How to Fix Erection Issues at 40 and Beyond

erection issues at 40

Problems with erection are a common cause for many men at certain age. But this is seen especially when men reaches the age of 40. So have you ever come across situation? If yes then what you have done to cure it? Or are you still looking for some better option to cure erection issues?

Well whatever case you have, you always wants your love life to be better. This is a common thought of every man that they don’t want to spoil their sexual activity. But what to do when you suffer from erection problem and you don’t have anything to do?


Don’t worry; here you will be guided on how to cure erection issues at 40 or beyond it. Just go through the below blog and know the treatment for weak erection.

Let us take a situation:

I am 43 years old. I have suffered erection malfunction although I am healthy and fit. My penis does not become 100% erected, just 75 %. I need to overcome this. Are there herbs or healthy foods I can use? I don’t want drugs. What do you advise me?

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Here the problem that men suffer from is erection malfunction and not erection dissatisfaction. This is very common in men at age 40 or around it. You cannot say this condition a complete erectile dysfunction but at this age, this is a normal thing where erection changes. Erections are not firm as it was in young stage.

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Though ED affects a lot of men especially in US which was 70 percent but after reaching certain age and having such problem can be partially ED problem. Many old men have such problem but it has also more widespread among men of age 40.

Causes of Erection issue at 40

Well when you look for the causes of erection at certain age then there are several which lead to such problem. The main reason is stress, depression, lifestyle changes, poor diet, smoking and drugs. However some of them are easily cured like life style changes. But use of cigarettes and drugs can really ruin your sexual life.

Especially in younger age, these entire intakes lower the erection level and they have to suffer from many health issues. All toxic effects on cardiovascular system which directly impacts the blood supply to penis.

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Stress can really hamper happy life. It can make conflicts in relationship, even money problem; some medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases or depression are the main reasons behind low erection issues at age 40 or beyond.

Nowadays taking drugs has become very common and younger age groups are addicted to it. This is one of the major problems for erection issue.

What happens after age 40?

Actually what happens after age 40 in sexual life, many of them don’t know and in fact don’t take any interest to know what happens? Changes are common to occur and at this age, men still have interest in sex. But they don’t have the same energy which was before two decades. Read Secrets To Enjoy Great Sex When You’re Older

Now your erection strength is not as it was earlier and you may lose your erection before you satisfy your partner. You don’t get enough ejaculation which can feel you are on better path. And there is no chance of second erection after climax.

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How can erection issues be treated? 

Well one thing to know is everything is linked in biology which includes lifestyle habits, exercise, stress, diet etc. In fact, after knowing the fact, many men remains in silent mode because they feel shame to tell about the problem to doctor. They get so much embarrassed that they never talk about such problems with their partners which are completely wrong.

There is nothing to fear about that you are suffering from such condition. You are not alone but there are several other people who have the same situation. And remember until you say your problem to your doctor or partner; you will not get the solution. So why to be in silent mode?

So when time comes for the treatment of such erection problem, then you may get plenty of ways. But what do you think are they effective? Don’t worry; let us know them one by one.

Well under several treatments, medication is one of the most common and even effective. But what medications to use? Use only natural medication which gives you better results without any side effects. And among several, ExtenZe is the effective one.

This is in the form of pill which not only helps men to achieve erection level but also improves the relationship with sexual satisfaction. It works by increasing blood flow to penile area that helps men to maintain erection level required for their sexual activity.

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Some other ways to cure erection problem at age 40

Everyone shape and size is different and so everyone choice is also different. Some may like to go through using pills to cure ED but that may not be effective for someone else. Many men want some other ways to cure the problem.

Of course lifestyle changes have many benefits. Furthermore, if you eat a balanced diet, your problem of low erection can be cured. Eat green vegetables, nuts, olive, and fruits, whole grains etc to keep yourself healthy.

Even those men who are overweight, they should reduce their weight to maintain a healthy life. Losing excess weight is really helpful in gaining one inch which is good for sexual activity. Losing weight also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Exercises are must to perform everyday and it is recommended for every men and women. Doing regular exercises keeps you away from several health issues and it will also help to achieve erection strength. Not only it helps you to keep yourself fit but also your self confidence will improve in bedroom with hard-rock erections.



Well, at age 40, men experience some problems in their sexual life. But this does not mean that you have folded your hands and remain silent. Whatever problems you are suffering from has the solution and so low erection also has. I hope the above blog has helped you to understand why men come across erection problem at age 40 or beyond.

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How to Fix Erection Issues at 40 and Beyond
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