7 Top Erectile Dysfunction Exercises To Overcome ED Completely

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises To Overcome ED

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that men never want to come across at any stage of life. But nowadays, this has become a common condition for most men where they cannot maintain or achieve an erection.

However, there are several reasons behind this that stops blood flow to genital area and other emotional and psychological aspects.

It means that if you are suffering from ED then it’s must to cure it ASAP otherwise it gets worse. There are some ED causes that cured with medical treatment where as some require other techniques.

In fact, there are many sex experts who would suggest you to do some extra work to cure ED fast like lifestyle changes, weight loss or different exercises etc.

 So today this blog, we will discuss about some erectile dysfunction exercises that will help men to cure the condition naturally and that too without any side effects.

What Types Of Exercise Can Help To Deal With ED?

Though there are several exercises you can do but especially to treat ED, there are only few. Those exercises should be performed that can strengthen pelvic floor muscles as this is best way to cure ED. These muscles withstand blood flow to penis and help to main an erection.

The muscles work by putting pressure on penile veins and this pressure stops blood to leave that area, hence making erection possible.

What Are The Erectile Dysfunction Exercises?

Here I am going to tell you about best and effective exercises that will help you to cure ED without any problem. Go through these exercises and get rid of erectile dysfunction completely.

Aerobics / Cardio Exercises

Aerobic exercises are those which increase heart as well as breathing rate. This is recommended by many doctors as this is also known to cure ED effectively. There are several aerobic exercises cycling, boxing, football, running, swimming, skipping, rowing, speed walking, badminton and dancing.

All these exercises should be done for a moderate session and should last for almost 40 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises?

You might know that exercises is good for health and everyone should do it properly. When it comes for ED then there are several things that lead to such condition and men face lots of trouble in their sexual life.

But if aerobic exercises in included in your daily routine then ED will be cured and at the same time, your overall health will improve. Some of the benefits of this exercise include:

  • The bad cholesterol level in blood gets reduced along with total cholesterol level
  • Exercises boost the ability to control glucose level in blood and hence insulin level increases
  • Body weight will reduce and at the same time, you will be healthy and fit

How To Do These Exercises?

Every exercise is different but all are effective.

If you are walking then do it for at least 30 minutes daily as this can improve cardiovascular health and also a way to cure ED. If you are running then do it for 20 to 30 minutes for 2 to 3 times a week.

Swimming is a low impact exercises and is good to build strength. Do it for 10 to 30 minutes almost 2-5 times a week.

Kickboxing is also a useful exercise that strengthens muscles and endurance and at the same time, it also lowers any kind of stress. Do it for 60 minutes and 1 to 3 times per week.

Who Can Do Aerobic Exercises?

The exercises can be performed by anyone as even doctors suggest doing regular workout so that body’s health remains in well maintained. There is no limitation for anyone to do particular exercises as aerobic exercises can be performed by anyone, young one as well as old people should have a habit of doing any exercise that wish to keep them fit and strong.

When To Expect Results?

Well, everything takes some time as nothing works instant. However, if you want to see an improvement in ED via aerobic exercises then you have to wait for few months.

Few experts suggested that if you give 160 minutes a week in exercise for 6 months then it can reduce ED effectively. No matter for whatever reason men is experiencing the condition, aerobic exercises can really show positive results in curing ED.

Knee Fallout

Knee fallout is a useful exercise for those who are working to develop pelvic stability. Doing this exercise is good because you can move your leg without torso moving along it.


The main aim of doing this exercise is to move the leg without pelvis so that when you drop the leg then it uses the pelvic floor muscle with lower abdominals. This is also one of the best ways to work for abs and the stretch your groin.

While doing this knee fallout exercise, golf stability is formed in innovative series with dynamic exercises that helps to build stability in joints.

How To Do Knee Fallout Exercise?

First of all, to do this exercise you need a mat. The follow the below steps:

  • Lie down on mat with your knees bent with flat feet and arms by side
  • Remember to keep spine in neutral position and a small gap between middle and floor
  • Now exhale, then squeeze pelvic floor muscles and put your knee slowly on floor. Put it down as much as possible with pelvic floor muscles activating and also remember to keep the pelvis stable.
  • After that, inhale and leave the muscles and again bent your knee
  • Now repeat the same procedure on different side
  • Do it for four to five times on each side

Who Can Do This Exercise?

This exercise for those people who are facing problems in their sex life and suffering from ED. This is an effective exercise and even women can perform it.

When To Expect Results?

There is no such time expected to show you result but yes, you have to continue doing it to see positive results.

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Supine Foot Raises

Supine Foot Raise is an exercise that generally targets the lower abs. This is the simple way to strengthen your muscles and only need a comfortable place to lie. Leg raise strengthen core muscles and helpful for low back pain.


There are multiple benefits in doing this supine foot raises exercise. They are:

  • Relaxation in pelvic floor muscles
  • Helps to relax swollen or cramped feet
  • Problem of lower back gets relief
  • Aids venous drainage and boost circulation

How To Do:

This exercise is helpful in building knee fallouts and it includes small movements and remember to do it slowly.

  • First, lie down with both knees bent with flat feet on floor and both the arms by side
  • Now exhale, then engage pelvic floor muscles and raise your foot off floor slowly but remember to keep pelvis and spine constant
  • And then inhale an put your foot back in the ground
  • Do this for the next foot as well
  • You should perform almost 3 sets of 25 repetitions on both legs

Who Can Do:

The exercise can perform by both men and women but both of have different aspect. Men can do this useful exercise to cure ED and other problems whereas women do it to get relief from back pain or for cramped and swollen feet.


Results will vary for men and women both as cause of doing this exercise is different. So there is no accurate time for getting perfect results but yes, you should do it for better results.

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Pelvic Curl

Pelvic curl is an exercise to warm up spine and abdominal muscles. In this, you have to lie on back and make your abs for pelvic tilt. It works for the lower body and manages breath and movement both.


There are several benefits of doing this exercise. While doing pelvic curl exercise, remember the abdominal muscles should work together and this is where it differ from Bridge exercise.

It strengthens abs, glutes and lower back muscles. This exercise is performed so that it matches the breathing and movement pattern at same time as well as to gently articulate spine with complete control.

The exercise is so helpful that it is used in physical therapy as well as rehabilitation centers to recover from back injuries.

How To Do:

Here are the few steps that you need to follow to perform this exercise. They are:

  • First lie down with knees bent and make your feet flat on floor.
  • Now keep your spinal in neutral position but keep a small distance between ankles, feet and knees.
  • Then exhale and engage pelvic floor muscle
  • Now tilt your pelvic position upwards while pressing back against the floor
  • Then allow your tailbone to curl up towards the ceiling. Here your hips raise, then lower spine and then middle one. Remember to keep all your legs parallel all time
  • You body’s weight should be on shoulders resting position

  • Now squeeze the buttocks and pelvic muscles
  • Then begin with upper back and move down vertebrae by vertebrae until lower spine comes to the ground
  • Repeat this process three to five times and make 10 repetitions

Who Can Do:

This exercise is also for both men and women. Both can do this exercise unless you feel some difficulty in doing it or when you have injury in lower back. For women, this one is helpful especially at pregnancy stage. And instructed to stop it when you feel any kind of pain.


The results will be positive and you can see it after doing it continuously. The results will vary between men and women both and it will show results soon.

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Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises which is also known as pelvic floor exercises generally performed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This is one of the best exercise to cure ED naturally. Doing the exercise supports uterus, small intestine, bladder and rectum.

Doing this exercise keeps all these organs fit and improve orgasm at the same time.

How It Is Effective

You might don’t know but there are several things that can weaken the pelvic muscle like diabetes. But when you begin to do kegel then its very effective and helps you to get rid of the ED naturally.

Some of the benefits of doing Kegel are:

  • Men get healthy pelvic muscles and intense erection
  • Increases blood flow to penile region and helps to maintain harder erections
  • Gives men with high ejaculation force
  • It cures urinary inconsistency
  • Men achieve great sexual stamina and controls the orgasm ability

How To Do Kegel Exercises?

There are many men who come across muscle weakening in pelvic floor and this leads to urine and feces. So one should perform kegel exercise in the way mentioned below:

Find your right pelvic floor muscle

Before you do this exercise, you should find out the pelvic muscle and its not difficult yet. To get it, you need to stop urinating in between and the muscle that stops the flow is your PC muscle.

After getting the muscle, now it’s time to perform the exercise in any position. Remember that if you successfully stopped urinating in between then PC muscle is easily identified and you are ready to move ahead.

Contract pelvic muscle

Now it’s time to tighten the muscle. You have to hold the contraction for few seconds and then relax it. Continue this process for some time until the muscles get stronger. Then do the same exercise while standing, sitting or walking.

Hold the contraction

While doing this exercise, you should hold the contraction for better results and completely focus on tightening of pelvic floor muscles. Don’t try to hold your breath rather, you can breathe freely.

You should repeat this process 3 times a day in a set of 10 repetitions.

Who Can Do:

This exercise is for men and can perform anytime as they want. Men facing problem with erectile dysfunction and want to last longer in bed, for them this PC muscle is very helpful. In between, if you feel any kind of pain in abdomen then its because the exercise is not done properly.

Also remember that while contracting PC muscles, the other muscles like buttocks, abdomen, back should remain lose. Also suggested not to overdo it as this may fail to fulfill all important functions.


Results are completely on your hand as it depends on how much regular you are. If you do it continuously as suggested then you can expect better results within few weeks to few months. Its results are beneficial and for that, you have do it as a daily routine.

Video source: Dylan Berg Fitness

What Is An Alternative For Kegel?

Well, many ED sufferers don’t want to know extend the condition long and want some instant cure to get rid of it. Though, Kegel exercise is a natural treatment but it takes time. So in this situation, you should opt for VigRX Plus. This is a natural male enhancement supplement that comes in the form of pill to overcome erectile dysfunction.

This pill is made of natural ingredients that don’t have any kind of side effects and is approved by FDA. It works by increasing erection strength and improves overall sexual stamina. Many sex experts and doctors suggest this pill to cure ED with ease. Men get the power and stamina to stay longer in bed and to completely satisfy their partner without any fail.

VigRx Plus

Resistance Training

Resistance training is an exercise that is done to improve muscular strength and endurance. While doing this exercise, your limbs are moved against resistance that comes from body weight, dumbbells, gravity etc.


The benefit is experienced by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Almost 15% improvement was seen in ED after performing resistance training exercises.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Muscle strength improved with proper weight loss
  • Diabetes is controlled
  • Helps to maintain flexibility and balance
  • Achieves stamina and power and you will not get tired
  • Prevent from cognitive decline in old people

How To Do:

  • Beginners should start with just their bodyweight as this can be very effective to strength train. If you start with weights then 10-12 repetition to fatigue is a good start. Here fatigue is defined as unable to lift weight once again in the same form. It means that if you have lift a weight or lean back then it will be heavy for you. But if you do it for 10-12 repetition then its obvious that fatigue will increase your strength.

  • If you are using sets then beginners are instructed to start with one set. Though you can do more but as per research, beginners is doing on set per exercise then it is really effective.
  • You can start with two days per week for resistance exercise and add a third after two weeks. Try to do 20 minute session and then gradually increase the time and then do it for around 45-60 minutes.
  • Remember not to change the moves every day. It is instructed to continue with same move so that you can become comfortable and will get great results
  • Take rest for one minute while you are exercising with sets and again continue if you want to develop tone and resistance. For strength, rest for 3 minutes as this time allows your muscle to work harder and will give you more power next time

Who Can Do?

This is for everyone- younger as well as older men. But this is also suggested not to lift heavy weights especially older people as this may be risky. Go through the process which seems possible and comfortable so that you can get better result.


Every exercise is different and so they can take time to show results. Beginners should do the training for two to three times a week to gain better results.


Yoga is one of the useful exercises that consist of several Yoga poses and they have different benefits as well. In fact, there is no such proof that Yoga is helpful in combating ED but few observations was made which shows some link between yoga, stress and sexual function.


Studies have shown that Yoga is helpful in curing erectile dysfunction but not much proof is seen. However, if you practice yoga then there are lots of benefits in it. Most importantly, it will give you relaxation, stress free, flexibility and proper balance.

In some of the recent studies shows that yoga helps to decrease heart rate, blood pressure and other things. It is considered that men having high blood pressure and excess weight is linked with ED so in this situation, you should go for yoga.

How To Do:

Now here I am going to show you different Yoga poses that is helpful in curing ED. They all are different and gives you better way to live your life without any tension.


This is a well-known yoga pose which is also called as seated forward bend. Doing this pose helps to relax pelvic muscles that generally gets tensed after sitting for long time. It increase blood flow to penis and also keeps you calm.

How to do:

  • Take your mat and sit on it with legs out in front. You have to rock your body slightly to left and use hand to pull right sit bone and the same thing you have to repeat on other side as well
  • Now inhale and keep your upper body long. Lean to front side and increase your tailbone when you reach floor. If possible then grip your feet with hands like you extend your elbows.
  • Continue with this pose for one to three minutes. Now focus on breath and check out if you can relax and release your body slowly.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes)

This is also one of the useful yoga pose that helps to promote blood flow to spleen, liver, pelvic region, and pancreas etc and also helpful in digestion.

How to do:

  • Start this pose with seated position and legs stretched in front side
  • Now bend right leg at knee and cross over left putting right foot on floor
  • Then inhale and exhale slowly, turn towards right and stretch left arms forwards and making the left elbow rest on right knee
  • This can be easy for those people who are flexible and even can clasp hand
  • Now leave the pose and do the same thing on opposite side from seated position

Janu Sirsasana

This is also an useful yoga pose that is meant to deal with ED. If this is performed in empty stomach then its really beneficial. It works in hamstring muscles, thighs, back and hips. Even it increases blood flow to genital area and most important, it’s a great stress reliever.

How to do:

  • First sit on your yoga mat with your legs forwarded. When you inhale, bend one knee and bring your heel towards pelvis. Now rest your sole against thigh and leave your knee towards floor. You can use blanket for support when your feet does not reach floor.
  • Now inhale and raise both hands, then exhale and bend forward keeping spine over the leg. Then try to bring chin to your knee and if you wish can clasp your hands around foot
  • Stay in this position for 1-3 minutes, then raise up arms to overhead when you inhale and return back to sitting. Now repeat this process on other side to proper balance your body


This is a popular yoga pose that is also known as Eagle Pose and it requires proper balance to stand. This should be done either near a wall or can be performed in front of some furniture. It helps to boost blood flow to penis and helps men suffering from ED.

How to do:

  • First, stand straight on both legs
  • Now imagine that right leg is completely connected to ground and lift your left leg slowly, twisting over right knee and placing top of foot on back of right calf
  • Then bend on knee to make the stretch more deep. Even a person if wishes then can lift arms to shoulder height and might cross one over another
  • You should hold this position for at least 5 to 10 seconds, then release it and do the same process on the other leg

Who Can Do:

Yoga is for everyone and it can be done by young or old, fit or overweight, men and women etc. Yoga has so much power that it can strengthen the body as well as calm your mind.


Result depends on the Yoga pose you do and how much time it takes. However, the result is always positive but one should be consistent in what he is doing to get better results. One should complete the entire routine and it does not matter whatever the pose is.

Wrap Up

Erectile dysfunction is a severe case that can take away your happy sexual life but one should never forget that there is a possibility to get rid of this condition. Though there are many ways to overcome ED but exercises are natural and whoever facing such issue should follow this blog.  Now those men who ask how to cure erectile dysfunction at home, they have a option.

I have discussed every exercises that is helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and hope that following those will help you to cure the condition and lead a better love life.

7 Top Erectile Dysfunction Exercises To Overcome ED Completely
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