t see but a helpful way for such men.

Give pain to yourself

If you are not getting any for too much erection then try to give yourself a pain. The pain can be of anything, whether you give to your tongue or in any other part of your body. Having pain can instantly give relief from unexpected erection. Even many men pinch their thighs just to distract themselves.

Apply cold material to stop boners fast

This is also one of the best and effective ways to get rid of the problem. Cold thing can solve the problem. Generally erection occurs when blood flow increases in the penis. Here to stop this erection, any cold thing can really work and ice-cube can be the best. It works by stopping the blood flow to penis. It can be done at home easily.

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Some other ways to stop getting erections unexpectedly

  • Try to twist your knees and hold it forward. Think that something wrong is happening in your stomach. This can save you from occurring unexpected erections.
  • While you dress up, make your penis in upward direction. Positioning your penis in this way will stretch and also save you from occurrence of irregular erection.
  • Bend your muscles to stop occurring from unexpected erection. This can be hard to follow but once done, it will surely help you. Doing this will pump blood to all the loosen muscles.
  • Put your legs together as this will give you a support and relief from too much erections
  • Also one of the beneficial things which you can do is just think of something else when you feel of erection occurrence. Generally thinking of sexual activity make erection to occur. So redirect your though in some other direction.


Many people are fed of such problem and they just want to get rid of it. Many ways are there that men can follow to make their problem easy. In this blog, I hope I have provided some of the best way to stop boner problem. Just follow the tips properly and have a control on your erections.

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Unwanted Erection- Reasons and How to Deal With Best Ways
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