Hematospermia- Ultimate Guide To Cure It Completely!

Hematospermia- Blood in semen

Hematospermia– A word which is known for blood in semen that occurs while ejaculation. Blood in semen is not a common condition to occur. This condition can occur to anyone and it does not have any sign of anything which can make man’s health down.

This condition is not known to everyone and in fact many of them can’t able to recognize it. This can be easy to know for the person suffering from it or have already suffered. This only come to existence when a guy see blood in his semen. Due to this, doctors are unable to tell exactly how many of them suffer from Hematospermia globally.

Our reproductive system begins from testicles that contains scrotum. Testicles make sperm that is conveyed into a collection of tubes known as epididymis. Now from there, the sperm is sent through tube called as vas deferens to extent the seminal vesicles and prostate. These both seminal vesicle and prostate are glands and they are part of reproductive system that makes fluid which comes in the semen. Finally the white color semen which comes out is this only at the time of ejaculation. But when in semen blood is present then it comes from seminal vesicle or from prostate.

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Beginning of Hematospermia

If you are suffering from Hematospermia then it is not an easy task to identify. After you have sexual intercourse, you would feel relax but when you notice blood in semen then it can really put you in pressure and in doubt. In fact many people gets shocked when they see blood in semen and they think how it occurs and what to do to get rid of it? Bu if you ask your doctor or search on internet then you will find that there are no such medical issues which are mentioned.

This occurrence is seen mostly in men when they age 40 or more but there is no such risk factors and in fact no such extra symptoms. The blood in semen occurs once and it disappears on its own without any medication. But those men who are above 40 and have come across such problem and they continuously facing such issue then it is recommended to take care of your health. Because such factors can have a bad impact on health.

Causes of Hematospermia:

There are several causes of such problem to occur and according to one study, 85% of such cases are easily identified and it can be cured. However some of the common causes are mentioned here:

Medical procedures/ Trauma

A big part of hematospermia causes because of medical problems. Some of the common actions which are known for the occurrence of blood in semen are:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Vasectomy

Infection and inflammation

This is also a common reason for blood in semen. Blood can occur in semen due to infection in any of the glands, ducts or tubes which produce and move semen from body. They are:

  • Urethra (tube which carries urine and semen from penis)
  • Seminal vesicles (add more fluid to semen)
  • Prostate (gland which produces fluid part of semen)
  • Epididymis and vas deferens (small tube like structure where sperm mature before ejaculation)

Obstruction/ Vascular abnormalities

Ejaculatory system can get clogged due to swelling in the prostate or seminal vesicles. Even an obstructed duct can be responsible for blood vessel to break, hence releasing blood in the semen. In the same way, enlarged prostate can also put excessive pressure on urethra and it can lead to Hematospermia.

Furthermore, blood vessels abnormalities that surrounds important parts in producing seminal fluids can also be main cause of blood in semen.

Blood vessel problem

In ejaculations, the gentle part is involved which includes prostate to small tubes which carry sperm consists of blood vessels. Because of this effect also there is a chance to occur blood in semen.


Epididymis, seminal vesicles and prostate can lead to tumors. In a study it has found that there is a link between prostate cancer and hematospermia. But this condition occurs in few people because many of them don’t to recognize whether they are suffering from such condition.

Though the study does not completely indicates that there is a connection between prostate cancer and hematospermia but this does not mean that it cannot lead to any further damage in health. But those person who are experiencing blood in semen they are sure to have suffer from prostate cancer.

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Symptoms of hematospermia

When there are several causes of this condition then of course there are some symptoms which are linked to such disease. Though its occurrence is not easy to identify but still there are changes in body which can be easily recognized about hematospermia. They are:

  • Bone or joint pain
  • Fever
  • Unnatural penis discharge
  • Loss of weight
  • Signs of STDs
  • Inflamed sex organs
  • Hot or burning urination

Treatment for Blood in Semen

Well when such condition occurs then it is necessary to treat it soon. But treatment is according to the causes. Those are infected due to infections, for those antibiotics are used. In fact some anti-inflammatory medications are used for inflammation. When the condition occur due to liver problem or STD then it will be better you get treatment with doctor. When it occurs only few times then high chance is that it can disappear on its own.

For some other conditions, there are other treatment which are mentioned:

Medical procedures/trauma

When blood occurs due to trauma or other medical conditions then there is no requirement of treatment. It will be better to wait for some time and see the condition whether it is disappearing or not. Wait for a couple of weeks and notice whether blood is coming out continuously in semen or has stopped.

Obstruction/ Vascular abnormalities

When blood is present in semen due to obstructions in ejaculatory ducts then doctors recommend to go for electric current treatment. This treatment option can cure the condition and lowers the hematospermia.

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In younger men, tumors and hematospermia are very low and going for a test to rule out prostate cancer might be one of the best way to treat it. If the result comes positive after diagnosis then the treatment option which is used for cancer, the same treatment will also work for symptoms of hematospermia.

If we talk about younger men, then such condition can occur in rare case and it stops on its own. But when you feel the problem and continuously blood is coming through semen and if it is painful then your doctor may refer you to an urologist.

Many times doctors have a thought of having prostate cancer to men so they check it once. But this is also true that the risk of prostate cancer in young men is very low, almost 0.6% in men younger than 45. But as nowadays, there is sure about when disease can occur and damage the health, it would be better to do a test. It will be an assurance for you that you don’t have such diseases.


Well, health professional continuously searching the main cause of hematospermia but still they are sure because only few men suffer from such condition. The reason behind few men is that many of them don’t notice blood in semen. If men notice blood in semen then obviously strikes on mind and what to do and how it occurs runs on mind.

However many cases has shown that the condition can be treated with proper care and also should have knowledge about the condition. If you have crossed the age of 40 and you have a risk of such disease then it is better you consult your doctor and go through a full health evaluation to find out the source of hematospermia. If you find the condition then don’t worry, instead take medical care because sooner you treat your disease, you will get recovered soon with full chance recovery.

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