Herpes: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

Herpes: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

Are you suffering from herpes or do you know someone who is dealing with the same problem?

Want to know how to get rid of herpes?

If yes then you are in the right place. First of all, don’t panic when you are in this condition. Though I can understand its pain and discomfort level but don’t worry, it can be cured.

Nobody would love to face this condition but after it occurs, you should work on to get rid of it.

So today in this blog, I will equip you with the best ways to cure herpes infection but before that, let us know what “Herpes” is actually and then going through its causes, symptoms & treatments.

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a severe infection that is caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus) which affects anal region, external genitalia, mucosal surfaces and other parts of the body.

Remember that it is a long term condition where men and women both can suffer from it. Some people may not have symptoms but still they suffer from such infection.

Some of the common signs include ulcers, cold sores, blisters, vaginal discharge, pain during urinating etc.

Generally, herpes is categorized in two types: HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes).

What Are The Causes For Herpes?

When the person is infected then the virus is present in the surface of skin that easily passes on to anyone via mouth, genital and anus. Even this infection is spread via skin areas and through eyes.

Remember that if you touch any object or washbasin, towel, work surface etc of a person already infected then you will not get infected with HSV.

Some of the ways that people can get infection includes:

  • Having oral sex with an infected person
  • Unprotected vaginal sex
  • Some kind of genital contacts with the person already infected
  • Sharing of sex toys, toothbrushes, cups etc
  • Kissing or some kind of mouth contact can infect a person

When a pregnant mother is suffering from genital herpes then it may be possible that baby can get infected with it.

What Are The Symptoms Of Herpes?

As per WebMD, some people who get infected with herpes may not show any sign for days, weeks, and month or even for years. But in between, the HSV virus travels through the nerve path to skin’s surface, hence causing an outbreak.

And this thing happens then the signs and symptoms are more such as:

  • Blisters seen to occur that becomes painful
  • Genital area is cracked
  • Some kind of itching in infected area
  • Fatigue, headaches etc
  • Symptoms of flu like is seen
  • Painful lymph glands
  • Pain in genital area, legs etc

NOTE– Blisters grow from small, then into raw, and painful sores and in few cases, they are even seen in rectal area for women inside urethra.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Herpes And Is There A Cure For Herpes?

No, once you suffer from herpes, there is no way to get rid of it and the virus remains for rest of the life.

But there is a treatment for it. The herpes is not permanently removed but there are several ways that heal the condition and can reduce the risk of spreading it to other person.

How Serious Is Herpes?

Person suffering from it can say it better of how much serious is this condition. Blisters and ulcers are some common things to occur in herpes. They disappear within 2-3 weeks but are painful. But don’t forget that the virus is still present in the body.

There is no permanent cure for herpes but several things can be done to come out of the discomfort label.

Those people who is having HIV can experience it longer and severe one.

But this condition is very risky for babies and the mother suffering from it. Sometimes, it causes miscarriages while a woman is pregnant and leads to severe issues like brain damage.

How Often Do Outbreaks Occur?

A very important question to know as several users wants its answer.

Well, the outbreaks differ from person to person. However, the average number of genital HSV-2 is around 4 to 5 per year and genital HSV-1 is almost one per year.

The first year is very severe and as it passes over year, it becomes less. Every individual experience it differently and as the time passes, people learn to identify the signs, some factors that reactivate HSV in bodies etc.

Herpes outbreak includes stress, poor diet, ultraviolet light exposure, genital area friction, illness, surgical trauma etc.

But remember that whatever frequency the outbreaks occurs, they can be managed via stress management, proper exercise and getting enough rest.

How Herpes Is Diagnosed?

Any one suffering from herpes should know what is diagnosis procedure for it. This is diagnosed on the basis of its appearance and also with a lab test.

If men don’t have any kind of symptoms then diagnosis of HSV 1 is not required as it only causes cold sores. But when men is suffering from HSV 2 then it needs to be checked.

Self-Checks HSV 1 and HSV 2, both can cause some skin scratches because it can result other possible illness and its important to go to your doctor. After you know about herpes, you can easily recognize the cuts.  If the condition is worse then without any delay, you should run to your doctor.

Labs and Tests – When men is suffering from both HSV 1 and HSV 2 then your doctor will check your skin by touching the sores just to take evidence of herpes virus. But when you don’t have any symptoms then blood sample is taken just to check if you are suffering from herpes or not.

How Herpes Is Treated?

HSV 1 (oral herpes) and HSV 2 (genital herpes) are the condition that men and women both come across but remember both cannot be cured, yes they are treatable.

There are various ways like home remedies, lifestyle changes, medications and others that can give relief from pain and discomfort.

So let us go below and see the ways for curing herpes:

Home Remedies for herpes

When you are looking for any cure for herpes naturally then best way is to apply home remedies. This can reduce the pain of both genital herpes and cold sore. Even you can stop the scratches from spreading or occurring again.

Apply ice pack– You should put an insulated ice-pack on the cuts until you feel better. This method will reduce the pain you have on those cuts.

Keep genital area dry– Always try to keep your genital area clean and dry because moisture can make the situation more worse and will take time to treat

Avoid scratching– Try not to scratch the cuts that you have got due to herpes as doing this can spread the infection to other areas as well

Wear lose clothes– You should wear lose and clothes instead of tight ones. Because tight clothes can somewhere make the area worse.

Stay away from stress– Stress is one of the unwanted enemies that can make the condition worse. So if you try some ways to reduce the stress level then it can really help to get relief from herpes.

Take a warm bath– Warm bath is considered as best for those people suffering from genital herpes. So, one should take warm bath often to get better result.

There are other home remedies as well that can help you to get rid of herpes naturally and you can click on Home Remedies for Herpes to know more.


When we talk about medicine to cure herpes, then till now there is no such drug to cure herpes. Though, doctors can prescribe some antiviral like acyclovir that stop the virus from growing further. This medication is very helpful as it clears the outbreak faster and also decreases the symptoms of it.

Generally when you go to your doctor for some medicine then first time, they prescribe antivirals only and this is best as well.

Over the counter remedy

In this, creams are applied that can help to get relief from such herpes infection. There are many pain relieve creams and lotions that ease the discomfort level of sores. But also ensure you are consult your doctor first before applying.

Choose the safe product and before and after applying, wash your hands properly. There are oral medications as well like Aleve, Tylenol that helps to get relief from herpes related pains.

What Will Happen If Herpes Is Not Treated?

If herpes is not treated then also there is nothing to worry about as neither its deadly nor its dangerous. Yes, it can be annoying and as the time passes, the condition reduces and don’t take form of other problems like STD.

When you will not treat herpes then regular outbreaks can occur or sometimes rarely. Even some of them don’t get outbreaks at all after some time.

However, some people don’t want to treat the condition because they might not be getting outbreaks, they are not having regular sex, outbreaks are not bothering them at all etc. So there can be several things that can stop people from curing herpes.

But herpes can lead to HIV as sores give an open path to HIV to enter into your body. Therefore, you should be careful about it.

Prevention Tips For Herpes Infection

If you are suffering from herpes or if you don’t have sores, still there is chance that you can transfer the virus from you to another either sexually or other contacts.

So to how prevent all these, I have listed some tips for you. They are:

  • Before having sex with your partner, let her know that you are dealing with herpes and then, let her decide what to do
  • Stop having oral or anal sex when sores are on genital area, mouth or anus
  • Always use condoms to avoid any kind of disease
  • Avoid sharing your toothbrush, towels, lipstick and others. Also wash your hands before using any utensils
  • Don’t kiss on lips or mouth when sores are present in these areas
  • As this condition can happen to both partner, so once test your partner as well. If both is having herpes virus then transmission risk is zero.
  • Take antiviral medicine on daily basis so that the risk of virus infection to your partner becomes low


Herpes can occurs to anyone either men or women and one should know what it is actually and how to recognize it. However in this blog, I have tried to explain everything about herpes, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and how to get rid of herpes.

There are several things that people can do to cure genital and oral herpes. Remember that herpes is treatable but not curable. So, better go through the treatment ways I have discussed above and lower the risk of it.

Herpes: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
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Herpes: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
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