7 Simple Ways To Enhance Penis Without Pills!

7 Simple Ways To Enhance Penis Without Pills!

There are many people who ask, is there any way to enlarge penis without taking any pills or without having any medical procedures?

The answer is YES.

The penis enlargement is everywhere and many men want to increase their penis size without taking any kind of pills.

Men think whether there are any ways by which you can increase your penis size. Many men try some natural ways to increase their penis size.

People who have tried the penis exercise have said that it works better and among them many are afraid to try.

The natural ways by which you can increase your penis size is free of drugs or surgery would take more time to show you affect and this will not harm you from any side.  These all natural methods are very safe and do not have any risks to your health.

It is necessary to increase your penis size without using any kind of pills. It is because you can’t trust individuals pills as they have no clue the things which they place them or because you have not read the scientific researches accomplished by for identifying the information of those pills.

Taking pills for increasing penis size is not so dangerous but some of them fail to work as they are harmful. The natural ways which is usually suggested to increase penis size is by doing exercises.

By doing this exercise, you can increase the size of penis without taking any pills. There are some ways by which you can improve your penis size without needing pills.

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Best ways to increase penis size without pills

Listed below are some of the choices which you should prefer:

Penis stretchers

This stretcher really works to increase penis size without pills. But by using this technique, it will take very long time and also it is very bothersome which need considering.

Its effect is extremely weak it pulls your penis all day long for several weeks simply to get one inch increase in length. But don’t take it otherwise as it works to extend penis size by stretching the penis as much as possible.

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Penis pump

This penis pumps is popular products between those who have impotence. This pump pressures the bloodstream inside your penis capable of getting harder erection yourself.

For those men who have no erectile problems, they are useless and also they don’t boost the capacity to carry bloodstream. Therefore any “enlargement” effect, it’s upon the initial use wanes just after minutes.

But the penis pump can only last for 30 minutes as placing the ring can cause several types of complications and can damage the penis which is not good for penis health.

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Penis enlargement surgery

This surgery actually works for penis enlargement without pills but less convenient than using stretchers. Even the recovery process is very lengthy and painful.

However, this method ensures the penis length compared to other methods as well.

Therefore you should try some other methods or even it better not do something positive if your penis is not incredibly small.

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Penis enlargement exercise

This technique is the best because it only requires both the hands. This will give you more bonuses to be a totally natural method as all growth is caused by working out and done purely from your body.

It also determines as the best way to improve penis size without needing pills because it causes growth about 1 to inches. Several studies has proved that exercising and stretching the penis really increase the size of member to few inches.

Even you can try jelqing technique to increase the penis size. By doing this method, it exercises the tissues of penis which make the penis size grow larger. To do this technique, wrap your thumb and index finger around your penis and be sure that your penis is semi-erect.

After that, draw them away from your body. It forces blood into glands which allow more vascularity in your tissues which helps to enlarge the size of penis.

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Towel hanging technique

Another way of how to increase penis size without taking pills is, place a warm towel on your penis for five minutes but be sure that it is not too hot.

Sit straight up with your feet on floor and this will be the best time to lubricate your penis while doing this procedure. From left hand, make an OK sign; grab the base of your penis with O of your twisted fingers to fit your penis.

It will keep the blood flow from flowing out of the penis. After that, make another OK with your right hand. Do not twist your hand when you place the O of your fingers to slowly do a making action to your penis.

Be sure that when you do this technique, you are semi erect and stop when you are fully erect.

At last slap your penis on your legs number of times so that the blood starts to flow again. You should try this method for at least 5 times in week for 30 minutes a day.

Get rid of unhealthy lifestyle

Just reading this sentence looks so easy but doing it practically is easy?

No, not at all as this is difficult for several people. Those men who really want to increase their penis size, they should eliminate all bad habits from their lifestyle. And this should be the top priority just because you want your member to grow big.

So you can do the following things to eliminate unhealthy lifestyle:

  • Always eat healthy– If you give right nutrients or the amount of nutrients that is required by your body then not only you will be sexually strong but your dick size will also gain height. Also eating healthy will improve blood flow to penis.
  • Get rid of fat you have on your body– There may be several reason where your penis size looks small and one of them is due to excess fat. Lose your belly and try to turn it into abs.

Remove the forest you have around your penis

The hair that you have around your penis can be the problem for your penis growth. Though those hair are not doing anything wrong to penis it may interfere in growth and your member looks small rather than a gigantic one.

Now these are the techniques that can be used to increase penis size without pills. But many of them love to use pills rather than using the above technique to gain dick size.

So how to gain penis size with pills and which is the best pill to use?

Increase penis size with pills

When you talk about penis pills then numerous pills you will get to enlarge the size of penis. However, in this context, VigRX Plus can handle the situation better. This is combined with natural ingredients, which has shown positive results and is safe to use.

It enhances sexual stamina and gives the power to stay longer in bed. It boosts erection strength, helps to get rid of ED, erection problem and improves overall sexual performance.

So any man who thinks to suffer from small penis size or suffers from any sexual problem can use this pill.

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Every man wants to have a bigger penis size as they dream that bigger penis size satisfies more on bed. However, several techniques are available that can help men to increase penis size without going for any penis enlargement pill.

Apart from these techniques, pills are also available that gives positive results and makes the penis bigger and stronger.

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