General Problem That Men Faces During Sex and Their Solution

General Problem That Men Faces During Sex and Their Solution

Are you unable to perform in bed?

Thinking of how to get out of such unwanted situations during sex?

If then this blog is obviously for you. Here we will discuss about some common problems which men faces while sex and also what are their solutions?

So let us go through it completely It has been generally found that many men are unable to perform in bed, due to sexual problems. It has been seen that the men who are more than 30 years of age, generally starts facing problems related to sex.

There are many types of sexual dysfunction such as disorder that involves sexual desire or libido, orgasm, erection, and ejaculation. This may also lead to an unhealthy relation with your partners.

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What is low libido?

Low libido happens when the sexual desire gets diminished. According to the patient’s level of satisfaction generally varies of his own sexual desire. Libido is basically a brain and hormonal phenomenon.

In order to meet the sexual desire requires, the level of testosterone should be normal in the blood. For this, it is very important to maintain the required level of T in the body for proper sexual life.

The factors that are responsible for low libido in men are as follows; testosterone concentration would get decreased along with the age, consumption of alcohol, malnourishment, smoking, relationship problems, sexual aversion disorder, systemic illness, deficiency of testosterone, stress and many more.

It may lead you to erectile dysfunction. It is a type of sexual dysfunction, where the penis is unable to maintain its satisfactory erection. It is generally found in men who are older than 45 years of age.

There is mainly three type of erection. It is generally caused due to tactile stimulation, those that men experience while sleeping, and caused by mental stimulation. This generally happen as the flow of blood is low, and it can be cured, if the flow of blood gets increased.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

The other most common ejaculatory disorder is Premature ejaculation; this involves the improper discharge of seminal vesicle fluid, sperm, and prostatic from the urethra.

Premature ejaculation is generally of three types: Ejaculation after minimal or no physical stimulation is known as premature ejaculation, ejaculating after a long delay of physical stimulation is known as retarded ejaculation, orgasm without ejaculation is known as retrograde ejaculation.

Ways to cure sexual disorder

In order to cure the problems related to the sexual problem, it is always advised reduce smoking and alcohol. Then you would be able to notice the difference in your sexual life. Along with this, you should also add some foods in your diet as it plays an important role in overcoming these sexual issues.

Seeds and Nuts: Generally nuts have high-fat content that helps in producing cholesterol in the body, and these cholesterol are used by the sex hormones to function better. There are many nuts like peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc. So men should add these foods to their diet, and would get a stronger erection.

Fennel Seeds: It plays an important role in order to get a stronger erection as well as it cleans the toxins and other residues from the body. So this is very important to keep your body fit and healthy.

Cloves: In India, it is generally found in spices and forms a part of it. It is used while cooking food. Clove plays an important role in increasing the temperature of the body and also increases the blood flow in your penis.

Herb Pasta: Generally pasta contains lots of carbs and, as a result, it would help in erection strength and at the same time increase your energy.

Saffron: This food helps in increasing the libido for both men and women. It helps in getting relief from any pain in the body and at the same time helps men with the stronger erection.

Whole Grains: It plays an important part in having harder and powerful erection as it has a lot of carbs content in it. It is a fibrous food and helps you in increasing your erection and improves your body health.

And another most important thing is that you should have a proper amount of sleep. You should, at least, sleep for 8 hours a day. This helps in maintaining a proper balance of hormones in the body. In this way, you can overcome the problem of low libido, premature ejaculation. In this way, the level of Testosterone increases in the body.

How to Get Out of Common Problem

Well, common problems are many in sexual life but men should treat those problems and get rid of such problems. However many natural ways are there which can really solve such problems and to get out this, VigRX Plus can really help.

This is one of the best supplements that make men feel strong and get erection strength and also the power to last longer in bed. This is also a cure for erectile dysfunction and helps men to satisfy their partner. Its ingredients are approved by FDA and therefore there is no worry of any side effects.


In has been seen that in this modern era many men are facing this problem. Due to their pact schedule, they are unable to give time for themselves. In order to overcome those sexual problems, one has to add above-mentioned foods in their diet and at the same time, they should, at least, sleep for 8 hours a day.

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General Problem That Men Faces During Sex and Their Solution
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General Problem That Men Faces During Sex and Their Solution
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