Does Testosterone Give Men Better Direction Sense

Does Testosterone Give Men Better Direction Sense

If you think that men have better direction of sense compared to women then it is sure. This is one of the oldest gender clichés.

This has been estimated from long time, so today in this blog, we will discuss about whether men really have better direction sense and if they have then how?

When men get better sense and who is responsible for it?

In a research scientists have told that men have better sense of direction compared to women and this is due to their hormones.

Before coming to this conclusion, scientists have given men and women route mapping tasks just to see the performance of women after giving a small dose of testosterone.

This task was done on laboratory where men and women were provided 3D goggles and steering with a joystick only to search the way between two points on virtual against clock.

At this time, both men and women‘s brains were viewed with the help of real-time MRI scanner.


Some other navigation strategies

testoWhen the first test was done between 18 men and 18 women then it is considered as “men’s sense of direction was more effective” and they have simply got their destination faster.

In the task, men used most of the points of the compass then women. Some other things include is when those men and women were going to student society building then usually men goes in the general direction where it is located.

This justifies that men has better direction sense then women as women orient themselves with a route to get there.

Though there are other things which is considered but whatever results the real time MRI images showed is considered as the best results used by both men and women.

It is seen that men use the part called hippocampus whereas women used frontal areas of brain more. In fact this is also necessary that hippocampus make use of cardinal directions by using all directions like east, west, north and south.

It is said that gender played a vital role which makes it different and it is also believed that in ancient time, men were hunters and women were gatherers.

Due to this man’s brain develop differently. But some researchers have stated that compared to men, women are better at finding objects and this in simple terms, women’s are faster on searching things in house whereas men are faster in finding house.

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Testosterone Test

In the second round test, testosterone was given to women after dissolving it under their tongue in a small amount (0.5mg).

After this it was found that those women who were given dissolved testosterone, they familiarize themselves better in all four directions like south, north, east and west.

After that 42 women were divided in two and randomly provided hormone or fake treatment and this is not known by any of the researchers nor the women who got doses.

In a thought after this dose, they would work stronger and would solve more tasks but they failed.

One thing has improved in them and that is knowledge of the layout and in fact they also used their hippocampus to a greater extent compared to before one as this is used by men more for navigating.

In this research, another symptom of Alzheimer’s disease was found in which losing sense of direction is considered which is in found in early stage.

Both in men and women, all brain related diseases are different either in number of affected individuals or in severity. Hence something is probably protecting or hurting people of one sex.

Instead it is already known that most men compared to women are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it might contains something which is related to sex hormones and is harmful.

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Well at last it is known that men have better direction sense because of testosterone. However, here it is also important to know that if testosterone level drops then it is harmful for health. So, why not to maintain a healthy sexual life without any issue.

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Does Testosterone Give Men Better Direction Sense
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Does Testosterone Give Men Better Direction Sense
Testosterone plays an important role in human body and if it is low then it can really create lots of problem. However many ways are best to increase testosterone level and it also gives better direction sense.
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