9 Harmful Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive and Decrease Pleasure

9 Harmful Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive and Decrease Pleasure

Have you ever faced any problem at night and it stopped you from enjoying with your partner?

If yes then it might be the food, which you ate before going to bed. Nowadays you might have noticed or heard somewhere that men are suffering from several health conditions and the most common are low sex drive.

The reasons behind such complications are foods that you eat every day. Foods that we eat directly affect our body, many times positive and many times negatively when you age.

All in whole, foods are responsible in many ways, so today in this blog, we will discuss about foods that negatively affect libido and kill your sex drive.

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Complications in Relationship

Any relationship in this universe is full with different challenges but if you don’t want any problem in your relationship then couples have to face and solve such type of problems.

These problems arises due to many reasons such as financial problems, diseases, relationship difficulties and work-related stress.

In a healthy and fit relationship, sex play very important role because sex is able to make your relationship more strong. Actually sex drive is the basic foundation on which partnerships and marriages are built.

And if any problem or difficulties occurs then couples will experience lots of complexity along the way.

So let us go through some foods, which are responsible for killing your sex drive.

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Foods to avoid for better sex

There are many foods available that can boost your sex drive and make your relationship happier, but some foods are also present that can kill your sexual power and low down your sex desire.

What you eat not only plays a main role in your overall health but also affect your bedroom relationship.

It is shocking news for who aren’t aware that what they eat for dinner decides their sex drives overnight. Name of some foods are given below that can affect your sex power, read them carefully and avoid if you want a strong sex relation with your partner.

1. Soy

According to a publication which was published in the Journal Human Reproduction, soy can affect the man’s sperm count very badly. A study give a report that if a human being take 120 mg of soy per day, their testosterone hormone levels will eventually reduce.

 2. Gin and tonic

If you take this cocktail continuously then it affects your relationship by decreasing your sexual power. And tonic which is part of the mixture has water flavored with quinine, it affects the testosterone levels in a man and sperm count also. It is necessary to avoid gin and tonic cocktails if you want a strong sexual power or a healthy sex life.

3.  Licorice

This is actually a legume plant from which some sweet flavors are taken out, its sweetness is unique and lasts up to 50 times that of natural sugar.

This sweet is used in the different candies, wines, and sweets. And if taken in large amounts, licorice can affect your hormone and leads to hormonal imbalances in both males and females.

4.  Bacon

Bacon is one of the famous food specially used in burger, it is a meat product obtained from pig. In the US, most bacon is ready from the pork belly. Bacon can be dish up as boiled, fried, baked, roasted, or grilled.

Initially, it blocks penal and vaginal blood vessel since they are smaller compared to others in the human body. So it is clear that because of it blood flow obstruction occur and one cannot do better sex with its.

So if you want a powerful sex desire with your partner then immediate stop eating bacon.

5. Processed baked goods

Processed baked foods are easily available in almost every food store, it is very popular because of its availability. But it is not good for sex power, most of processed baked food hold refined carbohydrates and high sugar content whose utilization can lead to weight increase.

Taking too much sugar can augment the levels of estrogen and fully tire out the level of testosterone. So in short it is not good for sex.

6. Soda

Drinking soda is not a good idea for any because it can have negative impact on men’s health. Diet soda is an artificial sweetener, which affect serotonin level, which is known as the important hormone for well being or happiness.

Therefore, if this level reduces then it can have a bad effect because it is linked to low libido in both men and women.

7. Sugar

Sugar is everywhere and you cannot be safe anywhere. This sweet thing increases hormone insulin level that causes low testosterone level and reduces muscle mass.

Even it can make men suffer from belly fat that raises estrogen level and men suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction. So, if you avoid such sweet stuff then it can be good for your health.

8. Alcohol

Nowadays, drinking alcohol is a common part of life but if you drink to get in the mood then its fine. In addition, if it is taken regularly then you will suffer from low libido.

Alcohol is a kind of depressant that stops man to reach and maintain the erection level. So it is instructed not to drink much and following this rule will surely give you lots of happiness in your sex life.

9. Bottled water

When you feel thirsty and you are outside then you think to buy a bottled water and drink it to feel relax. But bottled water is also harmful for health because bottle is made of plastic which contains Bisphenol, a chemical component found in plastic food containers.

This is known for negative impact on fertility in men and women. So try to avoid drinking bottled water and be safe from suffering any kind of harmful conditions.

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How to increase sex drive

Well, as foods impact positive and negative on health, it is important to know which foods are good for health. In fact leaving all these, an alternative solution to give rise to your sex drive are by taking VigRX Plus. This best male enhancement supplements works to increase erection strength and helps men to last longer in bed.

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It is not necessary that all foods are good and bad for your health. The above given information is able to give the answer of questions and you should plan to keep off from such foods if you want a healthy sex life.

Some foods are also available that can increase your sexual power. Know about foods that improved sexual enhancement and make your relationship more strong.

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9 Harmful Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive and Decrease Pleasure
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9 Harmful Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive and Decrease Pleasure
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