Do Semen Pills Actually Do to Generate High Volumes of Ejaculate

Do Semen Pills Actually Do to Generate High Volumes of Ejaculate

Are you looking for good semen pills which can help you to increase ejaculate volume?

If yes then you have landed in the right place. Here you will know how semen pills generate high volumes of ejaculation?

Increasing the semen volume and ejaculating more is one of the necessary goals for most men. If you ejaculate more then you are a great confidence builder.

Many men don’t have high volume of semen and therefore they fail to ejaculate more and hence they fail in front of their partners.

If you have increased ejaculation volume then lots of benefits are there like you will get advantage of highly desirable sexual. In fact there are many ways to boost semen and ejaculation volume.


How much semen is in an ejaculation?

You will find many people who don’t have any idea to judge themselves about how much they ejaculate especially when it is soaked in napkin or in tissue or spread out.

In general a man ejaculate at least 1 teaspoon worth of semen at one time of ejaculation which is about 5ml and this is not considered as large amount. The amount can increase when you take some more time to ejaculate but if you ejaculate in less time than the volume will be less.

How does arousal affect the amount of ejaculation?

The body of men continuously produces sperm and it stores for ejaculation which gets mixed with the fluid that is produced by seminal vesicles and prostate. The volume of ejaculation can also be affected from the amount of time spent in sexual activity and the arousal time.

It is general sense that if you have longer arousal, build-up and direct stimulation before you ejaculate then there will be more volume of fluid which is produced to mix with sperm for ejaculation. Moreover, many times you can notice that when there is an increase volume of ejaculate then it produces watery semen and this is due to higher fluid volume.

Steps to maximize ejaculate volume

If you want to increase the amount of ejaculation then mentioned below are some of the tips which can help you.

Frequency of ejaculation– You should know that every 24-36 hours, the volume of ejaculation reaches to its peak. It simply means that if you ejaculate within this period of time after your first ejaculate then you will get less volume of ejaculation.

Always stay hydrated– Whatever total amount you ejaculate from that 98% is the form of water. Therefore if you don’t have enough water then the amount of ejaculation will be decreased.

Even the ejaculate will become thick and very slow. So take as much water as you can so that your body can have enough water to ejaculate more volume.

Build up the pelvic floor muscle– If you do exercise of pelvic floor muscle then your blood flow to the genitalia will be stimulated and this provides extra vigor to increase volume of ejaculation. In addition to that, any type of cardio exercise will also be an advantage because this can help in circulation of the entire body.

How to improve your ejaculation

However if you are not hydrated then it’s common that there will be less volume of ejaculation. Some other factors which can improve your ejaculation are by good sleep, proper amount of zinc in your diet; don’t have any type of stress etc.

Even strengthening PC muscle can also have strong contraction which can help you to produce more fluid.

In fact there are many semen pills which can help to ejaculate more available online or in market. Several pills are there but before taking any pills, make sure whether it works or not. One of the beneficial semen pills is Semenax.

This is the best semen pills which increase the volume of semen and along with it also increases the ejaculation volume. This is made of natural ingredients which prove that it is effective without causing any type of side effects.

It comes in pill form and this is also medically approved and it provides realistic results to men.

So those men who think that they are not getting enough semen level, for them this pill will work very effectively without any side effects.


One thing you might have knows that semen pills really work to increase the volume of ejaculation. However you will get lots of such pills that promises to give you advantage but some of them work whereas some of them fail. Whatever I have mentioned in this blog will surely raise your semen level and you can have a happy life with your partner.

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Do Semen Pills Actually Do to Generate High Volumes of Ejaculate
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Do Semen Pills Actually Do to Generate High Volumes of Ejaculate
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