Dehydration and Erectile Dysfunction- What is the Connection and How to Cure it?

Dehydration and Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know that if your body doesn’t have enough water then it can lead to serious health problem such as erectile dysfunction?

Are you aware of this problem? Or do you avoid drinking enough water?

If you don’t know about it then here in this blog, we will discuss about how dehydration can lead to ED and what are the ways to get rid of it? But before that, let us know what actually ED is?

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the serious issues that many men come across as they age. In this condition, men cannot achieve erection which is required for sexual intercourse.

There are several causes behind this like physical, psychological and also due to lifestyle changes, ED can occur.

Though this issue is seen mostly at certain age but nowadays, even young guys also experience it. This is because of dehydration.

Many people don’t drink enough water which is required for the body and they have to face such type of problems.

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Though water is very much important for every people, but men should drink it regularly so that their body’s system work properly and also men can achieve an erection required for sex. But at the same time, if any of the body’s fluid level is low and if caused by dehydration then ED will surely occur.

Here the most important thing to understand is what leads to dehydration, how dehydration leads to ED and how it is treated will surely help men to suffer from dehydration and ED too.

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How Dehydration leads to ED

It is very important to know for every man how to not drinking enough water can lead to serious health issues. Reason is already clear why you should be hydrated every day?

Not drinking enough water can show you big problem whenever you and your partner want to have sexual intercourse in bedroom. In fact this is also one of the reasons why men fail to maintain erection during sexual activity. Find out best exercises for stronger erection.

Before going for any solution, you should also know why keeping hydrated is very much important for men. While getting sexually aroused, brain starts to release hormones that make changes in the body. It stimulates the reproductive system and also helps the penis and scrotum to become sensitive.

These hormones only boost blood pressure and also increase blood flow to penis directly. After that only, penis becomes erect and is ready to satisfy partner. Read how to satisfy your partner in bed.

In one study, it was found a sudden reduce in amount of plasma with red blood cells and this is one of the factor to lead ED. In fact, many people also ask does drinking water improve ed? The answer is Yes.

So it is important to increase the amount of water in the body as if your system will be more hydrated, the red blood cells and plasma will be circulated efficiently.

In body, a type of hormone is present known as angiotensin which points out when body does not get enough water. Due to this, men face problem in maintain stable erections.

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Signs of Dehydration

Well, you should notice some of the signs of dehydration. Noticing the symptoms will really help you stay from dehydration. If you are feeling thirsty then you are dehydrated. So start paying attention to the signs which are:

  • Dark colored urine
  • Reduce stamina
  • Less urine including amount and frequency
  • Have a feeling of confusion
  • Tongue and mouth will be dry
  • Fatigue and dizziness
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What is the Solution?

Many men think ED is not a serious issue. In fact, somewhere it is true. But many men fear of its occurrence again after suffering from ED problem.

However, ED can cause anxiety problem which can lead to the problem again. Find out how anxiety causes premature ejaculation?

But, there is no need to worry as the solution for the problem is not so difficult. Drinking enough water that body requires is the best way to get rid of any problem. You should always think to keep a cool genital temperature.

If your genitals will be cool then more sperm will be produced. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day to avoid heat as it can totally damage the sperm count. So you should drink too much water that helps to treat erectile dysfunction.

Even eating fresh fruits and vegetables also helps to cure ED because these not only contains water but also have vitamins and minerals that are required for healthy body. It is advised to do regular exercise so that blood circulates properly.

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Cure ED Faster with VigRX Plus

If you want to cure your ED problem faster then trying VigRX Plus will definitely help you. This is one of the best male enhancement products that are made to cure ED problems.

This will provide men with long lasting erections that will satisfy their partner completely. It is 100% safe and contains natural ingredients which gives men a boost to their sexual life. So for better treatment, you should go for VigRX Plus.

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Tips for Erectile Health

It is very important to know some tips that can keep you healthy and also safe from any health condition. They are:

Exercise on regular basis– If you don’t does exercise then your lifestyle will become lazy as you will gain weight, high cholesterol and also there will be less circulation. All these can lead to ED, so better to do exercises regularly.

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Drink in control– Nowadays men drink alcohol but this is harmful especially for sexual health. Drinking too much alcohol can reduce sex drive and also men cannot achieve erection. In fact, some other problem will also occur due to excess alcohol. So better to avoid this and instead drink lots of water.

Eat healthy– Whatever you eat impact a lot on your health. Eating fish or olive oil and nuts are good for health. Try to eat fruits and veggies which are helpful in reducing ED.

Don’t get overweight– If you are overweight then it can lead to ED, so better maintain a healthy weight which is good for overall health.

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All in whole, it means that if you are not drinking too much water then though things are hot in the bedroom, you will not get hard rock erection. This blog also describes how dehydration can cause erectile dysfunction. I hope you have understood why less drinking water is bad for health after reading the complete blog.

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