Male Frigidity- About, Causes & Best Remedies to Overcome the Condition!

Male Frigidity- About, Causes & Best Remedies to Overcome the Condition!

Are you sexually unresponsive in your sex life?

Thinking what can be done to overcome this problem?

Well, no need to worry. I have come up with the best solution for your problem.

The problem that you and several other men are facing is called as Male Frigidity. Though many of them are not aware of this word but I am sure after reading this blog, you will come to know everything about it.

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About Frigidity

Frigidity is the word called as low sexual desire or lack of sexual drives found in both men and women. However, in men, this condition means lack of libido.

This is a male impotence where men suffers from penile erection and fails to emit semen. It completely means that men cannot get sexual desire.

Here the main problem is that both men and women face the situation and therefore it is mandatory to handle the situation in good way.

Loss of sexual desire means every enjoyment stops in love life. However, there are several reasons, which leads to frigidity.

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Causes of Frigidity

There are several reasons, which lead to male frigidity, and among them psychological and physiological factors are the main culprits. Some of the common reasons are:

Psychological causes– In this case, fear, anxiety, pre-marital sex experience, veneral diseases etc

Physiological– This condition occurs due to physiological causes where men comes to this situation after 50 years

DrugsDepressants, chronic alcoholism, narcotics, hypotensive agents etc

Constitutional– Many men are sexually weak though they are physically well maintained

Genetic causes– Due to genetic problem also such type of frigidity occurs to many men. Even men suffering from cancer, diabetes, neurological problems, klinefilter syndrome etc. also have a chance to suffer from such problem.

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Difference in Sexual Desires

You might have suffered from many consequences in your love life. And among them, differences between sexual relationship is really one of the main culprit. Divergence in sexual desire between couples can lead to many unwanted situation.

In this, one partner may have sexual desire whereas the other partners do not. However, this is not due to medical problem but the issue can be because of unhealthy relationship.

This problem is mostly seen in older guys in both men and women, especially in women which is the result of menopause. So mutual understanding can solve the issue. Men should also remember that suffering from certain diseases like diabetes, arthritis etc can lead to sexual problem.

So never, blame on anyone for the unresponsive sexual desire because somewhere both male and female are responsible for the condition.

How to Diagnosis Male Frigidity

Well when you come across such problem then you should visit to your doctor or to a sex therapist. He /she will identify the problem and after that only sex therapist can say what type of treatment, the individual requires.

Some may suffer from physical inactivity whereas some may overcome the condition by proper sleeping and taking complete rest.

If there is no physical inactivity, then taking some herbal supplements can solve the issue by increasing the male libido, overall tone. Taking herbs can improve erection level and men can get rid of erectile dysfunction.

How to Treat Male Frigidity

As it is discussed earlier, herbal supplements are used to cure the condition. So here, I am going to tell you some of the home remedies that can help you to treat unresponsive sexual desire.

Exercise– Exercise is always important for everyone and it should be done regular to keep you fit and strong. Even exercise is also helpful in getting rid of frigidity. Some exercises are available that helps both men and women to boost their libido and sex drive.

Even reducing stress level can give male and female happiness and a kind of comfort zone where both couple can enjoy their sexual relationship.

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Ashwamedha– This is also called as winter cherry and an important home remedies to get way of frigidity. This is known as a natural tonic for sex drive, which you can get in the form of powder, capsules, extracts etc.

Maura Puama– This is yet another natural herb for getting rid of low sex drive especially for females. This herb is used to stimulate nerve and it is also known as aphrodisiac. Take this home remedy for two weeks and you can overcome frigidity easily.

Avocado– Avocado is used in many treatments and a good way to get rid of male frigidity. It improves thyroid gland function and boost sex drive.

Ginger– This is one of the best home remedy for male frigidity. It is easily available at home so no need to worry from where to get it. Ginger helps to boost blood flow in both men and women’s lower part along with enhancing sexual drive in both couples.

Fenugreek seeds– This seed is useful in boosting sexual desire in men as well as women. It works by regulating estrogen level in body and works to cure vaginal dryness in women.

So these are some of the natural home remedies that really help men to get rid of male frigidity. In fact, there are several other foods that are helpful but going through the above-mentioned home remedies can really increase low sex drive.

Cure Male Frigidity via Natural Supplement

Well, as home remedies work to get rid of male frigidity, there are also several natural supplements in the form of pills or creams, which works effectively to treat the condition.

And in this context, Volume Pills will work for you. This is one of the best remedy that helps men to boost libido and overall sexual performance. Apart from that, this pill also increases male hormones and works effectively to make men load bigger and climaxing strong with partner.

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Frigidity is a common problem for many males and female and simply getting into it and not doing anything to cure cannot solve the problem. Every unwanted condition should be cured on time. Especially when you suffer from low sex drive then it completely stops you to lead an enjoyable sexual life.

So try to overcome the condition by following the above mentioned ways. I hope this blog will surely help you treat male frigidity easily and you can lead a satisfying sexual life.

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Male Frigidity- About, Causes & Best Remedies to Overcome the Condition!
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Male Frigidity- About, Causes & Best Remedies to Overcome the Condition!
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