How Erectile Dysfunction And Anxiety Are Connected? [A Complete Guide]

Erectile Dysfunction And Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common disorders that lots of men suffer from and alone the number is 18 million American men. This number is at the age of 20 and as your age increases, the ED risk increases.

But will be wrong to say that not able to maintain an erection is always related to age. At a certain age, men suffer from such conditions but there can be several reasons for it. One such common issue that can lead to ED is anxiety. This generally happens when you take lots of stress for anything like body image or satisfying your partner.

But the good news is that the connection between erectile dysfunction and anxiety can be cured. To simply overcome erectile dysfunction is by using VigRX Plus.

This can help you to deal with ED when men have a hard time maintaining an erection. So let’s read this blog and know what the connection between ED and anxiety is and what the ways to cure it are.

Best Way To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

VigRX Plus is a natural supplement that helps to cure erectile dysfunction in men. This is an effective supplement that helps men to achieve a longer and harder erection without any side effects. This natural pill works by absorbing into the bloodstream and improves male sexual performance.

No matter whether men are suffering from anxiety, any kind of stress, low stamina, low sex drive, etc, VigRX Plus is a complete formula to enhance performance in bed and the best ED medication for performance anxiety. Its natural ingredients are very much effective as they are approved by the FDA and provide the best results without any fail.

Few unique benefits are:

  • Helps to maintain and achieve harder erection
  • Increases blood flow to the penis and supports healthy sex hormones production
  • Boost overall sex drive and stamina

How VigRX Plus Aids To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Before you use this natural supplement, you might have several questions in your mind that how it will work, whether it is effective or not, how to use it, and others. Well, it’s a common thing but also very much important to know.

It’s obvious that before you use anything, you should know about it properly. For VigRX Plus, I will only say that it’s an effective supplement because it delivers what it promises. This means it cures erectile dysfunction completely without any side effects. Whether ED is due to anxiety, stress, or some other reason, using this can help you.

Nowadays, everyone wants fast results but at the same time, it should be effective too. The pills contain natural ingredients and also give GUARANTEE to deliver exact results.

In my opinion, you should opt for VigRX Plus and use it for at least 1 month. If you are not fulfilled with the results then you can return them.

Can Stress Or Anxiety Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Many users have this question “does anxiety leads to erectile dysfunction”?

The answer is yes, anything that leads to anxiety can also make men suffer from achieving an erection. And anxiety includes mental health conditions, daily stress, etc.

Remember that anxiety can develop lots of problems that are linked with erectile dysfunction. When it happens due to psychological responses then men can suffer from uneasiness, some kind of conflicts, and distance. And all these reduce the sexual drive, lowers communication between partners, and also the couple spends less time together.

All in whole, low self-esteem, and inadequacy lead to ED. And this is also proved by Researchers that psychological factor is one of the responsible factors for ED.

Alternative Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction That Occurs Due To Anxiety

There are several other ways that can help you to cure ED effectively. So let’s read on to know how to cure ED that happens due to stress and anxiety.


If the reason is psychological then therapy is one of the best treatments for it. Your stress will easily break out and you can enjoy your sexual life as before.

Here are a few things that come under therapy treatment:

Counseling– In this, the therapist will try to identify the problem and then will guide to manage the factors that lead to anxiety and stress.

Sex therapy– It includes sensational pleasure instead of sexual activity and arousal. The aim is to decrease the stress factor.

Psychodynamic therapy– This therapy tries to find out the main cause of ED

Sexual anxiety therapy– Here, the doctor will describe ED in detail that will help to lower all problems that occur due to poor knowledge. After that, the doctor will tell you about emotional issues and their solutions. And remember, the treatment may vary in this.

Avoid the cycle

You may find many men who suffer from sexual problems very frequently but it’s not due to ED. When you have any disappointment in life and cause you to fear and anxiety then it will really destroy your sexual life.

Here, you have to identify and understand that if a man fails to perform very often then it does not mean that that man will not perform well in bed. But yes, it is a complete sign of anxiety or having some kind of stress. And you can see the opposite thing, that when there is no stress then men will enjoy sex as before.

Therefore, you should ignore the symptoms and focus on its causes. And then try to overcome it by reducing the pressure of performing well every time.

Use herbs to get relief from anxiety and stress

Even you can use several herbs or supplements for male performance anxiety solutions. You can get them easily and get relief from ED.

Some of them are:

  • Panax ginseng is a Chinese herb and you can get it in tablet form or creams
  • Kava that cures anxiety as well as improves mood
  • Black maca is yet popular herb to keep you stress-free and also improves overall performance
  • Chamomile is also effective in reducing anxiety symptoms


If you don’t do any exercises to keep your body fit then it can also lead to ED. Many researchers have noticed a connection between not doing exercises and suffering from ED. Therefore, if any kind of stress or anxiety is making you suffer from ED then you should focus on your exercises.

One should do exercise for 20 to 30 minutes daily for a few times and can boost overall sexual performance to lower the stress level.

Talk to your doctor

Well, when the condition is severe then you should consult your doctor as well. He/she can suggest better ways to cure erectile dysfunction that happens due to anxiety. And remember that whenever you feel something is serious about your sexual life, then talk to your doctor as fast as possible.

ED can be also lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease. So it becomes very important to tell everything in detail to the doctor. After you tell about the symptoms, the doctor will identify them and will manage other health issues as well.


So here the blog comes to an end about erectile dysfunction and anxiety. However, there are several reasons for ED apart from anxiety like poor body image, problems in relationships, and others.

But there is nothing to worry about as there are various ways to overcome erectile dysfunction and lead a better sexual life. Any kind of stress and anxiety problem can make you suffer from an unwanted health condition. So just go through the treatment options discussed in this blog and improve your sexual performance without any issue.

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