13 Best Foods to Increase Sex Drive And Enhance Sexual Stamina!

13 Best Foods to Increase Sex Drive And Enhance Sexual Stamina!

If you feel that your sex drive is not like what you want then you are not alone because many people feel the same point in their lives.

There are some cases where libido decreases and this is due to medical issue.

However, if you want a long and vibrant life, then maintaining a healthy sex life can lead you to that path by increasing lots of benefits for your mind, body and also overall health.

With the busy life, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get in mood. There is nothing to worry because there are some proven methods that can be effective to increase sex drive.

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Mentioned below are some foods that can help to increase your sex drive and fire it up in the bedroom.


Some experts have called watermelon as the new Viagra. According to the recent studies, this fruit is found to be best suited for Valentine’s Day.

Watermelon contains ingredients like citruline which deliver Viagra like effects on blood vessels throughout the body and can increase libido.

Citruline is good for cardiovascular system and also help relax the blood vessels which increase sex drive. If you want to get in the mood, then cut a bowl fresh watermelon and share it with your partner.


You might know that potatoes are a great source of potassium and it does not matter whether they are of sweet variety or white.

Eating potato increases circulation that really helps to work better in bed with your partner and increase the sexual pleasure.

In addition, potatoes make your mood and if you do not eat potatoes that means, men will suffer from low potassium levels and it is a sign of depression.


Avocados are not just a perfect source of healthy fat but they are great source of potassium and B6.

They both regulate in hormone production in men. They are rich in folic acid which provides energy and stamina and these both are important once your libido is restored.

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Chocolate which is in dark variety has been shown to produce a chemical in the brain called phenylethylamine.

This release both feel good and energy boosting hormones including dopamine and neropinephrine.

This essential chemical stimulates a sense of excitement and well being. It increase your body’s sensitive.

Chili pepper:

Chili pepper along with all peppers that is spicy which contain capsaicin. It produces heat which promotes circulation.

Chili peppers in particular are well known to boost endorphins which give your mood and libido a little boost tool.

This promotes the release of chemicals that have been proven to increase your heart rate and trigger the release of endorphins that give you a natural high.


Spinach is rich in magnesium that is helpful in reducing inflammation in blood vessels and boost blood flow to penis. Eating spinach makes your mood in bedroom.

If there, will be an increased blood flow then obviously it can increase arousal and your sexual pleasure will double.

This pleasure will be beneficial for women also as they can have more orgasm in easy way and men can get erections naturally.


Ginger is yet another essential food that is helpful in boosting sex drive.

It works by increasing blood flow and improves artery health.

Experts suggest taking a teaspoon of ginger few times in week and you can see several healthy benefits.

So now, go ahead and start to take ginger in your food that you eat and do not leave it on your plate.



Oysters along with mussels and clams aid the release of sexual hormones. It is known to increase sexual hormones which aids in upping a person’s sex drive.

Oysters are rich in zinc which is an important mineral responsible for aiding a certain male counterpart.

This increased zinc regulates many sexual parts of a man which include prostate, prostate fluid and the abundance of sperm.


Honey is known for proving sexual desire. The honey is full of boron which is a mineral proven to increase testosterone while metabolizing estrogen.

Add spoonful of honey to your afternoon tea and then get ready for fun at night.


If you want to boost your libido, then add a handful of nuts to your breakfast, salad or a desert.

Nuts include almonds, particularly walnuts and hazelnuts which are a great source of L-arginine.

L-arginine gets converted into nitric oxide which is very useful and known as a sex booster.


All birds and fish eggs are high in vitamin B6 and B5. These all help in balancing hormone levels and fight stress, these two things that are crucial to a healthy sex drive.

Eggs are also symbol of fertility and rebirth. So start eating eggs as they are good for health and also a good ways to boost sex drive.


Cinnamon is another spice that promotes heat in the body. It boosts heat increases circulation which is a great for cardiovascular health, staying warm in cold weather, brain function and heightening sensitivity.

This can be used to just about anything from sweet to savory and also a great blood sugar regulator.


Bananas also have several health benefits and I think many of them know about it.

It contains potassium that work against those foods, which are high in sodium.

If you have a habit of taking salty foods then they can reduce blood flow to genitals that creates problem to reach orgasm.

Therefore, if you do not eat bananas, start eating now as it has many health benefits.

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Alternative Way to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

Foods are considered as natural source of having a healthy body and to gain successful in sexual intercourse. However, leaving all these foods, there are other ways also which boost sex drive and give the sexual pleasure without any fail.

That is none other than VigRX Plus. This natural supplements boost sex drive without any side effects because it is completely made of natural ingredients. It increases stamina erection strength hence giving the power to last longer in bed and sexual satisfy their partners in bed.

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Foods are a great way to live a healthy life without any too much suffering from worst conditions. Many foods are there that really works effectively to give you success in the field you want and the same is with sexual life.

Whatever foods I have discussed in this blog are helpful and they will boost your sex drive. In addition, you can go for alternative way to increase your sexual desire and drive.

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