12 Surprising Foods that Can Lower your Libido and Kill your Sexual Drive

foods that kill sex drive

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Today we will discuss about some foods that are not good for our health. This may shock you but yes, this is true. Foods are helpful for our body but only the right foods.

We take foods without any assumption whether they are bad for health or good. Basically the thought is that foods are beneficial for everyone’s health. But there are some misconceptions in between which I will clear you in this blog and will also clear you about foods that kill sex drive.

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Common problem people face in their life

Generally people face lots of health situation which they never expect. Especially when we talk about sex, then many men would come and talk about this topic. If asked about any problem in their sex life then nobody will react. But actually they have problem due to which their sexual life runs slow.

People face low sex drive and this really sucks. Though they face problem but they don’t want to reveal with others. Low sex drive is due to low libido and low libido is due to low level of testosterone. You should know that testosterone and estrogen are the important hormones that are very much important for healthy body.

If there is an imbalance of both testosterone and estrogen then obviously there will be decrease in libido. And the main cause of this decrease is bad food. Foods are the main causes of this condition so let us know some of the foods that kill sex drive.

How foods kill sex drive

Generally foods and sex always has a complicated relationship in between. This is also complicated similar to your love life. But some foods can really harm your health. Slowly these foods lower your strength in every field as you know that foods are also taken to boost your libido.

So selecting proper foods for your health will always keep you healthy but without your knowing, if you take those foods which are not helpful, then you are risking your life so let us know those foods which should be avoided.

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Some Foods that kill sex drive

Sex is a very important part of life. But certain foods can kill your sexual drive. So it is important for you to stay away from these foods and start following a healthy diet.

Alcohol- Alcohol is one of the ways to make your mood fresh many times but drinking it too much can spoil your health. It can stop you from achieving an erection and also can face loss of libido. So it is advisable that when you think to drink, then drink little bit so that you can have a happy life. You can see the result after avoiding too much drinking.

Mint– Mint is used by people to make their breath fresh and sexy. It has many advantages but the mint that you take is mixed of menthol. Menthol is not good for health as it lowers testosterone level. So the result is your sexual pleasure decreases instead of going high.

Sugar– Sugar is also harmful for your health as it can affect your waistline and your important time on bedroom will totally spoil. You might don’t know that sugar require insulin for processing. And continuous insulin increase is related to low level of testosterone. So you should avoid this to make your sexual life healthy.

Low grade meat– If you eat meat that’s well n good but meat of low grade can really show the difference. It can be bad for health because many poor quality meats contain hormones and antibiotics that can bring hormonal imbalance to your body. So, it’s better not to go for such poor quality meat which can reduce your sex drive.

Cheese:  Commercial cheeses are made with the help of cow’s milk treated with antibiotics and other growth hormones.  If these dairy products are taken in excess, it will lead to killing your sexual drive as over consumption will increase the exposure of hormones in your body which will interfere with the natural production of hormones, including your sex hormones.

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Coffee:  it feels very good to have a cup of coffee in the morning which tends to boost your mood but it harms the adrenal glands which are responsible for producing certain stress hormones. If the function of adrenal glands declines, it will affect the sex hormone in our body.

Licorice– Too much of eating licorice can harm your sexual health. You might don’t have any idea about it but it consists of glycyrrhizin which has the power to lower the testosterone level. Though you have already eaten a lot of it but if you really want a healthy life then stop it.

Diet soda– Soda is loved by almost everyone may be some don’t like it but diet soda can lower your sex drive. It contains artificial sweeteners that affect serotonin level. If this level is low then it is assumed that there is a low libido in both couple.

Oils:  The oils that we use in our homes should be of good quality, poor quality oils are very unfit for those trying to conceive.

Chips: Most of the Potato chips are prepared in rancid oils. These chips are heated at a destructive temperature and it also contains fats. Mixture of both high heat and bad fats can lead to damage of tissues and cells of your bodies which interfere with the sex hormone regulation.

Chocolates– In this context, name of chocolate might surprise you. Dark chocolates are eaten for coming in the mood of sex but it is also said that some chocolates are not good for health. They can lower the testosterone level that is not good for health.

Canned Food:  Sodium, substandard products, and artificial additives are use in packing of Canned Food.  Excessive intake of dietary sodium and low potassium could lead to high blood pressure, which reduces blood flow to sexual organs.


Foods are important sources of keeping a healthy life but yes, there are some foods are not good for health. This blog completely guide you which foods are injurious for your sexual health. So try to avoid such foods to make your sex life happy and satisfying. If you have any question then you can Ask Here

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12 Surprising Foods that Can Lower your Libido and Kill your Sexual Drive
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12 Surprising Foods that Can Lower your Libido and Kill your Sexual Drive
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