7 Foods You Can’t Avoid If You Want to Satisfy Your Girlfriend On Bed

increase erection strength

Have you ever faced issue with your erection and want to increase erection strength?

Do you know that many men come across erection strength problem and that too in very early age?

Does you penis size is small and do you feel uncomfortable to satisfy your partner?

Generally this is a common case for many men regarding their penis size. Almost every men want bigger penis as they think that “BIGGER IS BETTER”.

In fact for many, penis enlargement is a major problem.

Many men don’t know how to solve such issue as they are totally blank and in fact they are sometimes so scared that they don’t even talk to their doctor for such problem.

Many health experts and studies have already proved that size does not matter at all when it comes to sex or enjoyment. But still men want bigger penis and for that they take several pills or supplements available online or in market.

In fact lots of methods are available that helps to increase the length of penis like penis pumps, penis enlargement surgeries, exercises for penile growth etc. Among these some work while others not.

When time comes to begin penis growth, many men don’t know how to do that. Many health experts have stated that starting from natural ways are the best compared to other methods. And it is also seen that male choose natural ways to cure than going for surgery or other treatment.

However for increasing penile size along with erection, you should consider going through natural methods like taking foods. This method not only effective but at the same time men can have better sexual intercourse and improves sperm quality and stronger erection.

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Can I increase my penis naturally?

This is a common thought, which almost every man thinks after seeing their penis size, because they always think their penis size should be bigger.

Related to this, you can get several way or techniques, which can help you to get your dick bigger and longer. However, you should always remember that increasing penis size is not a magic but it requires continuous workout.

There are natural ways, which can works effectively to give your penis size look bigger and also make you feel that now you can enjoy your sexual activity better.

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Why to increase penis size

Well there are several reasons that men want their penis size to be bigger. Every men is different so everyone’s thought of increasing penis size will also vary. But on an average, why men want their dick to become bigger is mentioned below:

Men will have more sex comfortably

Having bigger dick means your partner will love to have sex with you. Nowadays as women are more experienced in the field of sex as they have many lovers and they usually compare their lovers penis size from past.

If your lover sees that you have bigger penis size than others then obviously she would love to have sex with you and more chemistry will be blown up.

And not only that, even your partner will be much more satisfied with bigger penis size compared to smaller one.

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Men will enjoy more

This is a common thing that if you have bigger penis size then your partners would love it. it does not matter how you have increased your penis size, she will be excited to see the bigger dick and stamina which might last longer than before.

Now your partner will be aroused more sexually and this in return will help men to enjoy the sexual activity more.

After all, men always thinks to satisfy their partner and when they feel that their lady is happy with lovemaking then everyone will be happy and enjoying.

Confident level will become high

Having bigger penis size can make your work easy in many situations. Its somewhere true that if you have bigger penis then your confidence level will be high and this is proved in several studies.

This is also good in comparison to those men who have small sized penis.

In addition, bigger penis size can work in many areas like finance, social life etc whereas men with small penis size has to struggle a lot in these areas.

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How Food helps us in daily lives

It is already known that food plays an important role in everyone’s life and this helps people keep going. Foods are the essential supplements that goes inside body and makes people strong and also to fight from any health condition.

But here it is very important to remember that not only taking foods is necessary but taking right foods for your body is also important. Taking proper foods helps everyone to maintain their health properly.

But this can be risky if right foods is not taken as it may put you in trouble, making you suffer from physical weakness and some other health diseases.

Hence, foods are a way to maintain your body strength and if you have problem like small penis size then it can also provide the right path to increase it.

How food helps to increase erection strength and penis size

There are many men who even don’t know that not taking proper food can affect your penis size. Even many things that we wear can also have a bad affect on our body, like if you wear tight pants then it can disorder the process of spermatogenesis (production of sperm in the testes).

Therefore, you should eat the foods to increase penis size and those foods that can also boost blood flow.

However, some foods are mentioned below which can help you to increase erection strength and penis size.

Taking proper foods not only increases penis size but also improves penis strength. In this blog you will get some of the best foods which not only helps to improve penis size but also increase erectile strength.

Herb Pasta:

These natural foods for penis enlargement are really helpful for any men suffering from any type of penile growth issue or any other.

herbs pastaThis is one of the important foods to Increase Erection Strength.

Generally pasta contains lots of carbs which help to increase energy level that is used to make lovemaking. Moreover, if you add some other herbs like nutmag and cayenne pepper to pasta then it will make your dish more energetic for you.

Therefore you should eat these foods for stronger erection and to get better results.



Cloves are of great use as this is commonly used in “Garam masala” in Indian cooking. This also helps in increasing testosterone level as well as it boost blood flow to penis.

This is a great spice with lots of benefits. Those men suffering health issue, they can take cloves as it makes erection better, better libido and also good for tooth.

It maintains the body temperature and at the same time, it is beneficial in other ways as well.

Besides going through the best foods for penis size, you can read 10 Best Natural Ways to Boost Blood Flow to Penis to enjoy your sex life.

Whole Grains:

whole grainsIf you want to have a harder and powerful erection then you have to take more and more carbs.

It does not mean that you can take any type of carbs or the polished ones. You can take fibrous and healthy grains.

This is because it is also one of the important foods for erection strength and can help your body health.

Fennel Seeds


Fennel seed is also considered as one of the essential foods which can help you to get strong erection. Even it can help you to clean from toxins and other residues from body.

So this food can really help you a lot to clean your whole body and to get powerful and strong erections.

It has many other benefits such as properly regulates blood pressure, improves eyesight, good for acne, etc.

Nothing is harmful if taken properly so this is very important food for your body and so you should not leave it.

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Saffron is helpful for both men and women to increase their libido.

It is also known as one of the effective foods which help you to make your erection strong.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction can take saffron for treatment and also increases sex drive for men. It helps by increasing quality of sperm and lowers erection problem. Some other benefits are:

  • Stimulate hormone production
  • Improves blood flow and also increase heart rate
  • There will be a natural attraction
  • Increases female arousal

Even it can help when you have pain on your body and hence it can make your body more sensitive when touched. So people should take this food on regular basis as it helps to have a better sex life

Seeds and Nuts

nutsThere are many nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds etc which are very important fats that produce cholesterol and generally the sex hormone needs such type of cholesterol so that it can function well.

All these nuts are jam-packed with protein and fiber which are good for your heart health even they have high level of calories.

Therefore men should take nuts and seeds which are known as the best foods for stronger erection.

Green Tea


Generally green tea helps to refresh your body and mind.

Green tea is fully packed with anti-oxidants known for good and also important for your health as this can help you to free-up from radicals that is on your body.

It can help you to boost strong erection as this is important for sexual life. Experts say that sexual benefits begin when first cup of tea is taken. And taking more cups certainly increases it.

Some More Foods For You:


May many men don’t know but watermelon is also in important food to increase erection strength and penis size .

It consists of amino acid known as citrulline that converts into arginine and leads to dilation of blood vessels.

Till now no such studies have done which can prove that watermelon works best. But eating watermelon has shown effective results in erection strength.

So watermelon is one of the superfood for men’s health, there is no harm in eating lots of watermelon when it is market.


Those who want bigger penis size, for them banana is an essential food. Even studies have cleared that those males who have healthy heart, they may successfully gain few inches.

Bananas contains potassium which enhance the health of heart, hence improves the blood circulation. If you have better health and circulation of blood then increasing penis size will be lot more easily.

It helps to keep low sodium level in body which is helpful in preventing any kind of heart diseases.


This is also one of the familiar food especially for health benefits and beauty.

It is also one of the essential food for erection strength and taking it is one of the ways to boost testosterone level in bloodstream. This food consists of L-arginine which is an amino acid that helps to fight against ED.

Oatmeal helps men to relax their penis muscles and when it dilates then blood flow increases. This helps men to maintain an erection. It plays an essential role in both men and women’s sex drive.

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vigrx plusGenerally all the foods are good for our health and are considered as the best foods for erectile dysfunction and also increase penis size.

All these are natural foods which helps to enlarge penis size so they don’t have any type of side effects.

In fact there are several supplements available in market which can really help to increase penis size along with strong erection. One of the effective supplements is VigRx Plus.

This is totally made of natural ingredients and is very useful. It increase erection size in length and volume and also improves the overall sexual health.

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