15 Foods That Amazingly Works to Increase Seminal Fluid

15 Foods That Amazingly Works to Increase Seminal Fluid

Men might lead a healthy lifestyle and also take care of their body but I don’t think that everyone take care of their sexual life.

I am somewhere right because as nowadays, it is seen that men suffers from several health issues like low semen volume. Amount of semen that is ejaculated by man during orgasm can make him worry, because low semen volume makes men suffer from several physical conditions that can stop or limit the ejaculation production according to livestrong.com.

So it is important to know how to increase the seminal fluid so that it can help men to orgasm better and lead a happy sexual life. Though whatever the ways are available, I will discuss about some natural foods that can help you to get out of the unwanted conditions.

But before that, lets have a look about semen volume and what it is important.

Semen volume and its importance

Semen volume or seminal fluid is essential for male fertility. The reason behind this is healthy sperms need enough semen to store them and then move them to rest of the male sex organs and also into women.

Apart from this, seminal fluid should also contain high level of antioxidants just to make sure that the sperms, which it carries, are safe from oxidation and should be healthy when released into women’s sexual organs.

But compared to nowadays, several lifestyle and eating habits has somewhere reduced sperm and semen production. But it can be overcome by eating several foods which contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

So let us go through some of the best foods to increase seminal fluid that also improves DNA integrity.


Can Certain Foods Improve Semen Volume?

Whatever the amount of semen is ejaculated at the time of orgasm can really make them worry. However, men should focus on boosting the level as there are lots of foods to increase seminal fluid. According to doctor, if a man ejaculates 1 milliliter of semen then it is considered as normal.

But if man ejaculates less than that then it is quiet worrying as there may be some physical conditions that makes men inability to ejaculate. Therefore, men should focus on foods that increase ejaculate volume naturally.

How Many Times Should A Man Release Sperm In A Week?

Do you know the answer?

As a man, not everyone is familiar with this that how many times releasing a sperm in a week is healthy?

As per ATTN, it states that men who release their sperm five to seven times in a week were 36 percent less to develop prostate cancer. And this was a serious matter for those men who ejaculated less than two times per week.

What Color Is Healthy Sperm?

Do you know the color of healthy semen?

Well, the healthy semen is generally white or somewhat whitish grey in color. But if the color is different from white then it is considered as something wrong with your health. Though, some men have yellow semen which, they don’t worry much.

Obviously there is nothing to worry much about yellow color semen but it may be a sign on underlying medical condition.

Why Does A Man’s Sperm Smell Bad?

There is a reason for smelling bad of man’s sperm. Actually semen contains several substances that really affects it smell and your hygiene, diet and sex play an important role. However, if you eat foods then some foods can give a sweet scent with taste.

But at the same time, drinking acidic or eating such substances can make semen smell foul. In fact, if you are suffering from any conditions then also it can smell bad.

Does Zinc Increase Seminal Fluid?

Yes, zinc can help to increase seminal fluid.

Generally if you take zinc then it has lots of health benefits that also increase semen volume, normal sperm morphology of those males who are infertile, sperm motility etc.

In fact, it is also considered as zinc implementation can boost male reproductive function.

Does Drinking Water Increase Seminal Fluid?

Yes, drinking water increases seminal fluid.

Semen is generally composed of water primarily. If you don’t take enough fluids then liquid amount available in semen is reduced.

But if you drink enough water daily then it helps body’s PH level to regulate properly. And due to this, semen becomes thick and also affects other organs too in the body.

What Foods increase seminal fluid?

However, there are lots of other ways to improve semen volume but foods will work definitely to boost sperm count and seminal fluid.


Eating green leafy vegetables is always beneficial for health and now you have the other reason too. Spinach consists of folic acid, which is known as an important nutrient for sperm. Eating this helps to provide healthy sperm whereas if the level of folic acid is reduced then sperm production is damaged.

Thus reaching the egg for the sperms and penetrate it would become difficult. In fact, several other harmful conditions are also seen. So eating spinach is good for health, so never ignore it.


Zinc is an important mineral, which is required to improve testosterone level and also sperm production. Here eating oysters will be beneficial as it contains zinc, which is yet another sexual enhancer. It increases testosterone level, which is also beneficial in increasing energy and sexual desire.

It will increase the number of swimmers and also men will reach more pleasure from sexual activities apart from achieving chances of conceiving.


Oatmeal and granola are the grains, which consists of high amounts of L-cartinine and L-arginine. These both help to improve semen volume and increase sperm motility.

Even eating wheat and barley is beneficial because it contains zinc. If whole grain foods are added in diet plan then it will provide enough amino acids and zinc to boost semen volume.


Eggs are high in protein and Vitamin E, which also helps to improve the production of healthy and strong sperm in testicles. Eggs are known to prevent sperm cells from harmful effects of free radicals, which also have higher chance to kill sperm.

If there will be strong and healthy sperms, obviously chances to fertilizing en egg will increase.


Bananas are important for healthy life as it contains an enzyme known as bromelain that is helpful in increasing male libido. It is also rich in vitamin B1, Vitamin C and magnesium, which is also beneficial in increasing stamina.

However, this food looks like a penis but it has many advantages. As it consists of bromeliad, so it enhances sex hormones.

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates is loved by almost everyone especially girls. Dark chocolates are known as an aphrodisiac, which is great for sperms. It contains L-arginine, which is an amino acid that helps to improve the intensity of orgasm.

Even dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants but it is also recommended to eat it overdose. This is because eating too much of it can increase weight that can lead to low testosterone level and also seminal fluid will become less.

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Walnuts is an essential food which helps to improve sperm count and semen level. According to a study, eating 75g of walnuts everyday can improve motility, morphology and vitality of sperm.

It is rich in L-arginine as well as omega 3 fatty acids that might be responsible for such improvement. Shape of sperm improves as well as other functions also improve which lead a happy sexual life.


If you really want to be healthy and want to increase seminal fluid then don’t forget to eat pomegranate. This is a super food that increase swimmers and also keep them healthy. Semen quality and sperm count is increased.

It has antioxidant properties that keep all the sperms safe against any harmful free radicals. Even pomegranate juice is better to increase fertility.


Carrots are also an essential food that is helpful in production of sperm. It is rich in Vitamin A, which improves sperm motility and seminal fluid.

Carrots are rich in several compounds and micronutrients that plays important role in healthy sperm production. Apart from carrots, there are other Vitamin A foods like oatmeal, dried apricots and bell peppers.

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Water is essential for everyone, you know it but do you know its other advantages? Though without water, nothing looks good neither anything functions well. But drinking water is also considered as best foods to increase seminal fluid.

Drinking eight-ounce glasses of water every day is very much important. Less water means men will suffer from dehydration and when body dehydrates then it fails to produce semen that much amount is required. So don’t drink less water daily wise.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are yet another essential foods to increase seminal fluid. It contains phytosterols that improves testosterone production and also reduces enlarged production size.

These both factors increase sperm count and semen volume. Apart from this, pumpkin seeds also consist of fatty acid that helps to improve blood to penis and other reproductive organs.

Goji berries

Goji berries is an essential food which has provided better results after a study conducted among 42 men. Those men were given goji berries for a month and 50% increase in sperm production was seen above normal level. Apart from improving mood, it will also keep the temperature of scrotum suitable for sperm production.

In fact, goji berries works to protect sperm against any harmful effects of free radicals and also promotes sperm production. In India, this fruit is available which you can order online.


Asparagus is a green vegetable, which is high in vitamin C and known to increase sperm volume. It has the property to deal with free radicals and keeps all the sperm safe.

It ensures that the sperm store is completely away from any damage in male reproductive system.


Garlic is also considered as a super food that increases immunity level and several other health benefits. It is used for centuries to cure heart problems and respiratory infections.It also contains vitamin B and selenium that are necessary for sperm production.

Also known as potent aphrodisiac boosts sperm volume. Even it contains a compound known as allicin that increases blood flow to sexual organs and increase seminal fluid.


Maca is an important herb that boosts seminal fluid. It has been seen that those men who take this herb as a supplement gets higher sperm count and that too per milliliter of semen, better sperm motility and an increase in semen volume. Even men can experience positive effect on sexual drive and in arousal of both men and women.

So these are some of the best foods that are helpful in increasing seminal fluid naturally. However, these works effectively but there are few people who want any other ways to boost seminal fluid.

Alternative way to increase seminal fluid

The alternative ways means a natural supplement that provides better results with short period of time. One of them effective supplement is Semenax which is in the form of pill to increase orgasms for bigger, longer and amazing ejaculations.

This is especially for those men who suffer from several sexual issues like low sex drive, low sperm count, depression, unsatisfied sex and many others. It increases volume of ejaculation, which means higher chance of survival.

So now, there is no need to worry, simply go for Semenax and enjoy more intense orgasm with longer time and better ejaculation control.



As I have mentioned some of the best 15 foods that amazingly works to increase seminal fluid, I hope those foods will help you to deal with low semen volume and sperm count. However, an alternative solution is mentioned which can give boost to seminal fluid naturally.

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15 Foods That Amazingly Works to Increase Seminal Fluid
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15 Foods That Amazingly Works to Increase Seminal Fluid
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