Male Orgasmic Disorder- Causes, Symptoms & Its Treatment

Male orgasmic disorder

You might know that as men ages, their sexual drive reduces and some other problems cover them. This low sexual rive may lead to unwanted depression or anxiety.  

These things come as a challenge for those men who have enjoyed a lot of their sexual activity when they were at that stage. Now they cannot accept all such changes.

All these changes can diminish every activity of men and it can be due to psychologically or physically issue.

However, this is the fact that nobody wants to partially enjoy their sexual life and it is mentioned for both men and women.

However, due to some unwanted conditions, men have to suffer a lot compared to women. One of the things is Male Orgasmic Disorder. If this condition comes in healthy men then it can really change the way of living especially in sexual life.

So today let us discuss about male orgasmic disorder, how it occurs, what are its symptoms and finally how to overcome it.

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About Male Orgasmic Disorder

Male orgasmic disorder is defined as the inability to achieve orgasm while sexual activity no matter how long man engages in sexual activity. It means that men cannot achieve orgasm or is completely absent and this can be frustrating for anyone who don’t know what it is about.

It has been seen that many men try to see the difference between orgasms and ejaculation but they both are different in the terms of biochemical and physiological phenomena.

This is also known as male orgasmic dysfunction, anorgasmia, retarded ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, inhibited orgasm etc. Hence, it is also said that male orgasmic disorder is also the reason for male infertility.

Compared to normal men, those men who suffer from such orgasm problem cannot experience an orgasm, which is really a big problem for both couples. They don’t have any excitement and this orgasms problem continues regularly.

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What is normal orgasm?

Everyone don’t have a clear idea between ejaculation and orgasm and normal orgasm. You should know that ejaculation is physical phenomenon in which semen is released from penis after the sexual encounter.

Whereas orgasm is known as uncontrollable activity where the muscles around genital undergoes rhythmic contraction in reaction to sexual stimulus.

But apart from that, it is also important to know what is called as normal orgasm? The orgasm in males consists of emission, which is followed by ejaculation. This ejaculation is produced by contractions of prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

Orgasm is a feel of physical experience whereas ejaculation is known as reflex action that occurs in the lower part of spinal cord and hence results in injection of semen.

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Some Common Symptoms of Male Orgasmic Disorder:

Many men come across such orgasmic disorder problem. Here the symptoms can be similar but its causes may vary from men to men. However, let us look at some of the common symptoms of male orgasmic disorder:

  • Distress and disappointment in sexual relationship
  • Low sex drive, low interest and dissatisfaction
  • Persistent, chronic problem to achieve an orgasm
  • Some symptoms are seen while masturbation
  • Fear and anxiety linked to sexual performance
  • Emotional trauma

Common causes of Male Orgasmic Disorder

There are two main category of male orgasmic disorder causes and they are physical and psychological. Physical causes are:

  • Hypogonadism in which testes fails to produce testosterone
  • Due to disease in nervous system
  • Due to surgery
  • Harmful medications
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Unhealthy penis

Psychological causes are:

  • Anxiety, fear, anger or low self-esteem
  • Depression or stress
  • Feeling guilty or fear of STDs
  • Unsatisfying sexual experience
  • Disappointment in relationship
  • Past history of physical or sexual abuse, rape

Diagnosis of Male Orgasmic Disorder

Well when time comes to diagnose the problem then it is based on the history of patient’s. This may be also the part of sexual malfunctioning, which includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Therefore, to check the difference between all these disorders, your physician may take a laboratory test. Here the testosterone level is checked and apart from that, several other tests are taken such as pituitary, thyroid, adrenal gland etc to check hormonal abnormalities of those glands.

Even another test is also suggested for nocturnal penile erections, which diagnose erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for Male Orgasmic Disorder

The final question is how to treat this disorder? Well when we talk about treatments of anything then you can see several ways for it. But here the thing is different and so the treatment will also vary from other conditions.

If the condition is due to new medications or depression then the proper treatment plan can help to cure the problem. Apart from that if man have low sexual desire or pain while intercourse then also proper addressing to the condition can help to get rid of it.

Sex therapy is much recommended because it has a chance of success of 65 to 85 percent. And if the condition is primary then this chance increases to 75 to 90 percent. Even therapy also improves the condition of diabetes that affect a lot in sexual function. Going to a sex therapist can help you better to go through the problem deeply and get out of it completely.

Marital problems can also lead to the condition so it is important to improve the communication between both so that the relationship works. In this, doing some couple exercises plays more attention towards each other and have a higher chance to get out of the condition.

This treatment requires both sexual partners to involve so that the treatment can be done in better way and it can cure both psychological and physical problems as well.

In fact keeping a healthy lifestyle like proper exercising your body, having nutritious diet can help you to overcome male orgasmic disorder. The reason behind this is psychological and it should be addressed immediately.

At this stage, there seems much complication between partners and this is not the right thing. As I have told earlier that every man wants to enjoy his sexual life and if it is not enjoyable then it can really become worse between relationships an mutual satisfying. This disorder really reduces every enjoyment in between couples and seems nothing is left.

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Some Prevention Tips

However, you may not come to the condition ever or if you ever experience such type of problem then it is advised to follow the tips mentioned so that you can avoid harmful conditions.

Some of them include:

  • Keep healthy attitude towards sex and also be educated about sexual stimulation
  • Never ignore any symptoms that you see about male orgasmic disorder
  • Don’t ignore to take the responsibility of your own sexual problem
  • Always try to discuss the problem with your partner and your doctors
  • Don’t leave the problem without treating and until you go the end of its cause


At last, I hope whatever I have explained you about male orgasmic disorder are clear to you and hopefully if you ever experience it then do not forget to cure it immediately. Many men can suffer from, so there is nothing to get frustrated about this condition.

If you come across such issue then try to tell it to your partner and go to a sex therapist and do all the important things that he/she suggests.

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Male Orgasmic Disorder- Causes, Symptoms & Its Treatment
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Male Orgasmic Disorder- Causes, Symptoms & Its Treatment
Male orgasmic disorder is a condition that occurs to men where they are unable to achieve orgasm while sexual activity.
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