Everything You Need to Know About Dhat Syndrome and Its Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About Dhat Syndrome and Its Treatment

Do you know about ‘Dhat syndrome’? Have you ever come across this problem and searching for some best ways to get rid of it?

Well in this blog, we will discuss about ‘Dhat syndrome’, how it occurs, reasons, symptoms and its complete treatment that would help men to lead a happy and better sex life without any problem.

You might know that semen production is a continuous process in male after boy reaches puberty. This semen contains sperms as well as seminal fluids that prevent sperms. At least 2% of entire semen volume consists of sperm and the left one is the seminal fluids.

Generally sperms are produced in testicles and it remains until male ejaculates but the fluids are produced after male gets aroused. But male has the problem of semen discharge which passes through urine. This is a common problem many guys suffer from.


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Sometimes I feel that I am passing greasy type liquid before or after urination. What are the causes behind this? I feel very tense bcz I have no idea about dhat syndrome. Is there any existence of dhat disease in medical science? Passing the greasy liquid during urination is harmful? If yes then what are the treatment and precaution. Is it affecting our mental health?

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What is ‘Dhat Syndrome’

Dhat Syndrome’ is the condition which occurs generally in Indian subcontinent. This word ‘Dhat’ is derived from Sanskrit language named as dhatu (metal), known as the most concentrated, powerful and perfect body substance and the preservation guarantees longevity and health.

Dhat syndrome” was first defined by Dr. N.N. Wig in a 1960 of (Indian) Journal of Clinical and Social Psychiatry and after that by Dr. J.S. Neki in the British Journal of Psychiatry (1973).

In this condition, patients are reported vague psychosomatic symptoms which include weakness, guilt, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, loss of appetite, anxiety and also loss of semen during urination. [Read Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?]

In fact the case is that even patients believe that they suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence and also know that semen passes in their urine.

This condition is mostly seen in young males but even females are also reported with such problem where excess vaginal discharge is seen and measured as ‘vital fluid’.

Is Dhat Syndrome Curable?

Now, this question many men have and they want to know the actual answer whether dhat syndrome is curable or not.

Well, I would like to say that Yes, dhat syndrome can be cured.

This condition can be cured only by having much sex education, trying some relaxing therapy and some medications. Following anyone of them will help you to overcome the condition easily.

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General Dhat Syndrome Causes

Causes are many when term comes to dhat syndrome. Many guys knew that dhat consists of semen which is followed by pus, concentrated urine, sugar and infection.

This is due to excess masturbation or due to excess involvement in sexual activities and along with that, venereal diseases, overheating, worm infection, urinary tract infections, constipation, not having proper sleep or even due to genetic problems.

In one of the study published in British Journal of Psychiatry by Dr. M.S. Bhatia and Dr. S.C. Malik told that out of 144, 93 patients with sexual dysfunction was suffering from dhat syndrome. In fact, some papers also published on dhat syndrome in year 1980s and 1990s and reported that anxiety, depression are the main contributors of dhat syndrome to patient.

People suffering from the condition don’t know they are suffering from such problem or if they know about the problem, they don’t tell or discuss about it. They usually get information from their friends, relatives or colleagues.

Many men have poor habits to increase the pleasure which includes hand practice and this is because for enlargement, irritation or prostate gland.

Even aging is the factor which causes gland enlargement and increases the semen discharge while urine. Even congestion that occurs around prostate gland is also the common factor to suffer from dhat syndrome.

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Dhat Syndrome categories

Those men who suffer from dhat syndrome, they suffer from critical situation. Dhat syndrome is categorized in two parts. They are:

  • Dhat alone– This syndrome includes semen loss, depression, anxiety, hypochondriacal etc.
  • Dhat with sexual dysfunctionpremature ejaculation (22-44%), erectile dysfunction (22-62%) are the common linked psychosexual dysfunctions whereas anxiety neurosis (21-38%), depressive neurosis (40-42%) are reported as some of the critical conditions to occur in patients suffering from dhat syndrome.

Symptoms of Dhat Syndrome

You might already know the symptoms as some of them are mentioned earlier in this blog. However anxiety is the main cause of such condition because semen loss can lead to anxiety where patients face wet dreams. Some other symptoms are also experienced which includes:

  • Appetite loss
  • Lack of memory
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling of guilty
  • Loss in physical strength
  • Lethargy

This syndrome is common in men but later it was found in female also. However this dhat syndrome is not a new thing to know.

If you go back thousands of years then you can see that this problem was in the Ayurvedic texts also. There it was mentioned that if a single drop of semen is lost then it affects the entire body.

Problems associated with Dhat Syndrome

It is very important to know the problems that are linked with dhat syndrome or discharge of semen in urine. The person suffering from the condition may feel little embarrass while having sex with their partners. Even this problem continues when they try to tell their partners about the problem.

Men think that after telling the fact of failure may make their partner disinterest in sexual contact. Even the situation becomes more difficult when you have to tell about the condition to your doctor when you are around the age of 19.

This is the situation where patient can feel embarrassed and they really think that nobody should suffer from such kind of problem especially at the young age.

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Natural Treatment for Semen Leakage in Urine (Dhat syndrome treatment)

If you are an Indian and know about this problem then you might know that the cure of such condition is done by Vaids and Hakims. They are advertised everywhere on television, newspaper, posters on walls or hoardings on roadside especially in Northern Indian cities.

Patients suffering from dhat syndrome likely visit urologists, STD clinics and physicians rather than visiting psychiatrists.

However the dhat syndrome treatment involves several things like sex educations, medications and relaxation therapy. In sex education, anatomy and physiology of sexual organs are focused along with semen, masturbation etc.

In relaxation therapy, the method consists of Jacobson’s progressive Muscular Relaxation Technique that can be combined with biofeedback.

Medication is also one of the options to get rid of early discharge of semen while urinating. Though several medications are there to cure the condition but yes, all are not much effective. However you should go for Semenax supplement that is a natural way to boost semen volume.

As the problem is related to semen and sperm volume, so you should try those supplement that can hold your erection and increase the semen volume and the same time your dhat syndrome can also be cured.

With the help of Semenax, patient can increase their orgasm for bigger and more intense ejaculation. This is one kind of relaxation that men can feel while having sex and also men can sexually satisfy their partner without any interruption or problem.

It works to boost virility and confidence at the same time. This is completely made of herbal product and especially for those men who suffer from low semen volume, low orgasm power or low motility rate. This syndrome is a kind of embarrassment that men feel, so one should get rid of it and should make their love life happy and strong.

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Well dhat syndrome is a common condition seen in India. It is commonly the loss of semen while urinating and this can also result in several other diseases like PE, ED, weakness, anxiety, fatigue etc. which I have already mentioned above. There is nothing to get worried about but prevention is very much important.

I hope whatever I have discussed about ‘Dhat syndrome’ in this blog will help you to identify the main cause of it and you will get cured immediately from the critical situation.

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Everything You Need to Know About Dhat Syndrome and Its Treatment
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Everything You Need to Know About Dhat Syndrome and Its Treatment
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