Can Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex Harmful for Sex Life- Reveal the Unknown Truth?

Can Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex harmful for Sex Life- Reveal the unknown truth?

Sex is one of the important parts of life which everyone wants to enjoy. Even doing sex has lots of advantages and due to this also, many guy takes interest. Some of the advantages of sex are it decreases heart disease, increase immune system and also decrease stress level.

But many times you have also heard about people doing some unusual things. They include walking during sleep, or eating something while sleep etc. but has you ever heard about sex in sleep?

This may sound you awkward but actually such things happen. People having sex in sleep are a rare case and this is called as Sexsomnia or sleep sex. Many guys have this habit but they don’t know. So today in this blog we will discuss about sexsomnia and also how to deal with it.

What is sexsomnia?

This is an unusual condition which occurs to men when they are sleeping. Though it can occur anytime during sleep but especially happens in first few hours. In this condition, men are known to engage in oral sex, masturbate or even have sexual intercourse while asleep. In fact the surprising situation is that men don’t even remember about all these.

Many times it happens more than once at night and it affect men more than women. Even this condition is also called as parasomnia that is used as umbrella term for abnormal behaviors which takes place while sleeping. In a study conducted by National Sleep Foundation, 10% of Americans suffer from parasomnia.

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What are the causes of sexsomnia?

Though its not clear what actually the thing which contribute to this condition. But yes doctors know the causes of this condition and some of them are mention here. So let us see them:

  • Due to high stress level
  • Due to some medications
  • Because of unbalanced sleep styles
  • Anxiety problem
  • Drinking excess alcohol
  • Lack of sleep
  • Because of fatigue

However all these are some of the causes that leads to occur sexsomnia. And one more thing to add is that sexsomniacs person doesn’t even remember the things they have done at night. Because of this, many guys who have raped used this word for their self-defense.

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Symptoms of sexsomnia

You may think that sexsomnia is similar to sex-dreams which happen to many guys. But this is wrong; sex dreams are for teenagers as well as adults and this also have different experience from sexsomnia. You already know that in the condition of sexsomnia, people engage with some other people.

The condition is not known by the person itself but others may notice it. That means that until some other person tells him about the condition, the person will become unknown. However some of the common symptoms of this disorder include:

  • Masturbation
  • Natural orgasm
  • Engaging in foreplay with bed partner
  • Doing sexual intercourse
  • Don’t realize about the behavior
  • Pelvic thrusting

However whatever the condition people suffer from, it completely looks a sign on parasomnia. The guys experiencing the fact have their eyes open but they don’t remember what they are doing. In fact their partner may judge them well according to their behavior. Because when they have sexual intercourse while sleeping, there is a difference in sexual activity while sleeping and in normal sex. So shyness is also low and is completely different from normal sex.

Advantages and Disadvantages of sexsomnia

Sleeping sex can have benefits as well as demerits also. Many of them don’t know about all these but here you will know what are the advantages and disadvantages of sexsomnia.


According to those couple who have experienced sleep sex state that they are more confident in doing sexual activity. The manner of sex is different while sleep compared to awake. In normal sexual intercourse, couple somewhere has shyness but in sleep sex, there is no matter of such things. Due to this, their sex play becomes more enjoying and also helpful in curing several sexual problems as well.


The disadvantage in this condition is that many relationships have a chance to breakup. Many be you have interest in sex but your partner do not have interest and here the problem arises. In fact it can be an irritating situation for many partners as they don’t want to spoil their sleep. And this condition can also leave both couple tired.

In fact many times it has seen that people get blank while having sex. Little interest might come in each other mind of having sex but if one partners fall asleep then the question occurs on other partners mind whether you are thinking of somebody else in sleep? So, all these can have a bad impact on sexual life.

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Risk factors of sexsomnia

This disorder may not occur or may occur in rare case but there are some risk factors which can interfere your sleep. Some of them are:

  • People having problem of sexsomnia can also suffer from other parasomnias. They can vary from person to person that includes walking in night while sleeping or eating during sleep.
  • Such condition is most to occur when people need more sleep at night
  • Also due to some medications side effect
  • Even some people are noticed about having sleep apnea where they stop breathing for some interval while they are sleeping
  • Such type of conditions can also spread in families to other members
  • Even when people drink alcohol or drugs then they suffer from such sleep disorders

What are the treatments of sexsomnia?

Well, this condition though does not occur to everyone but to whom it occurs, for them treatment is very important. If not treated then this can continue in future and can spoil your love life. Treatment options are:

Deal with primary sleep disorders

If sexsomnia is related to other sleep disorders then of course treating other disorders like sleep apnea or leg syndrome can be beneficial to stop the condition. This can be done to get5 rid of such sleep disorder.

Use medicines to treat the condition

Many people suffer from anxiety, stress and depression due to which they can suffer from sexsomnia. So if this is the case then treating all these with medicines can be helpful to get rid of the issue.

Changes in the drug

Before you started suffering from sexsomnia, if you have begun any medications then it can be due to such medicines. So change it as soon as possible to prevent from disorder. Many times the drugs which you take to cure any disease may lead to parasomnia.

Start new prescription

There are some medicines which can make you suffer from sleeping sex disorder but there are also other medicines that are helpful in treating it. Like antidepressants or anti-seizure can help to get out of the situation.

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Many guys can suffer from this condition but it can have a bad impact on sexual relationship. However treatment is very much important otherwise it can completely destroy relationship and also other activities.

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Can Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex Harmful for Sex Life- Reveal the Unknown Truth?
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Can Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex Harmful for Sex Life- Reveal the Unknown Truth?
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