Does Testosterone Make Your Dick Bigger- The Controversial Truth Reveals


Does Testosterone Make Your Dick Bigger- The Controversial Truth Reveals

Every man wants to enjoy their sexual life and this is the reason why men want their penis size to be bigger.

Actually, what happens is when time comes for male appearance then size matters a lot.

Many men think it so and even many sex therapists reveal that men want a bigger penis size when it comes for sexual activity.

And this is almost true because men has a thought that bigger penis size makes better sexual pleasure. [Read Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better? – Advantages of Having A Normal Penis]

But when we talk about overall sexual performance then everything is important like testosterone. But do you know that testosterone level affect penis size?

Well this might be a tricky question for many males but I will clear you here.

Testosterone is used for many reasons by men throughout their entire life. Some may use to increase body power like athletes or bodybuilders whereas others apply for some other ways.

But here the main thing is, does testosterone males your dick bigger?

Don’t worry, let us find it in this blog…


How penis size grow during puberty

We all know that testosterone is an important male hormone that is essential for our body. This is very responsible for generating pubescent changes in male body. As male body ages, their masculine characteristics grows along with body hair, voice deepening and main thing, penis growth.

As male reaches the age 12 and 18, in between their penis size begins to grow and after reaching the age of 21, penis size somewhere stops.

But some men believe that some testosterone supplements has the ability to increase penis size in these years, but this somewhere true and somewhere not.

Only genetics decide your penis size. And as this is a natural growth so you don’t have to bother about the size.

There are some stages of penis growth. Testosterone is totally capable of developing muscles. In this process, the first stage is the growth of testes and after that muscle mass increase.

Many men ask does testosterone makes your muscle bigger; the answer is ‘YES’. Testosterone is completely responsible for your muscle growth and muscle mass.

How lack of testosterone linked with decreased penis size

Several men have reported that their penis size has reduced as they age. It is like as men in their young age is full of free testosterone that makes growth of everything, similarly testosterone deficiency also can cause reduced penis size.

Some men have told that they have cute of half inch in size of penis as they age and here testosterone reduces. But apart from these, few men have got more cut in penis size. So what could be the reason.

The reason is simple, as men ages their body weight increases and abdominal fat developed in the pubic area. This fat in pubic area seems the penis size smaller than normal.

But here the solution is when men lose weight from this area then penis size comes back to its original position. So here, testosterone may play vital role in penis size but not completely.

But, have you ever thought and worked to find out the real reason behind penis growth?

I guess no body…

What’s the reason behind increased penis size

As you have come to know that many men reported shortage in penis size, similarly, many men have also reported increase in penis size due to testosterone and they were the athletes and bodybuilders.

They have seen an increase in penis size in its girth and circumference. They all are thankful to testosterone or the steroid that increases testosterone level in their body, hence making muscle mass and increased penis size.

Actually, this is not the case every time. Do you know when your penis becomes erect? It becomes erect only when vessels inside it become engorged with blood.

So taking steroid and increasing testosterone somewhere boost testosterone and due to this the penis size may increase at that time. This is because quantity of blood is more inside the vessels.

How testosterone affect sexual pleasure

Does testosterone makes you hornier, does testosterone affect positively on sexual life etc and many more questions comes on mind when we talk about testosterone and penis size.

This is true that testosterone is linked with penis size and whatever changes in the amount of hormone affect penis size. But testosterone is not only for penis size but it plays better role in sexual performance also.

History states that those men who suffers from low testosterone is not capable of maintaining their sexual life happily and successfully. They have to struggle a lot to achieve erection strength.

In addition, men can suffer from low sex drive and sexual desire and this is the reason why older men do not seem to have any interest in sexual activity. [Read Secrets To Enjoy Great Sex When You’re Older]

If you have high testosterone level then your sexual life can really become interesting as it has high impact on sexual life. And this is also the reason that many men goes for increasing testosterone level like testosterone replacement therapy, so that they don’t have to suffer in their sexual pleasure.

Low testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction and many other problems as well. So now, you can think how much testosterone is essential for your body especially in sex life.

However, if you see the other side of testosterone and penis size then, testosterone has only little impact on your penis size.

How to boost Testosterone

This is an important part for almost every man. Increasing testosterone level is not a difficult task but you should properly maintain it. If you go on searching how to boost testosterone then you can get several of them and you may not select among them due to confusion.

Natural ways to boost testosterone are the best, as you don’t have any kind of fear. In fact, some other ways includes heavy weight lifts, more sleep with quality; always drink more water, etc.

Even you can take help of many testosterone booster supplements like Pro Testosterone. Yes, there are several such types of testosterone supplements that works effectively in increases the T level in men. The supplement is made of natural ingredients that do not have any kind of unexpected situation.

It contains a super formula that helps to get back your power and strength, sexual stamina, low sex drive and of course muscle mass. This is natural testosterone booster so you can enjoy your sexual life happily.

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So now, I think it is clear that does testosterone makes your dick bigger? Testosterone is an important hormone that works in the development during puberty. So you can be in relief now that testosterone makes your dick bigger though it is in small quantity.

If you take some testosterone supplements that it can boost the level and at the same time your sexual life will also become satisfying without any problem.

Don’t forget that though you don’t get that much bigger size of penis that you have expected through testosterone but you will get enough muscle mass and a good body figure to make your partner happy and satisfy in bed.

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Does Testosterone Make Your Dick Bigger- The Controversial Truth Reveals
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Does Testosterone Make Your Dick Bigger- The Controversial Truth Reveals
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