Cure Gynecomastia -How to Get Rid Of Enlarge Male Breast

Cure Gynecomastia -How to Get Rid Of Enlarge Male Breast

Have you ever faced your breast size bigger than it is to be?

What have you done to make it normal as other people have?

Are you aware of that it is one of the harmful conditions that many men suffer from?

Don’t know what it is and searching how to get rid of large breast size?

Don’t worry; stay tuned as I am going to help you out here by giving you complete information on how male suffers from increase breast size and how to overcome it?

Table of Contents

About Gynecomastia

Causes of Gynecomastia

Signs and Symptoms

Is Gynecomastia reversible

Is Gynecomastia a permanent condition?

Is Gynecomastia harmful?

Who can get Gynecomastia?

How Gynecomastia diagnosed?

Treatment for Gynecomastia

About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is one of the harmful conditions that makes men suffer from large breast size. In this, breast tissues swelled up that makes awkward for many men. This large breast is seen in both or one and in some cases, some uneven development is seen.


It comes due to irregular levels of hormones while puberty. In this condition, common signs are seen as swollen breast glandular tissue and breast tenderness. Gynecomastia can happen in both boys and men. In United States itself, it was estimated that 17 million men are affected by Gynecomastia in one of four grades.

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Causes of Gynecomastia

There are several causes of this condition in men. Let us look at some of the common causes:

Liver disease– The issue occurs due to imbalance of hormone where estrogen levels are increases in comparison to androgens level. Estrogen is known as ‘female hormones’ whereas androgens are ‘male hormones’. Here the fact is that men bodies make estrogen and women’s bodies make androgen.

The disease of liver breaks down the ability to decrease estrogens, hence the level of estrogen increases in blood, and it enlarges men’s breast. Here by improving liver function, the enlarge breast can become normal again.

Certain medications– There are some drugs that can lead to enlarge breast. The drugs are especially for heart disease and for high blood pressure. Even those drugs, which is used to cure heartburn or ulcers. In addition, drugs, which are used to cure prostate or enlarge it, leads to such condition because it works to decrease androgen levels.

Herbal remedies– There are some herbal remedies, which can lead to enlargement of breast. Herbal remedies consist of phytoestrogens that is harmful and men can suffer from large breast size. Even those men who take steroids can also suffer from Gynecomastia.

Signs and Symptoms

Well now it is clear that the primary symptom of Gynecomastia is enlarge of breast in male. It is the glandular tissue enlargement instead of fatty tissue. However, it happens on one side but chances are that it can affect both sides.

Many times, one side can become greater than the other side instead of both is affected. However, this condition is not painful but the enlarged part becomes sensitive. This is also compared to male breast cancer but it occurs only in one side and not necessary to occur around the nipple.

Some other symptoms of cancer include dimpling of skin, nipple discharge, hardening of tissue, enlargement of the underarm etc.

Is Gynecomastia reversible?

Many sufferers generally ask this question that if such condition occurs to anyone then is it reversible or not? Well, this can be reversible. However, it is not as harmful as the breast is filled with breast glands and fat. This happens due to certain medications or drugs and when all such drugs are stopped then the enlarge of breast comes back to its normal position.

But here the problem is if you continue to take drugs due to which Gynecomastia develops then it can reverse back again.

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Is Gynecomastia a permanent condition?

Well the condition is common compared to breast cancer. This is simply an enlargement of tissue under nipple on chest wall where fat gathers a lot. Therefore, this condition is not a permanent condition. Gynecomastia generally goes via lots of phases and after that it gets away.

Is Gynecomastia harmful?

Gynecomastia once develops in your breast is not so harmful. But for some men, it may lead to some other serious issues like testicular cancer. This may not be even painful but can make you look awkward and you want to get rid of it. It is not harmful because in the enlargement of breast, glandular tissue grows under influence of hormonal stimulation.

Why does spironolactone cause Gynecomastia?

Spironolactone comes through Gynecomastia that reduces testosterone production, displacing estradiol from sex hormone and increasing peripheral conversion of testosterone. Everyone knows that Gynecomastia occurs because of changes in ratio of free androgen to ratio.

Who can get Gynecomastia?

This is important to know, who suffers from this harmful condition? Generally, males at puberty are having higher risk compared to normal. Even normal males can also develop this condition. However some other factors are:

  • Those men who suffers from liver problem are at high risk to develop the condition
  • Due to aging, as it reduces testosterone level and can lead to Gynecomastia
  • Even those men who have habits of taking of unwanted medicines are at high risk to develop the problem

How Gynecomastia diagnosed?

After you come to know about the problem, you should visit to your doctor, as he/she will diagnose by physically examining your body. They will check the size of your breast and if it is 0.5 cm in diameter then it is known to be a condition of Gynecomastia. Apart from that, medical history is also checked so that the main reason can be focused.

Even doctor can also take several other tests like blood tests so that more about Gynecomastia reason can be seen. One of the tests is known as Mammography that is conducted just to check out if any doubt of male breast cancer.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

When it comes to treatment then obviously, you will get several options. And as this condition is becoming popular so its treatment options are getting wider. So let us look at some of the best treatment options that can help you to get rid of the problem.


Many men suggest this surgery and it is one of the expensive treatment options. This option is not recommended at first. However, when men don’t get any other options then they move forward to do this and it is also becoming more common day by day.

The surgery is done on the basis that what will be the shape of the breast after the surgery is done. In 2015, breast reduction surgery was mostly done surgery as stated in several statistics.

Gynecomastia Shirts

This is a new thing for many sufferers. Gynecomastia treatment option adds another feature of Gynecomastia shirts. This shirt will help to compress chest and mask of enlarge breast.

So this shirt is really useful and comfortable and is good for those person who are worried about their enlarge breast size. You can get such shirts from branded companies like Nike and Armour with great quality.


There are several exercises, which can help you to reduce the size of male breast. These exercises are recommended so that muscles can tighten the chest.

Push-ups– This exercise is very useful as it reduces the size of breast and tightens the chests upper muscles.

Seated row– This is also a helpful exercise that works to reduce the boobs of man into firmness

Using dumbbells– Using dumbbells for chest can become lifted by doing incline press with it. This helps to appear the size lifted and makes its flat, hence decreasing the diameter.

Testosterone replacement

As it is clear that testosterone level drops in this condition so why not to go for replacement therapy. Many men with lower T level is suggested to go for testosterone replacement therapy. But this therapy is not effective for those males who have normal level. [Read Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits]

Gynecomastia Supplements

Well supplements really plays an important role in reducing enlargement of breast in men. So one should try those supplements that can help to balance estrogen and testosterone ratio, boost testosterone production and also reduces the diameter of breast.

One of the best supplements is TestRX. This bodybuilding supplement is one of the best solutions for low testosterone. It works on solving the unwanted conditions that is caused due to low T level. This supplement is made of natural ingredients and is useful for those men also who suffers from low sex drive, depression, low muscle mass, etc.


At last, we have come the conclusion part where we have seen that Gynecomastia is a common condition that can happen to any male. This can also get away without any special treatment. But some men suffers a lot where treatment is necessary.

However, this condition is not linked with long-term problem but if it is not cured on time then it can also lead to other diseases as well like breast cancer. Therefore, to overcome Gynecomastia, the mentioned treatments options are must to follow.

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