Everything You Need To Know About Abnormal Sperm Morphology And Its Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Abnormal Sperm Morphology And Its Treatment

As a man, you have done your semen analysis and the results were unexpected. It means that your result was abnormal and it can be due to several issues. Now what to do?

Its common thing that not every individuals have same type of sperm but why the sperm test shows you abnormal is a serious matter.

So you should look forward to the case and find out what has happened or what has gone wrong with it. So let us go through this blog completely and first see about abnormal sperm morphology, how it can happen and what are the treatments available.


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About abnormal sperm morphology

Sperm morphology is a shape and size of sperm where the head should be in oval shape, should have a mid-section with a long and straight tail. Whenever semen analysis is done then this is the factor that is examined to analyze male fertility.

Its results are reported as sperm percentage that should appear normal when viewed from microscope.

But when the sperm don’t have normal shape, its head is not oval or its tail is defect then it is considered as abnormal sperm.

This condition can really affect the ability to reach sperm and penetrate an egg. There can be several factors that can lead to such abnormal sperm like genetic defects, testicular temperature increased, contact to toxic chemicals and other infections.

Common reasons for poor morphology

Some of the common causes for sperm morphology includes:

  • Chemical exposure
  • Caffeine or alcohol use
  • Genetic effect or DNA abnormalities
  • Certain medications like testosterone injections, chemotherapy drugs
  • Smoking
  • Nutrient supplements that contains DHEA

Does abnormal sperm mean man is infertile?

This is very important to know because several men have a doubt whether they are fertile or infertile after the test. One thing you should know that is the test is negative then it does not means that men is infertile.

According to Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld Cytron, “it is very important to check that an abnormal test result can be actually normal because sperm can fluctuate. There the test should be done twice just to confirm that it is actually abnormal”.

The person with abnormal sperm is still capable to father a child and an only matter is time that can take little much longer. It only means that challenge is with you and you have to wait for the perfect time. Another thing that any men can do when they fail to conceive via sexual intercourse is by using vitro fertilization method.

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When you have done the test, you should be normal and you should not be suffering from any kind of illness or other issues. Here it is also important to note that if you are ill then your results might become abnormal.

So in such situation, you should wait for three or four days and then again do it. Or maybe your doctor will suggest you to check it again after two or three months and see if the test repeats the same result or is different.

Whenever your doctor does the test, then remember that semen analysis results are also to be considered together. It means that when abnormal is in white blood cell count and other parameters are normal, in that case the final results will be considered as normal only.

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Why Sperm Morphology matter?

Generally sperm morphology matters a lot because it directly affects the sustainability of sperms. When sperm is not normal then issues arises on sperm motility that fully controls sperm to swim properly. So when such issues occur then conceiving makes much more difficult via naturally.

Even the sperm quality also matters for poor sperm morphology and due to this, risk increases a lot for birth defects and also pregnancy loss. All in whole, the problem will be seen in a baby.

What to do for abnormal sperm?

The only thing that you should do is semen analysis after every 3 months and sees whether something has changed or the situation has become worse. Whatever treatment you are going through, check it because if you take longer time to try, your female partner gets old at the same time and also fertility gets low.

There are several treatment ways that should be followed to overcome the situation. Whatever treatment you are going to try, be ensure you don’t let the situation to go down and become worse because if one does not work then you have another and there is still a hope,

What are the options to cure abnormal sperm morphology?

Now comes the treatment option and we will see several options that can help you to cure abnormal sperm morphology.

Lifestyle changes

There are several ways that are directly linked with lifestyle changes of men. Access alcohol drinking or using of tobacco or caffeine can really lead to poor sperm but studies has not shown a clear relationship between these.

But whatever the reason is, one should stop using tobacco or drinking alcohol because this can lead to infertility. Therefore it is necessary to do some lifestyle changes to increase the sperm count and semen volume naturally.

Dietary supplements-

There are lots of dietary supplements or vitamins that are useful in improving sperm morphology. There are some specialists who suggest taking daily multivitamin so that reproductive health improves. No matter this process has not yet proved to be effective but still it has effective result.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

In this process, sperm is placed directly in woman’s uterus via small catheter during her monthly ovulation. So to become your partner pregnant with IUI process, the sperm must penetrate the egg with itself.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF-ICSI)

This process includes eggs harvesting for women’s ovaries and fertilize the eggs with sperm. ICSI is the process which is a part of IVF where a single sperm is first isolated and then directly inserted into egg.

Try out natural supplements to increase sperm count and get rid of male infertility

Obviously if you search for such types of products then you can get lots of them that really help you to deal with the unwanted situation. Abnormal sperm morphology can be cured using Semenax, which is a natural supplement made of 100% natural ingredients to cure several issues related to man’s sperm and semen volume.

This is the best way to give boost to your sperm naturally as it improves your orgasm for better, bigger and longer ejaculation. Men suffering from low sperm count or any kind of semen problem can use this supplement to make larger volume of fluid and make stronger and pleasurable orgasm. It increases cum volume and at the same time, it cures low sperm count, low orgasm and low motility issue.



Well, there are lots of people around the world who come across such poor sperm problem in their sexual life but there are ways to deal with. Several natural ways are available that can help you to go again and give a rise to your sexual life.

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