15 Natural Foods To Help Get Erect Penis And Boost Erection Strength

15 Natural Foods To Help Get Erect Penis And Boost Erection Strength

Men always think about their sexual life especially when it comes to penis. They are much concerned about its size or health and want it to perform good when it requires.

You should know that your body requires nutrients to have a healthy and strong life, similarly your penis also need some best foods that can help it to improve its health.

You admit it or not but it’s a fact that when time comes to have sex then everyone wants to have it exciting and enjoying, it should be wild and obviously to last longer.

But this is somewhere true that the work pressure, stress or load in our daily life have totally spoiled the sex life, leading to several issues like erectile dysfunction. And you believe it or not, in my opinion men would never love to go soft when it is about to satisfy their partner.

To deal with all such problems, there are certain foods that can help men to stay erect for longer and last for longer time in bed without any worry.

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Now, consuming these foods not only help to improve penis health but also keep your penis erect for longer with stronger and harder erection.

So let us go through the best foods that help to get erect for longer time without any fail.

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Foods to help get erect for longer


Coffee may help to stay longer in bed with erect penis. Yes, this is true and has proved in one of the study conducted at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

In this study, it was said that those men who have taken 2 to 3 cups of coffee everyday between 170 mg to 375 mg of caffeine, they have suffered less from ED compared to other men who have not taken a cup of coffee.

Actually what happens is Caffeine generates few effects on body which help arteries in penis to relax and increase blood flow to penis, just giving the effect almost same to ED drugs such as Viagra or others.


Spinach is a green leafy plant that I think everybody knows. Eating spinach is good for everyone especially for men because this has many advantages. It not only helps you to get erect but also boost blood flow to penis.

You should know that spinach contains magnesium, a powerful mineral that reduces inflammations in blood vessels hence boosting blood flow. You will be surprised to know that spinach works so effectively to increase blood flow below the belt that looks almost like Viagra that also provide pleasurable and sexual arousal.

In addition, this food helps to prevent from age related sexual difficulties because of folate present in spinach.


Oysters are yet another essential food to help you in sexual life. It is rich in mineral zinc with vitamin B6 and these both works to boost testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone without which the sex life and sex drive is useless.

It is important for reproductive organs and libido and eating oysters will affect a sexy reputation. Oysters play a vital role in helping you to get erect for longer and better erection.


If you look at your penis then you should know that it cannot act on its own until any feel occurs in you, it means that penis don’t have its own mind. So to make it work and to get erect, the neurons should be co-ordinated.

In fact, you need some other essential things like vitamin B1, thiamine etc for healthy nervous system and for this, pork is very much needed. This food can help your swimmers to swim in right direction. You can get this from wholemeal bread and beans.

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Vitamin D is important for entire body and for your sex life as well. If vitamin D is present then the testosterone level will be increased which is the powerhouse of your sex drive.

And remember that if there is low level of vitamin D then it can increase the risk of ED in men. Deficiency of vitamin D decreases nitric oxide in body, which is responsible to help blood vessel function. You can get vitamin D is salmon, egg yolks and fortified milk.


Garlic can be found in almost every house and is useful too. If you don’t know much about its benefit then I would like to tell you that it is a wonderful herb that works to lower the pressure and decreases inflammation.

Even garlic can boost testosterone level that is important for libido and for good erection. In addition, garlic also improves blood flow to genital area and help to get erect.


This little fruit has many advantages. If it is eaten regularly then it promotes better health because it fight against free radicals and also works better to improve blood flow. Cherries consists of anthocyanins, a plant chemical that works to clean plaque arteries.

Generally, berries, nectarines, peaches etc are good to keep arteries in better condition. So to have a blast at night and to increase blood flow below belt, make sure to eat cherries on regular basis. It has several advantages so never deny to eat this little red fruit.

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Banana is good for everyone and you will find several reasons to eat this food. It is loaded with potassium that fights with cancer, decreases bloating and also recommended as one of the best remedy for hangover.

Banana is good for heart and blood circulation. If you eat regular bananas then the sodium level present in the body will be under control and also reduces the risk of suffering from heart problems.

It gives you better erection strength every time, so don’t forget to eat this super food to help you get erect.


Pomegranate is also considered as one of the best foods that help you to stay erect for longer. In one of the study, it was proved that pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants and it supports blood flow, which is also helpful in improving erectile dysfunction.

This fruit is also known to be same as Viagra and many of them believe this fruit to be a natural Viagra. So whenever you get time, don’t forget to eat pomegranate as this will give you more power and energy to stay hard and will get more fun under sheets.

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Watermelon is loved by maximum people and it is also good for health, especially for sex life. This fruit is rich in L-citrulline which is an amino acid that helps to make every things better to stay up. Apart from better health, it is also good for penis health as well.

You will get this fruit in summer season and don’t forget to eat this. It will pump your blood flow to penile region and hence, it will improve erection. When watermelon goes into the body then it converts to L-arginine, thus stimulating nitric oxide production.


You might know about saffron, which is one of the expensive spice. This is very famous because of its skin lightening properties. This is good for penis health as it increases libido in men and women both and helps to get erect naturally.

Apart from this, another benefit saffron has is, it decreases any kind of pain in the body and also cures aches. Eating this food will make your body to stay more aware and sensitive with touch and feeling.


If you are suffering from severe issues in your sex life and your penis is not functioning well then eating pistachios, walnuts or almonds can help you to get out of the situation. Yes, this is very much true because one of the study has proved its effectiveness.

Pistachios were eaten for three weeks regular of about 100gm and after the time, all have reported improvement in their ED condition. It contains high amount of amino acid that helps to increase nitric oxide level in body.

Eating almonds, walnuts etc are a great source of healthy fats and they should take eaten on regular basis as they are good for heart as well as for penis. The foods help men to achieve better orgasm, sexual satisfaction, increased libido and overall sexual improvement.

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Do you love chillies? If yes then it can benefit you a lot in your love life. It is also said many times that you can spice up your love life with chillies.

Basically, chillies consists of alkaloid known as capsaicin that increases nitric oxide level, improves blood circulation and also reduces blood pressure.

When your face becomes red after eating something spicy then its all due to chillies effect. And do remember that not the blood vessels in face get boosted but at the same time, more blood is forced to blood vessels in penis that helps to stay erect for better erection.

So if you don’t love chillies, then start eating from today as it will increase blood flow to your below belt and at the same time will keep you hard and erect for longer


Wine is good or bad for health, do you know actually? Red wine is a great source of antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol that open the arteries by increasing nitric oxide production. Even many sex experts suggest to drink wine because it is good for health especially when time comes to stay hard in bed.

Obviously, nitric oxide allows blood vessels to expand and is almost same as Viagra works. But there is a difference in wine and Viagra and that is, wine apart from working good on tiny vessels, it also helps main arteries as well.

So start to drink wine but remember not to drink in much quantity. Too much of anything is harmful and so here implies the same thing.


Maca may be unknown to many guys but I would like to say that it is a useful food that helps in sexual difficulties. When taken maca, it increases stamina, sexual appetite, endurance, fertility and most important, it improves penis health and help to stay hard and erect for longer.

Even some studies reveals that maca helped many people with antidepressant induced dysfunction because to regain libidos.

So, all these are some of the best and natural foods that help men to stay erect for longer without any difficulties.

Apart from these natural foods, many natural supplements work effectively to deal with all sort of sexual issues. Male Extra is one of the best and natural supplements that provide guys with stronger and better erection with intense orgasm.

It helps men to stay hard for longer without any difficulties. This supplement can be used by any men suffering from any kind of sexual problem and can get relief from such unwanted issues.

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Foods are always beneficial for health and especially for sexual health. Millions of people suffers from some or the other sexual problem but everyone wants a good sexual life with complete satisfaction and enjoyment.

Here in this blog, I have discussed some best foods that works effectively for men to get erect and stay hard for longer to satisfy their partner.

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15 Natural Foods To Help Get Erect Penis And Boost Erection Strength
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