How to Straighten Bent Penis and Get Rid of Peyronies Problem

how to straighten bent penis

Penis curvature or bent penis (dick) is one of the major problems that have emerged in last few years among men in the entire world.

This is one of the problem that can cause uncomfortable and distress especially when the bent goes beyond limit.

However, many people suffers from such problem when their penis becomes erect as at this time, slight curvature is seen towards one side but there is nothing to worry in this situation, as this bent is considered as normal.

But some men suffers from this problem a lot which can be painful and make the condition worse. So what can be done to straighten bent penis?

Here I will give you a clear idea on how to straighten bent penis but before that, you should also know what is the level is considered as normal. 

What’s normal level of straight penis?

Generally, every men has enough penis size which does not seems to be bent or curved. Straight penis is considered as normal and slightly bent is also considered as a normal when it becomes erect.

But you should know that if your bent penis is curved while erect then it should be not more than 25 degree from straight like a banana.

But if bent penis is curved more than this, then it can be considered as dangerous and also known as Peyronies disease.

However, the cause of bent dick is due to presence of scar tissue that is below the penis or on the sides, which further leads to curved penis. Even due to peyronies disease, the penis bent and it is caused due to a plaque of scar tissue on outer lining of penis.

What Is The Reason To Suffer From Curved Penis?

Generally if you have curved penis then remember that there are two things that can lead to it. They are:

  • First, if you see any lump of tissue which is also known as plaque at the curve point then ensure that you have peyronies disease. Though there is nothing about killing yourself but you should first go to your doctor.

Going to doctor and take treatment ASAP will help you to bring back your life normal as before otherwise the condition will get worse.

  • Second, if you don’t see any plaque formation then the curve penis is a natural occurrence. Now this is good because the condition will not get worse but as time passes, it will make you feel uncomfortable and your sex life can become embarrassing.

How to straighten bend penis naturally?

Well there are several ways by which the milder issue can be fixed or cured. But what I am going to guide you will be far better than you go for. All these will act fast and give you relief from bent dick naturally.

So, you don’t have to worry much about how to straighten bent penis, as simply going below will help you to fix bent penis naturally.

Herbal oil massage

The massage of penis when curved can give you relief from the condition. Make use of herbal massage oil as there are several like lavender oil, chamomile and others that have good impact on curing curved penis naturally.

Use any home made natural oil and consistently rub the curved dick to minimize the curvature to a normal degree.

Continuously massaging the curved part will make men comfortable not only by straightening bent penis but also reduce the pain.

Penile traction device

This is one of the effective ways for overcoming bent penis especially when men suffer from peyronies disease. Penis extender device can be helpful in the situation that helps to fix curved penis and makes the penis straight.

This is one of the best and effective methods that is widely used to fix bent dick. Although several traction devices are available in market but Peyronies Device is one of the best that can help men to STRAIGHTEN BEND PENIS NATURALLY and make their penis normal.

This is far better as it gives you instant result and you don’t have to go further for any other ways for bent dick. The use of this device will give you desired results and make your love life happy and can have sex comfortably with their partner.

It has several features, which includes:

  • Straighten curved penis completely
  • Helps to achieve intense erections
  • Straighten bent dick up to 70 %

Penile stretching exercises

Several types of stretching exercises are available which works effectively to cure straighten bent penis to a large extent. One such exercise is Jelqing that is mostly utilized for penis to extend the size.

Men suffering from either direct or minor penis curvature, doing this special exercise can fix bent penis when done continuously.

Remember that it may take some time to show positive results but don’t stop doing it as it will be helpful in future. and also one of the best way to straighten bend penis naturally.


Oral medications is yet another useful way to cure bent dick. Especially when your penis is mild curved and almost above 30 degree then medications plays an important role.

Some useful medicines include Colchicine, Tamoxifen or some topical gels like Verapamil are endorsed for the treatment. Even doctor may suggest you to take Vitamin E supplements.

But also remember that doctors can determine several treatment options that depend on the severity of the condition by suggesting several medications.


Surgery is yet another way to get rid of bent dick but this is the last option. Usually nobody suggests for surgery because it has worse effect after surgery.

It can give you relief for sometime but is not a long process. Still many men go for it because some doctors suggest it. But as I have told, surgery does not work effectively because it contains some serious risks that can become worse.

However, surgery can cure the condition completely and many times it works but mostly seen that several complications occur after the surgery like erectile dysfunction, impotence, scarring, loss of sensation and many others.

Can Your Curved Penis Become Straight?

Obviously those men who are suffering from such condition will think to straighten bent penis ASAP. But the good news is all situation of curved penis is not a threatening one. If there is lots of pain then tell your doctor immediately.

And if there is some curve then and also you have less pain then you should look for ways that can help your to straighten bend penis naturally. It means that your curved penis can become straight again and you can enjoy your love life happily.

How To Identify Peyronie’s Disease?

Well, there are several signs that can help you to recognize about peyronie’s disease. They are:

  • Plaque formation in the penis shaft or a kind of hard lump
  • Feel of pain in the penis while an erection occurs
  • Penis becomes short in length and girth
  • Penis becomes curved when its erect
  • The dick looks like an hour glass

However, over time some men feel the pain in penis whereas some don’t. So if you don’t get any pain then the condition will become better. Even in some condition, the peyronies disease leads to erectile dysfunction.

Types of bent penis

Well, the curved penis is categorized into 4 types which include:

  • Genetic
  • Stretched
  • Peyronies Disease
  • Fractured

Genetic– Well, the penis curvature is due to genetic issue that is a common problem. The bent penis you have got is due to something like genealogy like from parents or ancestors. So here, the first cause of bent dick is due to genetic problem.

Stretched– The bent penis is also due to pulling or stretching of an erection in one side repeatedly. This is generally seen in adult men and even in young men who masturbate a lot especially in wrong manner. Even tight clothes pull the penis one side, which is also a stretched way.

Peyronies disease– This is considered as one of the harmful condition where men suffer a lot in sexual life. This is caused by trauma and it can occur due to lack of certain nutrients generally required for normal healing. It is a plaque formation in penile tissue, which does not stretch at the time of erect penis.

FracturedFractured penis is generally caused when an erect penis is bent forcefully. Nobody knows it can happen but it occurs suddenly just like a broken bone. But you should know that there are no bones present in the penis.

What are the problems associated with curved penis

Whenever penis or dick bent then several problems can occur. Some of them you should know that are mentioned below:

Less interest in sex– Generally when men suffers from bent penis then loss of interest in sex is seen which is a common one. Men cannot do sex comfortably as this can be painful especially when it is erect.

This condition is embarrassing especially when men suffer from peyronies disease. In addition, anxiety and fear is also the issue with several men about not satisfying their partner in bed and hence, interest in sex becomes low.

Many men suffer from infertility because men cannot insert their penis into women’s vagina. This is also another problem that makes men suffer from.

Sex becomes painful for both partners due to bent dick. With bent penis, if you have sex with your partner then it can be very painful and this can further stop you from having sex anymore time.

Men suffers from erection problem due to curved penis. Men who suffer from peyronies disease often convoy by painful erections and the reason is due to scar tissue formation on penis lining.

What are the benefits of curved penis

Apart from harmful effects of bent penis, there are some reasons still alive to prove that curved penis is not only harmful but it also has several benefits for many of them.

Do you wonder how?

Though curved penis is not considered as normal but not every time. Even I am not alone to say its benefit but there are several claims, which states that bent dick has many advantages compared to straight one.

Not only men but women also have shared the opinion about bent penis that it has the ability to reach much-coveted “G-Spot”.

Let us look at some of the curved penis advantages:

  • Curved penis has a unique appearance and it has a distinct edge compared to normal size. Hence, bent penis stimulates the pleasure spots in women effortlessly.
  • Many women also loves the shape of penis as it is curved compared to straight one. In fact, women do not care about size but they care of about its shape.
  • Bent penis covers a larger space than straight one and the female partner loves to enter the bent penis in her vagina where they feel that entering is like double than actual size.

How Peyronies Disease Is Diagnosed?

Men suffering from peyronies disease generally go to an urologist and there he diagnoses the patient according to medical and family history and physical exam.

In this, imaging test is not necessary but it can used only to collect little extra information about the plaque formation.

Part 1: Medical and Family history

In this test, urologist will ask everything about medical and family details of the patient. Some questions will be as mentioned below:

  • When did your symptoms begin?
  • Do you feel pain during an erection or at other times?
  • Do you have erection problems or problems with sexual intercourse?
  • Does anyone in your family have Peyronie’s disease or other medical conditions?
  • Are you taking any medicines? If so, what are they?
  • Do you have other medical problems or conditions?

May be there are several other questions your urologist might ask you so you be prepared for it.

Part 2: Physical Exam

Your urologist can easily understand the plaque formation on penis whether its erect or not. Now if he/she needs to test your penis while erection then will give you an injection with a medicine that can cause erection. Even he/she can tell you to snap photos of erect penis just to analyze the curvature.

Prevention tips

Well, if you want to stop something that is making the condition worse then prevention is the best thing that is not compared to anything.  Therefore, prevention is one of the best thing and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Don’t sleep on your belly because this can make your penis bent. Its better to sleep on right or left side or on back
  • Always try to keep changing your penis when you wear tight clothes or tight undergarments
  • Try to eat vitamin E rich foods or supplements that ensure smooth and regular blood flow to penis.
  • Don’t have sex in those positions which don’t fit you or when there is a risk of penile injury


Well, bent penis or curved penis is one of the common conditions that many men suffer from. However, this condition should be cured immediately otherwise the condition can become worse. So I have mentioned some of the best ways to get rid of the condition and I hope, those methods will work for you.

For fast and better results, I would recommend you to use Peyronies Device as this will make your penis straight and also help you to extend your sexual life happily and comfortably.

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